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Best Cordless Stick Vacuum [2021 Review]

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While looking for a stick vacuum for you and your home, you will quickly discover that cordless vacuums are the most popular on the market today. Their slim, sleek design and easy storage capabilities make them very attractive, and it is so convenient to not have to deal with cords.

With so much popularity surrounding them it’s difficult to deny that the best cordless stick vacuum will have its merits and will make a wonderful addition to your home. But before you choose your vacuum, you need to know the specific benefits of owning a cord free stick vacuum, and also what to look for when shopping for one.

Before we dive in, we wanted to share with you an overarching thought about our choices. Most of you have probably heard of the Dyson stick vacuum models, such as the V6, V7, V8, and brand new V10. These vacuums are flat out amazing, incorporating the best suction and battery technology that will rival the best corded and upright models available.

Here’s the problem though… they are also outrageously expensive. To the tune of over $500.

So we’ve broken up our review into two sections: the best Dysons and “the best of the rest”. And, in our opinion, you don’t need to buy a Dyson to get an amazing cordless stick vac. 

That’s why our top recommendation isn’t a Dyson. Is it as amazing as the Dyson V8? No, but it is a close second, for almost 1/3 of the price. 

Our Cord Free Stick Vacuum Reviews

Below, you’ll find a compiled list of the best rated cordless stick vacuums out there, along with some of their benefits and features. The first three options we’ve listed are cheaper stick vacuums – right around one hundred dollars. We think they are great options and highly recommend them.

The next three options are best-in-class cordless stick vacuums, high enough in quality and diverse enough in options to replace your regular vacuum cleaner. They will cost you quite a bit more.

Best Cheap Cordless Stick Vacuums

Cheap is relative, meaning that these cordless vacuum options are lower in price than the expensive Dysons, but do not lack in performance. They all fall in the below average to average price range, which makes them a fantastic deal. We’ll go through our top three selections, carefully analyzing and reviewing each for you.

Best Overall
Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2 in 1 Stick
Best for the Money
Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Best Cheap Pick
Shark Navigator Free Style Vacuum
Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Stick Vacuum,...
Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless...
Product Dimensions
10 x 5.5 x 4.3 inches
10.6 x 8 x 25 inches
10.5 x 9.6 x 46 inches
Item Weight
8.8 pounds
10 pounds
7.5 pounds
Best Overall
Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2 in 1 Stick
Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Stick Vacuum,...
Product Dimensions
10 x 5.5 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight
8.8 pounds
Best for the Money
Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
Product Dimensions
10.6 x 8 x 25 inches
Item Weight
10 pounds
Best Cheap Pick
Shark Navigator Free Style Vacuum
Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless...
Product Dimensions
10.5 x 9.6 x 46 inches
Item Weight
7.5 pounds

Best Overall: Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2 in 1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum

Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Stick Vacuum,...
  • 2-in-1 vacuum with removable handheld
  • 180° EasySteer swivel
  • Versatile tools – in charging stand
  • Motorized power brush

​Spoiler alert… the ​Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum​ is our top choice of cord free vacuums on the market. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • ​high performance 14.4-volt battery
  • cyclonic technology creates a consistent suctioning power for picking up dust and small debris
  • offers over ​30 minutes of powerful suction, before needing to be recharged​
  • handy 2 in 1 vacuum contains an added handheld vacuum
  • fast 4 hour recharge time
  • extremely lightweight, rivaling the higher-end Dyson​ models
  • multiple attachments

Ok lets get into the details.

For starters, this lightweight vacuum is another perfect option for a college dorm, apartment, or small home. At 5.5 lbs, it is the lightest vacuum in our reviews outside of the expensive Dyson options. If weight (and price) is your concern, go with the Electrolux.

It offers surprisingly high performance for its price and works especially well in small spaces, such as the kitchen corners. It worked well on bare floors in our testing, and equally as well on carpets and rugs, since it has a two speed motorized brush roller. However, it will most likely not pick up all of the dust and allergens that are deep in a thick carpet.

​With a 14.4 volt battery, it certainly has the most power out of all the vacuums we’ve reviewed thus far. This translates into strong suction and longer run time.

At a 30 minute run time, this Electrolux outpaces the Shark Navigator and Hoover Linx run time by roughly 25-50%. That’s a notable upgrade.

We covered the longer run time, now lets address the strong suction. Like the Hoover, Egorapido utilizes cyclonic technology. This allows the vacuum to perform even better than its battery power would suggest.


