Meet the Home Viable Team

Learn more about the team of writers at Home Viable.

Allen Michael – Founder/Editor

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Allen Michael is the Founder and Editor of Previous to creating this site, Allen was a content curator and manager for a large online company. 

The inspiration for this site started at a friends house, ​when their child had a spill in the kitchen (a pretty sizable spill, at that). They whipped out a stick vacuum from their hall closet, and had it cleaned up in no time.​ ​Realizing he didn’t have the best technology for keeping his home clean, he went home and started researching. The foundations of this site were started.

Over time, ​HomeViable​ has grown into a resource to help people​ set up a more efficient and technologically advanced home. ​With topics ranging from cleaning and comfort, to product reviews and smart home technology, HomeViable covers everything necessary for a happy and healthy home. 

Allen’s expertise has been featured in major publications online such as ​NBC News, ​​Apartment Therapy, ​Quicken Loans, and Sparefoot. He is regular contributor to ​ for home decor critiques and commentary.

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Lauren Moldvay – ​Contributing Writer

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Lauren Moldvay is a newly minted 30 year old who has dabbled in writing her entire life. From picture books as a 5 year old to a completed novel by 25, her words are inspired by the places that she goes, the people that she meets and the lessons she learns along the way.

Lauren spent two years at Liberty University before leaving to pursue a job in journalism with a local paper. During the next two years she attended events and printed many feature stories about the greater Lynchburg Virginia Area’s bustling life and culture.
Lauren was a contributing writer to the Lynchburg Times​ for several years. She has ​also written for several other home-focused websites throughout the past few years.
After her daughter was born, Lauren found that she had less time for writing and never enough time to keep up with life’s constant demands. Now she writes about the life hacks that she swears by to help others find more time for what they enjoy.