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The Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets

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If you have pets, then it is only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Whether you have a new puppy that thinks he is suppose to piddle on the carpet, or if you have a house trained dog who has an emergency and empties his bladder on your carpet.

There are many cleaners available for when accidents happen to help curb your frustration and to fight any stains that may occur. Let’s take a look into what the best carpet cleaner for pets is and how to clean some common pet messes that can happen on your carpet.

best carpet cleaner for pets
best carpet cleaner for cat stains

Choose Pet Safe Cleaners

When the accident occurs, there isn’t much time for pausing to choose the perfect cleaner and then going to buy it. You will want to clean it up as soon as possible with what you have on hand. We will discuss some pet safe items you can use from your pantry to clean a little further down in the article.

While there are some great commercial chemical based products that will clean the area, clear the stain and remove the odor, these chemicals can also be harmful to your pets health. They are a hazard for pets if they try to ingest the products, but they can also be dangerous for pets to inhale.

The smell may not seem overpowering to you when you are up and walking around, know that pets especially smaller dogs and cats, are lower to the ground and can pick up smells better than you can.

Most dangerous chemicals will not harm your dog with a few uses, but over time your beloved pet has a higher chance of contracting illnesses from these cleaners. Asthma, anemia and organ damage are some of the top illnesses that can manifest in pets when they are around harsh chemical cleaners.

If you do have furry friends in your home then it is a good idea to swap out some of the bleach and ammonia based cleaners for gentler ones. This will help prolong and enrich not only your pet’s life, but yours also.

No matter what cleaners you opt for, make sure that you are always taking protective measures for yourself. Always clean with rubber gloves on, whether you need them to protect your skin from any irritants in the cleaner, or if you are dealing with bacteria-ridden messes such as poop or vomit.

Cleaning up Pee

The top offender from dogs or cats is peeing on the rug or carpet. Sometimes you can see it before you smell it, depending on the color and design of your carpeted area. If you have a darker carpet, then a black light will help you see any fresh or old pee stains.

When it comes to the best carpet cleaner for pets,  you will want to find a formula that cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes. There isn’t always a perfect all in one cleaner for this task. However, when you break it down into multiple cleaners, then you know that you are taking care of your carpet and keeping your home sanitary.

When you are learning how to clean dog pee from carpet, then the first essential step is to use a paper towel to blot out as much of the urine as you can. Make a thick wad of paper towels, place it on area and step on it with your shoe. This will push the paper towel firmly against the carpet and give it a good chance to pull up more urine.

You may want to repeat this step with clean paper towels a few times to get up as much as you can. This will make cleaning and deodorizing the area more effective.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Removal: Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

When you are ready to clean, you can choose a great pet friendly cleaner like Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator. This enzyme based cleaner feeds on ammonia crystals and organic matter that is commonly found in dog urine and poop.

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You can also opt to make your own at home cleaner if you want something chemical free. Mix a solution of 50/50 water and white vinegar. Then use a rag or spray bottle to wet the soiled area.

The vinegar will work to neutralize the ammonia in the urine, this will help get rid of the stain and the odor. You want to avoid scrubbing your carpet due to the damage that it can cause. Instead blot the area with a cloth.

Blot up the vinegar mixture by using a clean cloth dipped in warm water. Blot the area with the warm water, then dip and wring out the cloth to continue flushing the area. Finally use paper towels or a dry cloth to blot up any excess moisture in your carpet.

Leaving too much water behind can result in your carpet being soaked into the padding and possibly the floor underneath. This can cause too much moisture under the carpet and become a breeding ground for mold.

The final step is to sprinkle baking soda over the area and let it sit a few hours or over night. Baking soda is one of the best defenses when you are trying to figure out how to remove dog pee smell from carpet. This pet and child safe product will neutralize the smell and refresh your carpets.

You can mix baking soda and vinegar to create a fizzing cleaner. However, when you mix the two, it cuts down on both products effectiveness to clean.

If you are dealing with old stains and odors then you may need to consult a professional or have your carpets steam cleaned. A professional can help you find out how to get rid of pet odor in carpet. If it is a very old stain, then the urine could have soaked through the carpet and into the floor underneath.

Cleaning up Poop

Pet urine can seem like a breeze in comparison to poop on your carpet. The large pile, whether it is solid or not can feel like walking into a battlefield already defeated. Also poop carries a more gag inducing odor than urine, so you want to clean this up as quickly as you can to start deodorizing the spot and your home.

Remember your gloves and grab a face mask to help cut out some of the strong smell. The first thing you want to do is to pick up the poop. If it is solid then you can grab it with a paper towel and toss it in a small trash bag.

