Best Cordless Mop [2024 Review]

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If you’re thinking about purchasing a cordless mop but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place.

This article will review the top 5 cordless mops available in the market. We also provide full reviews for each product to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Top 5 Cordless Mop Reviews

Best Cordless Mop: Tineco Floor ONE S5

What makes Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum mop handy is the plush roller. The roller collects debris and dirt and doesn’t push the dirty water on the floor. Instead, the vacuum suction pulls the mucky water into the dirty water tank.

The Tineco S5  has a stand-out feature that separates it from other competitors: the automated water sprayer, so you don’t have to press any buttons as you wipe.

For water capacity, the Tineco clean tank holds around 27 ounces of water, and the dirty water tank is about 23 ounces. This ensures that you don’t run out of water for longer cleaning sessions.

If you’re a pet owner, you may like the dirty water tank built-in hair strainer. That design makes the removal of hair quick and easy. This also prevents clogging your plumbing when dumping the muddy water.

Another feature that separates this mop from other cordless mops in the market is that it’s smart. It has a sensor that automatically switches power modes while mopping for efficient cleaning.

Plus, the LED light color changes when detecting messes on the floor to tell you where you need to concentrate your efforts.

Unlike other cordless mops, The Tineco one S5 comes charges through a charging dock station, not through cords. It also comes with an adjustable handle and has a comfortable round grip.

Generally, the mop will work for about 25-35 minutes per 4 hours of charging, which is an average running time considering this mop is on the expensive side.

On the downside, the head of this vacuum-mop has limited swivel steering. This makes it harder to reach tricky spots like under the couch, and you can’t use it on fabrics.


  • Self-cleaning feature to ensure the roller is always clean
  • Automatic features that alert you on the charging, maintenance, and cleaning reminders
  • Powerful suction and brush roller that cleans efficiently, leaving no streaks behind
  • Built-in hair strainer in the dirty water tank to discard water quickly


  • Limited maneuverability, making it harder to reach tough spots
  • Average running time even though it’s expensive
  • Can’t use the vacuum on fabrics

Best Budget Cordless Mop: Shark VACMOP Pro

If you’re looking for an affordable vac mop than the Tineco One S5, then the Shark VACMOP Pro is an excellent choice. Thanks to the vacuum-mop duo, you only need one tool to vacuum and wipe the floor.

Unlike the Tineco, the Shark VM252 doesn’t combine vacuum and moping at the same time. This mop also doesn’t have a plush roller. Instead, it comes with disposable pads similar in function to Tineco’s cleaning roller.

The pads help pick up and lock in dust and debris. It also wipes stains, leaving no streaks behind. However, the pad may fail to wipe large messes. The vacuum also doesn’t have good edge suction and only sucks up debris in the center.

This vac mop has a built-in solution tank with a capacity of 12 ounces, which may not be sufficient for longer cleaning sessions. To spray the solution, all you need to do is press the spray button and control how much formula you want.

The Shark VM252 doesn’t have the dirt-detecting sensor feature like the Tineco. Yet, it has headlights, helping you see the floors better, especially in darkness.

On the downs side, this mop runs only for 13 minutes per 3 hours of charging. Compared to other mops, the running time is considerably short. Plus, this unit doesn’t stand on its own, so you’ll have to lean it on the wall or hang it. It also doesn’t have much swivel steering.


  • Touchless disposal of dirty pads
  • Easily pick debris and dirt thanks to the powerful suction
  • LED headlights for better visibility of hidden messes in your home


  • Disposable pads, which can be expensive when cleaning large areas
  • A short cordless running time that won’t suffice for deep cleaning sessions
  • Can’t lock the vacuum cleaning part—you need to hold down the vacuum button as long as you clean

Best Cordless Spin Mop: Bissell SpinWave

The Bissell SpinWave Cordless 23157 mop can make cleaning effortless thanks to the spinning motion.

It comes with two sets of pads, one with a soft, terry cloth texture mopping different floorings. The other pad has a rougher surface for a good scrub.

Although the spinning motion is effective in cleaning, the problem is the bottom plate screws can become a little loose, and you may need to tighten the screws after running the mop.

