The Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

best bathroom cleaning product

Due to the nature of business that happens in the bathroom, it can get dirty very quickly. From the shower to the sink and everything in between, you will need to develop a thorough cleaning schedule to keep your bathroom spotless and welcoming to your family and guests. While it can be a task to take on, when you use the best bathroom cleaning products, then this job can be a breeze.

best bathroom cleaning product

What do you need to Clean your Bathroom?

Before we dive into the best cleaning products, let’s take a look at what you will need to begin cleaning and some tools that can help make it easier. It is a good idea to have a bathroom cleaning supply caddy that you can grab and take along with you, especially if you have multiple bathrooms to clean. It’ll also be a good idea to invest in a good quality mop for your tile floors and grout to make sure you get the best out of your efforts.

Protective items are a must have for cleaning. Invest in throw away latex gloves to protect your hands from harsh cleaners and the grime or bacteria that you are cleaning up. Since you will be working in a smaller space, you should also use a face mask to protect your airways from any chemical fumes or airborne germs.

Next you will need something to clean with. Not all cleaning products will give you the spray and rinse option. Also some messes will require a little elbow grease to help clean them up.

A rag or handheld scrub brush will work just fine. However, if you spend too much time scrubbing your bathroom and you are searching for an easier way to clean then the Spin Scrubber Brush is a must have addition to your cleaning routine.

Finally you need to fill your cleaning caddy with the various cleaners needed for your bathroom. An all purpose cleaner will be helpful but you will want a few different cleaners to do the best job.

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best bathroom cleaning product  

Shower Cleaning

For your shower, a great all purpose cleaner is a good choice. There are many brands to choose from or you can even make your own with vinegar and Dawn.
A gentle shower cleaner will be all that you need to use, unless you are battling mold and mildew.

To tackle this problem you will want to use a bleach based cleaner. You can use straight bleach, just make sure that you do not mix bleach with any other chemicals due to the toxic fumes that it can produce.

One of the best bleach based bathroom cleaning products is the Clorox Bathroom Cleaner. This spray packs a hard punch of no scrub cleaning along with 99.9% disinfecting. Whether you are battling mold spores or not, this cleaner will clean your shower and leave it germ free.

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Toilet Cleaning

Your toilet is one of the most germ filled areas in the house. While you can use gentle cleaners on it, a better option would be to use strong cleaners that will disinfect.

You can use toilet cleaning tabs and gels that stick on the bowl or inside of the water tank, but these cleaners are better for day to day use and will still require you to scrub your toilet about once a week to keep away any stains and residue.

Some of the best toilet cleaning products are the ones that you turn upside down and circle under the rim with. These thick formulated cleaners run down your bowl and work to clean stains, residue and kill bacteria.

Seventh Generation makes a plant based formula cleaner that has no bleach in it, yet it still disinfects toilets with the same punch. While many people clean their toilers with bleach, it is not the best choice for the bacteria in your septic tank. Skip the bleach with this natural cleaner and let your septic tank grow the good bacteria to keep it working.

best bathroom cleaning product

Sink Cleaning

For the sink area and faucets, an all purpose cleaner like the one you use for your shower is a great option. The sink will have some residue around it but won’t need too much special cleaning.

The mirror above your sink will need a good glass cleaner that can tackle toothpaste splatter, smudges and keep it looking bright. Windex has been the go to cleaner over the years, due to its no streak promise and powerful cleaning.

The secret to giving your mirror no streaks is all in what you use to clean it. Opt for a microfiber cloth or paper towels to soak up the excess cleaner.

If you are out of Windex or like making your own cleaners at home, then add some rubbing alcohol to a microfiber cloth and wipe your mirrors clean. Rubbing alcohol works just as well and doesn’t leave any streaks.

You can also use these glass cleaners on your shower doors to keep them clean and spotless.

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Final Touches

While your shower, tub and sink are the main focus when cleaning your bathroom, make sure that you pay special attention to your floors as well. The best way to clean your bathroom is from the back to the front, and from the top to the bottom. That means doing your floors last.

A quick sweep or vacuum is very effective to make your floors instantly look better. You can also dust mop or completely mop the floors to keep them looking great. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the best bathroom cleaning products.

In the end, the best products are the ones that work best for you on a consistent cleaning and ease of use basis.

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