  • Great run time of 30 mins
  • ​Good charge time of 4 hrs
  • ​Very lightweight 5.5 lbs
  • ​Cheap price point
  • ​Two speed brush roller
  • ​14.4 volt battery

This cordless vacuum’s 180 degree swivel steering makes it easy to clean under and around furniture. But, the most attractive feature is its self–cleaning brush roll. Simply press a button and all of the hair and dust will untangle itself from the roller. This can save A LOT of time in cleaning!

Unique about this cordless option is that it also includes a detachable handheld vacuum for cleaning furniture or counter tops. A crevice tool or dusting brush can also be attached for cleaning in hard to reach spaces.

We also found this 2-in-1 option fantastic for cleaning stairs, and we place the Electrolux as the best cordless stick vacuum for stairs.

​The ​Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum​ is another great cordless vacuum for a low price, and the detachable handheld vacuum is an added bonus for your money.

As a matter of fact, we vote this the best cordless stick vacuum on the market.

​Why Buy?

​A ​​great, lightweight cordless stick that comes with several fantastic attachments – our vote as the best!

Best for the Money: Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • FADE FREE LITHIUM ION BATTERY: Interchangeable batteries provide cordless freedom to clean anywhere
  • EXTREME RECLINE HANDLE: Reach further without having to move any furniture around
  • EDGE CLEANING BRISTLES: Removes dirt, dust, and pet hair against those hard to reach edges
  • WINDTUNNEL TECHNOLOGY: Creates channels of suction to life and remove surface debris and deep...

​​The ​Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum is a fantastic option, and improves upon a lot of the characteristics in the Shark Navigator. This is an appliance that you can trust for high performance and reliability.

You’ll pay a modest price increase to move from the Shark Navigator to the Hoover Linx, but you’ll get a lot of value for it, such as a faster charge time and two speed brush roller.

The Hoover Linx Cordless Cleaner is one of the best stick vacuums for a variety of surfaces, including hardwood and laminate floors. The powered brush roller on this vacuum can easily be shut off for carpet-to-bare floor cleaning.

Plus, its soft wheels will ensure that your bare floors are not harmed. You’ll love this stick vacuum for its high power and ability to quickly recharge and be ready for use again.

The Hoover Linx Cordless runs on a rechargeable fade free, 18-volt battery. It is the most powerful of the three cheap cordless vacuums we recommend in this article. Notice the shift from an NiHM battery in the Shark to a Lio-ion battery that the Hoover employs. This is why you can charge the Hoover almost twice as fast as the Shark.

​This vacuum will run for an average of 20 minutes of cleaning time without slowing down, while the battery fuel gauge will tell you exactly how much battery life you have remaining.

In the end, we found the Shark Navigator and Hoover Linx to have roughly the same run time (although Shark boasts a longer run time on its marketing).

This vacuum uses good old Hoover Windtunnel technology, for stronger suctioning power, and Cyclonic filtration technology, which sucks in allergens and expels cleaner air. Just like in other Hoover vacuums, the combination of these two features makes for a very powerful cordless stick machine.


  • Average run time of 20 mins
  • ​​Good charge time of 4 hrs
  • ​​Heavy weight of 10 lbs
  • ​Good price point
  • ​Two speed brush roller
  • ​Strong 18 volt battery

We can’t underscore how powerful this vacuum is. For the price, you just won’t find better suction out of any other vacuum.

This vacuum includes some other excellent features for effortless cleaning. An extreme recline handle and swivel steering makes reaching under and around furniture easy. The edge bristles on this vacuum are perfect for cleaning along baseboards or in narrow spaces.

We love this vacuum’s diversity in being able to clean across a whole range of flooring options. From deep carpet to rugs to bare floors, Hoover has made a stick vacuum that is multi-faceted.

This cordless vac is also incredibly easy to charge. The small lithium ion battery disconnects from the vacuum, making it easy to plug into and charge in a small place.

Unlike other cordless vacuum cleaners, you can store this Hoover in a closet where you DON’T have power!

Additionally, the ​Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum charges in a fast four hours.

​The Hoover Linx is another great cordless vacuum for a college dorm or small apartment. With this vacuum you will be able to clean quickly and effectively, without ever having to look for an outlet. It can also work for a small to moderate sized house. Again, the fast charge time gives you some flexibility in how you utilize it.

​No, its not a Dyson. But we don’t think you need to spend the money one one (more on that later).