Like the Shark VM252, the Bissell spin mop has an on-demand sprayer button that allows you to spray as much water-solution mix as you want.

With 28 ounces water tank, the Bissell SpinWave has the largest tank capacity of other mops on this list. The water container has markings to guide you on the Bissell cleaning solution-water ratio depending on whether you want to clean a small or large area.

Compared to the Tineco and the Shark, the Bissell has better handle maneuverability. Still, the side-to-side swivel isn’t fluid.

In addition to the swivel issue, when you move the mop quickly, you may feel resistance from the spinning pads, so it may not smoothly move in and out of tight places.

A pleasant feature of the Bissell is that when you flick the handle up, the cleaning pads stop spinning, even if you haven’t pushed the power button to turn it off.

Like the Tineco, the Bissell SpinWave mop needs 4 hours to charge, but you’ll get around 20 minutes of cleaning.

If you want to review more cordless spin mops, we have an entire article dedicated to it.


  • Two types of reusable pads that are effective in removing stuck-on dirt the vacuum couldn’t clean
  • 28 ounces of water tank capacity for longer cleaning sessions
  • Water spray button to control how much you want to spray depending on the debris
  • Ridged tray to elevate the pads, allowing air to flow and dry the pads


  • Bottom plate screws may loosen because of the spinning motion
  • Side-to-side swiveling isn’t fluid when mopping quickly

Best Long-Lasting Battery: VMAI G700 Cordless

Another spin mop on this list is the VMAI G700 Cordless Spin mop. Like the Bissell, the VMAI G700 two counter-rotating motion help remove dried stains and splotches.

It also comes with two sets of washable pads. One set of soft pads is for cleaning, and the other waxing pad is for scrubbing. On the downside, the pads fail to pick dirt up. Instead, the mop spins it around, so you’ll need to vacuum well before mopping.

Similar to the Bissel, the VMAI G700 has an on-demand spray button to control how much water-formula mix you want to spray. However, the VMAI G700 mop has an added feature over the Bissel: it has an LED headlight for better visibility of stains and dust.

Just like the Shark, the VMAI G700 has a small built-in water tank capacity of around 10 ounces, requiring in-between refills during long mopping sessions.

The VMAI G700 is also adjustable, and like the Tineco, it has an ergonomic round grip. However, the VMAI G700 mop handle has better maneuverability than other mops. You can rotate the handle up to 180º from left to right and 90º from a vertical position.

In addition to the handle’s rotation, this mop is light and has a smooth swivel steering, so you can reach the trickiest corners easily.

The top feature of this cordless mop is its detachable battery, requiring only 2.5-3 hours of charging to enjoy a whopping 40 minutes of cordless wet mopping, which is the longest running time on this list.


  • Detachable battery that can be replaced when broken
  • 40 minutes running time for only 2.5-3 hours of charging
  • Easy to maneuver to reach difficult corners


  • Built-in water tank, which is hard to fill
  • Pads may spin dust instead of picking it up

Best Smal Cordless Mop: iRobot Braava Jet

With the iRobot Braava Jet 240 mop, you can sweep and mop hard-to-reach places without burdening your back and neck.

Like the Shark VM252, this robot mop uses disposable pads that are also touchless to throw away. All you need to do is just press the eject button.

You can attach three different types of mopping pads: the dry pad to sweep dust and pet hair, the damp pad for an everyday mop, and the wet pad for deep cleaning.

The best part is the robot mop will automatically detect the pad and set up the amount of water and solution to spray. Considering its small size, it’s no surprise that the water tank capacity is only 5.07 ounces.

What separates the iRobot Braava Jet 240 from other cordless mops is its vibrating head that helps break up stubborn stains and deep clean dried messes from a few passes.

What’s more, it has a sensor to detect obstacles like cliffs and carpets, so that the mop won’t fall down the stairs or go over rugs.

The iRobot Jet 240 comes with a detachable battery that takes around 2 hours of charging and runs the mop for about 180 minutes.

While the running time may seem impressive, this mop is designed for tight spots, so it usually needs a longer time than other cordless mops to cover an entire room.


