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How to Wash and Clean Plush and Fleece Blankets

Cream blanket curled up on a hardwood floor with the sun directly hitting it

Some of our most comfortable possessions come in the form of large plush or fleece blankets. But what do you do when it comes time to launder them? Usually it ends with a less soft and no longer beloved blanket. ​How to Wash a Blanket and Keep it Soft ​​Before you reluctantly put your blanket …

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Should You Wash New Sheets Before Using?

woman underneath the bed sheets do you have to wash new sheets

​Whether your go to is all white sheets or if you opt for mood boosting fun colors and designs, the universal question is “do you have to wash new sheets before use.” While it can sound like too much of an extra step, the answer is yes. Here is the break-down why it is important. …

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How to Clean and Care For a Wool Rug Utilizing Baking Soda

slippers on wool carpet how to wash clean

Wool rugs are fantastic additions to any room of your house. Not only can they have intricate and beautiful designs, but their deeply woven fibers create a long lasting area rug for you and your family. You need to take special care when cleaning a wool rug, as wool reacts uniquely to many different types …

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How to Quickly Paint a Lampshade in Your Home

painted lampshade in white room how to paint a lampshade

At times you may find yourself staring at a favorite lamp that is currently clashing with your new decor. The first question that comes to mind might can you paint a lampshade and, if so, how difficult it would be. Surprisingly, how to paint a lampshade is not difficult, and is a perfect DIY project …

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A Guide on the Best Way to Clean Your Area Rugs

area rug cleaning steamer vacuum wash

Area rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. Sometimes cleaning them can feel overwhelming. Knowing the best way to clean area rugs can cut down on frustration. You will also have a clear and concise way to get rid of the dirt. The Best Way to Clean Area Rugs Cleaning an area rug can …

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How to Vacuum a Shag Rug and Carpet

vacuum carpet steam clean

The purpose of shag rugs is best served when they are clean. Not only do they enhance the beauty of your floor to a great extent, but they are made of delicate fabric. They require a systematic cleaning to maintain their aesthetic value. Here you’ll see how to vacuum a shag rug. How to Vacuum …

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A Guide on How to Clean Your Dog’s Bed

dog bed cleaning washing dog bed

As humans, ​it’s long been taught that we should try to change our bed sheets once a week. What about our four-legged friends and their beds? While they might not have sheets to change, their bed needs a scheduled cleaning of its own. When you want to know how to clean a dog bed, here …

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How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

how to clean engineered flooring

​​When it comes to knowing how to clean engineered hardwood floors, it can be an easy task. But, its vital to know what to use to keep from damaging your floors. There are various light cleaning and deep cleaning choices out there to select from. We’ll go through and review how to clean engineered hardwood …

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The Complete Guide to Cleaning the Bathroom

guide to cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom should be among your top cleaning priorities. A dirty bathroom can not only smell bad, but also can spread disease. Knowing some bathroom cleaning hacks and tips can help you to efficiently and effectively tackle a dirty bathroom and maintain a clean one. This article will cover a quite a bit of information, including …

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The Best Cleaning Products for Your Home

soap for cleaning

Cleaning is a regular part of every person’s week. Using the best cleaning products makes your life simpler, and helps you get the cleaning job done faster and more effectively. There are so many choices when it comes to finding the best home cleaning products. We’ll help guide you through choosing the best cleaning products …

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The Best Floor Cleaning Products

lemon hard wood floor cleaner

​Our floors get the most day to day abuse with being tracked in on, spilled on and ignored for daily cleaning. When it comes to finding the best floor cleaning products, you will want to choose a cleaner that will not only clean your floors, but will also pamper them to keep them looking good …

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How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar and Nothing Else

cleaning with vinegar

Carpets increase the aesthetic value of your floor to a large extent but also get dirty pretty easily. An unclean carpet is not only unappealing but is also packed with dust mites, allergens and bacteria. While it’s always better to get carpets cleaned by professionals, you can also quite easily do it at home with …

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