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How to Stop a Dripping Shower Head

Water leaking from a shower head

When faucets and shower heads are dripping, they can be extremely annoying. That “drip-drip-drip” noise while we’re trying to fall asleep can be listed in the top 10 annoyances of all time. In addition to the annoyance, there is also the issue of water that is wasted as the water slowly falls from your plumbing. …

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How to Install a Rain Shower Head

A beautiful rain shower head unit cascades water down in a dimly lit area

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a rain shower head, you will need to install it. Unlike a more traditional shower unit, the rain head will be mounted onto your ceiling. This introduces a few new variables, and its important you pay attention to how to install it properly. However, installing it yourself shouldn’t …

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How to Clean a Travertine Shower

Shower area with travertine tiles

Learning how to clean travertine showers, floors and other surfaces can be a little tricky since you are dealing with a very porous surface. This can easily be damaged with the wrong cleaning products. However, once you know the right products to use and how to maintain your travertine surfaces, cleaning can be a lot …

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