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How to Clean Old, Nasty Hardwood Floors So They Shine

clean old hardwood flooring

More often than not people move into home and apartments that have old hardwood floors from previous owners. These floors have no background information other than they came from the early 1900s and they have years of wear and tear on them. While these floors are beautiful, they can be more challenging to clean since …

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How to Clean Dog Poop from Carpet [Preserve Your Floors]

Dog resting its head on a sofa

​Whether your dog is trained to go outside or if you have a puppy, accidents will happen. While it can be frustrating, there is a simple step by step system to show you how to clean dog poop from carpet. Before you just start immediately vacuuming up the dog poop, follow these steps. This way you can …

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How to Clean Poop Out of Your Carpet With No Stains

dog poop on carpet

It happens to almost everyone who owns a pet or small child. Learning how to clean poop out of carpet will become a necessary skill, and its important you learn to do it properly. Poop comes in all shapes, sizes and textures which can make it difficult to remove. Even if it is in a …

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How to Safely Clean Vomit from Your Carpet

baking soda to clean vomit from carpet

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling that comes from discovering (or watching) vomit on the carpet. The method to cleaning it up is fairly simple, but you need to act quickly. It isn’t a difficult process, but it involves multiple steps. Learn how to clean vomit from carpet quickly so your carpet is restored. Before …

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