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Best Shower Base [2021 Review]

Bathroom with a shower base

A shower base is an essential component for every bathroom as it will offer you a strong base to stand on while bathing. It’s also important because it collects water from the tile before passing it to the drain. However, finding the best shower base can be difficult since many options are available. Our Top …

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Best Shower Caulk [2021 Review]

Caulking gun

Over time, the joints of a new bathroom may start to open up and you will have to seal those gaps and cracks with a shower sealant. The best shower caulk can help you prevent mold and other bacterial growth from forming in these spaces. Our Top Shower Caulk Reviews Using the right shower caulk …

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Best Shower Valve [2021 Review]

Classic brass shower valve

The best shower valve not only ensures your shower works properly, it also controls the flow of water and the temperature of your shower effectively. However, trying to replace it if it’s not functioning properly can be a puzzle on its own.  Our Top Shower Valve Reviews To help you pick the right product, we …

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Best Shower Doors [2021 Review]

Bathroom with a tub and shower door

The best shower doors should fit your shower, keep water inside, and give your bathroom an elegant look. The most common types are frameless and glass slide doors that you can open by either sliding to the right or left side. Yet, how can you know what’s the right shower door for you?  Our Top …

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Best Shower Pan [2021 Review]

Bathroom with a shower pan

A clean and dry bathroom will always help you relax as you shower after a busy day. On that note, the best shower pan can significantly improve your shower with a one-piece, easy-to-install base that’s leak-proof and seamlessly matches your bathroom décor. Our Top Shower Pan Reviews Since a shower pan is a long-term investment, …

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Best Grout for Shower [2021 Review]

Wet shower tiles fixed with grout solution

Applying grout can be difficult when trying to secure tiles to each other after laying them. The best grout for shower fills the small gaps between each installed tile and keeps moisture and water from infiltrating, while securing the tiles together. However, the right grout for you will depend on your preferred quality and the …

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