The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Under 100

Bissell Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

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A bagless vacuum cleaner provides a convenient way of cleaning your home without the hassle of dealing with vacuum bags. While bag vacuum cleaners tend to be slightly cheaper, some bagless vacuum cleaners are now more affordable than ever. We’ve gathered a list of the best bagless vacuum cleaners for under 100. These vacuums give you the most cleaning power for your buck, without any of the hassle of a bag.

Bissell Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Things To Consider When Buying a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

For decades, the classic bag vacuum had dominated the vacuum cleaner industry. However, changing technologies have allowed us to make more efficient vacuums that can catch more dust without collecting it in a bag. This creates a couple of different advantages:


Sometimes, it seems as if your vacuum cleaner like isn’t picking anything up. This tends to happen when the bag starts getting full and the machine spends more energy trying to suck through the dust. To make matters worse, you have to play the guessing game and figure out if the bag is truly full.

The container of a bagless vacuum cleaner does not obstruct the passage of dust and continues to clean even when it’s almost full. Additionally, the clear container allows you to see through and gauge how full it really is, letting you know exactly when it needs to be emptied.

​Cheaper (in the long run)

As previously mentioned, bag vacuum cleaners are relatively cheaper than bag-less. However, there is the obvious advantage of not having to buy vacuum bags ever again. A typical package of vacuum bags can range from $15-$35 and can begin to add up quick by the end of the year.

A bag less vacuum cleaner allows you to empty the container when it gets full and resume vacuuming without further a due. The container is made out of plastic, and unless it breaks it will never need to be replaced.

​Eco Friendly

Vacuum bags are very hard on the environment. Not only are they not reusable, but also it takes many resources to make the bag itself. From production, to transportation, to sale, there is a lot of energy being spent in the making of a vacuum bag.

Eventually, the bags you trash will end up in the landfill and will take decades to decompose.

When using a bagless vacuum, you just throw away the dust collected and reuse the container. Simple, effective, and green!

Our Picks For The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

We have researched and rated the top bagless vacuum cleaners that will suck up everything but the money in your wallet. If you are looking to purchase a bagless vacuum cleaner, easily weigh your options with these ratings in mind.

Hoover Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

For our first pick, the Hoover QuickVac Bagless Vacuum mid-range bagless vacuum cleaner comes stocked with great features. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for carrying the vacuum from room-to-room with relative ease. It comes with a 23-foot power chord that allows you to move around large areas without having to re-plug.


  • Adjustable brush roller
  • Under 15 lbs
  • 7 ft detachable hose reach
  • 23 ft cord
  • Multiple accessories

One of the key advantages of this bagless cleaner is the 7 ft removable stretch hose. This feature turns your floor cleaner into a convenient handheld stick vacuum that can reach high surfaces such as ceiling corners and long window drapes.


While a 23 foot long cord is convenient for large spaces, this may not be the ideal vacuum for a small apartment or a college dorm room. If this is not the case, this vacuum will serve you well when cleaning a large house or reaching multiple rooms without needing to change power outlets.

​Why Buy?

Convertible into a handheld vacuum that can clean any surface in your home, including drapes.

​Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum

Our second pick is the ​Dirt Devil  Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum. An inexpensive bagless vacuum, the Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac features a stretch hose that allows you to detach the suction from the brush roller to tackle small areas such as stairs and hard-to-reach corners.


  • Under 9 lbs
  • Telescopic handle
  • Cyclonic Filtration System
  • 20 ft cord

The brush roller also filters dirt particles to facilitate the cleaning process. Additionally, the adjustable height feature comes in handy when dealing with multiple floor surfaces such as hardwood or tile.


While this vacuum cleaner may be similar to the above mentioned, one key feature is the way it handles. The “telescopic handle” allow you to move around tight corners and small spaces with relative ease. This is key when trying to clean a room with lots of furniture, such as trying to get around the coffee table in the living room or under a large sofa.

​Why Buy?

This vacuum allows user to easily clean in tight and small spaces and multiple floor surfaces.

Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

Last but not least, the entry-level ​Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum packs a lot of neat features for less. Bissell claims that this product comes with technology that allows you to make a single pass to pick up debris, instead of having to go over the same area multiple times.


  • 15 lbs
  • Detachable hose
  • OnePass Technology
  • 25 ft cord
  • Large Collection Bin
  • Multiple cleaning attachments

The innovative way their brush is designed promises to pick up most dirt particles with one pass.


One of the key features of this vacuum is their large dirt bin and 25 foot cord. This means that you can continue to vacuum for days and not worry about having to empty the canister regularly. Additionally, this vacuum works well when having to clean large spaces, spending more time cleaning and less time re-plugging. 

​Why Buy?

Bissell 9595A lets you clean messes in large spaces in just one go, making cleaning easier and faster.

Our Picks for the Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Under $100




Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Under $100



We hope this comprehensive list of will help you when looking for the best bagless vacuum cleaner. While some may seem similar in features, their prices vary slightly, and every vacuum has their own unique features.

Bookmark this page to check back when shopping for your vacuum cleaner. This should make the purchasing process a lot easier, so you can spend less time thinking about the features and more time picking your favorite color.

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