The ​Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner​ gets our vote for one of the top rated cordless sticks on the market. You won’t go wrong with this purchase.

​Why Buy?

​​If you don’t mind the weight, this is the most powerful cordless stick vac outside of the Dyson brand.

Best Cheap Pick: Shark Navigator Free Style Vacuum

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless...
  • Dust cup capacity 0.64 quarts; Cordless convenience
  • Powerful pet hair pick up
  • Swivel steering for easy Maneuver
  • 2 speeds settings optimized for carpet & bare floor

​If you go by ratings alone, this​ Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless​ would have to be the one of the best inexpensive​ cordless stick vacuums. ​

This vacuum is ​perfect for those who would like the convenience of a cordless vacuum, but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag that often comes with many of its counterparts.

Shark puts out a high quality line of vacuums that are known for their quality and convenience. You’ll love this vacuum for its high quality name brand and sub one hundred dollar price point. We are big fans of Shark, noting that they typically put out great vacuums for a very reasonable price.

This Shark model also has a lot of features that you’ll find in your standard upright model. It has a solid build, strong suction, and is relatively lightweight.

The ​Shark Navigator runs on a 10.8-volt nickel-metal hydride battery. We go into depth below on the different types of battery technology used. In general, using a NiMH battery makes for a longer charge time.

Since this vacuum runs on a charge that lasts for around 20-30 minutes of cleaning time, this vacuum would be the perfect cordless for a college dorm or small apartment. Also, this stick vacuum would service you really well in a downstairs closet to quickly clean a high traffic area, such as a kitchen or dining room.

One downside to the Shark Navigator is that the battery takes roughly seven hours to fully charge. This is a lot longer than some of its counterparts, such as the Hoover (listed below).

The Shark Navigator Free Style Vacuum is also one of the best cordless stick vacuum for cat litter and highly rated as one of the best cordless stick vacuums for pet hair. So, if you have pets, this cleaner will do the trick nicely.

Even though the run time is on the shorter side you’ll never have to worry about a weak suction. This vacuum has a suction power perfect for picking up large debris and pet hair. Shark offers fantastic suction on all of their vacuum models and this one is no exception.


  • ​Good run time of 25 mins
  • ​Long charge time of 7 hrs
  • ​Mid tier weight of 7.5 lbs
  • ​Cheap ​price point
  • ​Two speed brush roller
  • ​10.8 volt battery

The suction power on this vacuum is very strong, and works well on both carpets and bare floors. Included is a two speed powered brush roller for easy carpet-to-bare floor cleaning. With this cordless vacuum you’ll never have to worry that your carpets aren’t getting as clean as your bare floor.

This stick vacuum’s swivel steering makes it easy to clean under counter tops and around furniture. It also contains an extra large capacity, easy to empty, dust cup so that you can clean more with fewer interruptions.

​At less than eight pounds, this vacuum would be a very convenient appliance to keep around the house.

The ​Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum​ is a fantastic entry level cordless stick vac that will serve you very well.

​Why Buy?

​A great entry level cordless vacuum, backed by a powerful brand name.

Top Dyson Cord Free Stick Vacuums

Dyson is a very popular name when it comes to vacuums, and one reason for that is because they make some of the best cordless stick vacuums. Three Dyson cordless stick vacs made our list, with the first being the Dyson V7 Motorhead.

The downside is that Dyson vacuums are often much more expensive then other stick vacuums. However, the price is worth the quality of suction that you get with their vacuums. Dyson’s vacuums typically last longer than other vacuum counterparts.

We’ll review the three best Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners below.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord Free Vacuum

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Cord free; Hassle free; Powerful suction
  • Up to 30 minute's run time when using a non-motorized tool. Detachable battery: Non-detachable
  • Lightweight and versatile, for easy home cleaning. Instant release trigger means battery power is...
  • Direct drive cleaner head; Up to 6 minutes of fade free power (in Max mode); Drives stiff nylon...

The Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t have Dyson’s most powerful suction technology, but it still does the job very very well, and is a great entry level Dyson to purchase.

It is one of the best all around cordless vacuum options. A powerful two–speed motor inside the brush roller of this vacuum drives stiff nylon bristles deep into your carpet to remove pet hair and ground in dirt.

The battery time on the V7 motor head makes for a great quality vacuum, with an average of thirty minutes of fade free power, and six minutes on the turbo setting. The vacuum saves power by only using the battery power when it’s vacuuming.