If the poop is not solid, then you will want to scrape up as much as you can. The best tool for the job is a paper plate. If it has ridged edges then cut it in half and use the flat center part to scrape.

Use slow movements to scrape the poop up. If you move too fast you can risk spreading it further or worse flinging it up into the air. Once you have gotten up and disposed of as much as you can, then you will want to begin cleaning the area.

Only Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover is a pet friendly cleaner that can tackle urine, poop, blood, vomit, food, mildew and other stains. You can also opt to make your own cleaner with vinegar, water and Dawn dish detergent.

This mixture allows the vinegar to neutralize the stain and odor, while the dawn works to clean up the residue. Use 50/50 water to white vinegar ration, then add a few drops of Dawn.

Again, resist the desire to scrub the feces out of your carpet. This will only cause damage to the fibers and possible spread the feces further around the carpet.

If you want a little more action than just blotting, then once you spray the mixture onto the carpet, use your gloved hand to lightly massage the area. This will agitate the cleaner and get the Dawn bubbles to suds up the area.

Use a clean cloth and warm water to blot up the vinegar and dawn mixture. Repeat the sudsy cleaning a second time if you still see a stain or residue.

If the stain does not come up then you can use hydrogen peroxide on the area. Test a small space on your carpet to make sure it will not cause any discoloration.

Finally once the stain has been cleared, you can use baking soda to get rid of any lingering odor. This is a good step to follow even if you can’t smell anything. The baking soda will work overnight to make sure all of the odors have been removed.

Sanitize your Carpets

make sure to sanitize your carpet

When you are dealing with pet feces and urine on your carpet, then even after the odor and stain has been removed you still need to execute one more step. The area should be followed up and sanitized. This step is especially important if you have kids that play on the carpet.

While you may have used vinegar to clean, it is not listed as a disinfectant since it does not kill enough germs and bacteria alone. Also, while you can douse your carpet in Lysol, the harshness of the spray can cause longterm breathing problems for your pets.

A great alternative you can use is isopropyl alcohol. Not to be confused with rubbing alcohol that has other additives with potential to discolor your carpet. You can also grab a bottle of vodka off your shelf if you have it handy.

While you should not drench your carpets, alcohol will dry much faster than water. This means that you don’t have to worry as much with over saturating your carpet or having to blot up as much moisture as you can.

Another way to sanitize your carpet is to steam clean it. You can use a vinegar mixture in the steam cleaner. While the vinegar won’t kill everything, the steam from the cleaner will kill off any lingering bacteria.

Remove Hair from your Carpet

While we have focused on the obvious pet messes that can occur on carpet, we have overlooked a very common and frustrating issue that comes from pets. Hair on and embedded in the carpet.

Best Rubber-Based Broom for Pet Hair Removal: FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

While a simple stick vacuum can handle most pet hair problems, if you are struggling to pull out all of the hair then you can invest in the FURemover Broom. This rubber-based broom reaches into the carpet fibers to pull out buried fur and brings it to the surface.

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Depending on how much your pet sheds, you will need to incorporate a hair removal cleaning schedule. This is especially important in the spring time for thick coated animals that are shedding their winter coat.

Believe it or not, sometimes keeping a cordless car vacuum handy around high traffic areas is the simplest solution. Just whip it out when you see a bunch of pet hair and it’ll quickly take care of it.

You can also use brushed on your pets to capture most of the hair before it reaches your carpet. Also make sure to monitor how much you are sucking up into your vacuum. Pushing it to keep cleaning after it has passed the too much point will result in clogging.

When you are dealing with vacuuming up hair from shag carpet, then it is much easier for your vacuum to become clogged at some point.

Best Roller for Pet Hair Removal: Evercare Pet Mega Cleaning Roller

If you are looking for a vacuum free way to pick up pet hair off your carpet then you can opt for the Evercare Pet Mega Roller. This is an extra large lint roller that has a three foot extendable handle.

Evercare Pet Mega Cleaning Roller - 3 Feet...
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  • Includes 25 XL sheets
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It works just like a regular lint roller. Simply roll it over your carpet and furniture to pick up pet hair. It words great on short haired rugs and low pile carpets. If you have a thick carpet or shag rug, then you will need to use a vacuum to penetrate deeper.

What is the Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets?

It can be tempting to use chemical based cleaners on your carpet after an accident, but at the end of the day, the best carpet cleaner for pets is one that is non toxic and won’t harm their health.

The natural cleaners are priced similarly to chemical based cleaners. If money saving is something you crave, then use one of the DIY cleaners above to cut down the price of your cleaning products.