  • Detachable battery, so you can extend the running time by buying extras
  • Reaches tough areas like around the sinks and under the sofas with ease
  • Vibrating head for deep cleaning without the need for harsh scrubbing


  • Because of its small dimensions, it takes a long time to clean large areas
  • Disposable pads, requiring you to constantly replace them

What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Mop

With all the available options and features of cordless mops in the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. However, you should consider details like appropriate size, ease of use, and other options before buying a cordless mop.

Here are a few features to look for when choosing a cordless mop to help you decide:

BrandTineco One S5Shark VACMOPBissell SpinWaveVMAI G700iRobot Braava Jet
Weight17.37 lbs3.34 lbs11 lbs5.6 lbs3 lbs
Tank Volume27 oz clean water tank   23 oz dirty water tank12 oz28 oz10 oz5.07 oz
Charging Time4 hours3 hours4 hours2.5-3 hours2 hours
Run Time25-35 minutes13 minutes20 minutes40 minutes wet mopping   60 minutes dry mopping180 minutes


Size is one important factor to consider when you shop for a cordless mop because it can make cleaning much easier.

Woman holding a mop with a red handle while cleaning the brown laminated floor, while her husband is seen sitting down on a blue couch holding a laptop

If you live in a house with much open floor space, consider buying a large-sized mop to cover up massive areas quickly.

In addition to big cleaning rollers or pads, opts for a cordless mop with a large tank capacity; so you don’t run out of water and need to refill the tank while cleaning.

In contrast, a small mop might work well for a small-sized apartment with carpeted floors, and you won’t have to worry about the mop taking a large storage space.

Running Time

While cordless mops provide movement freedom; still, the running time can be a nuisance.

Generally, cordless mops provide between 20 to 60 minutes of cleaning per 3-4 hours of charging. If you live in a large house and have many kids and pets that require you to frequently clean big messes, you’ll be better off with a long-running time mop.

A detachable battery is also something to consider to increase the cleaning time. For instance, you can charge one battery while cleaning using the other battery. Then when the battery dies, all you need is to switch it with the charged one, so you enjoy longer cleaning sessions.


The design of the mop will either help or hinder the cleaning process. When choosing a cordless mop, opt for an adjustable handle so that you don’t bend while cleaning and hurt your back.

Woman holding a white cordless mop while cleaning the white tiled flooring

Smooth swivel steering is also crucial to clean tough corners with ease. Self-ejecting pads or self-cleaning features are also handy for cleaning the mop without having to touch it.

Frequent Asked Questions

Which Mops Can You Use on Hardwood Floors?

You can use any mop that has a pad made of soft microfiber materials for cleaning hardwood floors. Because these types of floors are delicate, you should avoid harsh cleaning products or scrubbing pads, as that may dent the wood over time. In addition, you should avoid mopping wood floorings more than once or twice per week since they’re sensitive to moisture.

Why Are Floors Still Dirty After Mopping?

The main reason your floors may be dirty even after mopping is that the mop pads have build-ups and dirt. So, when you clean using the dirty pads, the build-up leaves streaks behind, doing more harm than good. Even with clean pads, not using the correct dilution ratios will affect the floor’s cleanliness.

Using too much cleaning solution makes your floors sticky. In contrast, if you over-dilute the floor cleaner, it might not clean well.

Is It Better to Mop With Hot Water or Cold Water?

Both have their perks. Warm water may be more effective in breaking stubborn stains and cleaning gunk. However, the warm temperature may degrade the wax coating of wood floors and also subject delicate floorings to wear and tear.

On the other hand, cold water is better if you’ll use chemicals. That’s because hot temperatures break down the active ingredient in the cleaning solution, making it less effective in cleaning. That said, if you’re using electronic mops, always check the manufacturer’s instructions to know the suitable water temperature you can use to fill the tank.


When picking a cordless mop, efficient cleaning is an essential factor to look for, yet there are other features you should consider.

Long-running time, ease of use, large tank capacity, and adjustable handles are all important features to consider before buying a cordless mop to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

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