This stick vacuum will last long enough to clean a medium sized home or office space on one single charge.

This vacuum also contains Dyson’s cyclonic technology for vacuuming up and trapping the smallest dust particles.​ We’ve found in our testing that Dyson’s technology really is amazing, and does live up to the hype.

This lightweight vacuum can easily be converted into a handheld. It also includes many different accessories to help you get your vacuuming done as quickly and conveniently as possible.

​A wall hanging docking station charges your vacuum as you store it. Just plug the docking station into the nearest outlet and latch in your stick vacuum. ​

The vacuum’s other accessories include a combination tool, for small messes, and a crevice tool, for cleaning in hard to reach places.


  • ​Good run time of 30 mins
  • ​Short charge time of 3.5 hrs
  • ​Very lightweight 5.5 lbs
  • ​Mid-high price point
  • ​Two speed brush roller
  • ​21.6 volt battery

Dyson’s entry level cordless stick ​vac cleaner is a wonderful option for your home, and with its high powered battery, you can cover a medium sized home on a single charge.​

Many find this ​​Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner​ works plenty well, and it will save you money in comparison to other, more robust Dyson stick vacuum options.

Opt for the V7 over its older predecessor, the V6. The minor upgrade is much better, and you’ll love this entry Dyson vacuum.

​Why Buy?

​​Much better than the Dyson V6, the V7 model is the best all-around Dyson cordless vacuum for a reasonable price.

Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • Cord free; Hassle free; Powerful suction; Washable lifetime filter
  • Up to 40 minutes run time when using a non-motorized tool
  • Lightweight and versatile, for easy home cleaning; Instant release trigger means battery power is...
  • Direct drive cleaner head; Up to 8 minutes of fade free power (in Max mode); Drives stiff nylon...

The Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum contains Dyson’s most powerful suction technology combined with an intense focus on picking up animal hair.

This vacuum is a close counterpart to Dyson’s Absolute line of cordless vacuums, with only one major difference, which we’ll go into below.

You’re now in the top level of Dyson vacuums. So, while performance will be very high, price will be as well.

The Dyson V8 Animal Cordless HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight, less than six pounds, and a very convenient cleaning tool. It offers a fade free suction, and an extremely long running time for a cordless vacuum, with an average of forty minutes of cleaning.

​This vacuum also runs for up to seven minutes on its turbo setting. You can clean most homes on a single charge with this stick vacuum.

This vacuum is one of the best cordless stick vacuums for dog hair, if not the best on the market. It contains the same deep cleaning, motorized brush roller as the Dyson V7 Motorhead,. However, with 75% more brush roller power than the V7 Motorhead, this vacuum is also one of the best stick vacuums for cleaning carpets.

This brush roller is capable of picking up large debris, making this vacuum a wonderful multi purpose tool. Many comment that this is the only vacuum they need in their home.

This vacuum can also be converted into a handheld vacuum with a mini motorized tool, a smaller version of your motorized floor attachment, for cleaning dirt and pet hair off of your furniture.

This vacuum also includes a wall hanging docking station for charging your vacuum, and easy storage. Other accessories and attachments include a combination tool, for cleaning up small messes, and a crevice tool, for cleaning in hard to reach places.


  • Great run time of 40 mins
  • ​Short charge time of 3.5 hrs
  • ​Very lightweight 5.5 lbs
  • ​Expensive price point
  • ​Two speed brush roller
  • ​21.6 volt battery

As a more expensive, higher performing vacuum, the Dyson V8 Animal is devoted to expelling allergens. It’s cyclonic technology keeps dirt from escaping, and the HEPA filtration system sucks in allergens and expels clean air. This vacuum is the perfect appliance for homeowners​ with a busy and bustling home.

This Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free vacuum is very similar to the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord Free vacuum, which is also on our list of best Dyson cordless vacuums (see below). As a matter of fact, there is only one major difference.

The Absolute has an additional Soft Roller cleaning head, which allows the Absolute to perform a bit better on hard wood floors. You’ll save roughly fifty dollars, though, by opting for the Animal stick vacuum over the Absolute model.

In our opinion, only those with substantial hardwood floors that are very difficult to clean will notice the upgrade to the Absolute.

​​Th​is ​Dyson V8 Animal Cordless HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is truly the complete package. While it will set you back a pretty penny, it combines everything you need and want out of a vacuum cleaner. Best of all, it is a cordless stick vac, and so you get the added benefit of a lightweight option free of cords.

​Why Buy?

Virtually identical to the more expensive V8 Absolute, this is the best Dyson if you have pets.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord Free Vacuum

Dyson (214730-01) V8 Absolute Cordless Stick...
  • Cord free. Hassle free. Powerful suction, refer user manual for instructions
  • Up to 40 minute's run time when using a non-motorized tool. Suction power (Max mode): 115 AW
  • Lightweight and versatile, for easy home cleaning. Instant release trigger means battery power is...
  • Up to 30 minutes of fade free power with the soft roller cleaner head

​The Dyson V8 Absolute Cord Free Vacuum is Dyson’s best in class cordless stick vacuum, and uses Dyson’s most powerful suction technology. It offers a fade free suction, and, like other Dyson vacuums, an extremely long running time for a cordless.

With an average of forty minutes of cleaning time and up to seven minutes on the turbo setting, this is a very powerful vacuum. This is the best of the best – you won’t find a better cordless vacuum on the market!

The Dyson V8 Absolute is lightweight, less than six pounds, and one of the best 2 in 1 stick vacuums. Not only does it convert into a handheld vacuum, it also has many other attachments and features. Dyson does a great job, as previously listed, of providing a variety of handy attachments, which ensures that you will be able to clean in all areas and all circumstances.

The V8 is equipped with both a direct-drive cleaner head and a soft roller cleaner head. Why does this matter? The direct-drive head focuses on deep cleaning your carpets, making this one of the best stick vacuums for cleaning carpet.

The soft roller head is equipped for pulling dust and debris off of your bare floors, making this a top choice for best stick vacuum for hardwood floors.

With its powerful suction technology and motorized brush roller, this vacuum cleaner combines power with versatility. The Dyson V8 Absolute boasts a powerful 115AW of sucking power, the highest of any on its stick vacuum line of products.

In addition, the cyclonic technology and HEPA filtration work hard to keep your home free of dust and allergens. Dyson includes a handy hygienic dirt ejector, which quickly allows you to eject dirt from the bin in one motion. Cleaning the dirt is now a mess-free process.


  • Great run time of 40 mins
  • ​Short charge time of 3.5 hrs
  • ​Very lightweight 5.5 lbs
  • ​Expensive price point
  • ​Three speed brush roller
  • ​21.6 volt battery

This vacuum includes the same attachments as the other Dyson vacuums on this list, including the mini motorized tool. Of course this Dyson vacuum would not be complete without its docking station for easy charging and convenient storage.

This Dyson V8 Absolute is consistently voted best cordless stick vacuum on the market. It is the most versatile and convenient cordless stick cleaning option on this list.

Not only does it have a long battery life, but it can also be used to clean in all places of the home.

​Why Buy?

​​​The best Dyson on the market. Buy the V8 Absolute over the V8 Animal only if you have substantial hardwood floors.

What to Look For in a Cord Free Stick Vacuum

What are the benefits of a cordless stick vac? You’ve already decided to purchase a stick vacuum because it’s convenient, lightweight, easy to store, and allows you to clean in those hard to reach spaces. Now you must decide between corded vs cordless.

hoover linx best stick vacuum


You may already know the perks of owning a corded stick vacuum. However, the benefits of owning a cordless vacuum are even more numerous. Primarily speaking, you are to capitalize on convenience, without sacrificing in quality and suction power.

Never again will you have to deal with annoying cords. You can quickly grab your stick vacuum from a closet and, within minutes, have a section of your house clean, and be on to your next task. Without having to plug anything in or trip over a cord.

It’s worth considering the true value of getting rid of the cord. Yes, the added convenience of not having to deal with cords is a treat. But, for many, the true value of going cordless is that you will actually vacuum more.

A cordless vacuum cleaner turns a 20 minute vacuum process into a 10 minute vacuum process, for example. Many find that a cordless vacuum cleaner makes it a lot easier to clean, and thus they clean a lot more. It’s at least worth mentioning (if you’re that type) – we won’t call you out!


Nowadays, cordless vacuums span the ​gamut in terms of how you can put them to use. Originally just for convenience and sacrificing a lot in other features, you can now purchase a stick vacuum that has the same suction and feature set as your top rated traditional vacuum cleaners.

Convenient Second Vacuum

Back when cordless vacuums first came on the market, they lacked powerful suction. Additionally, their battery life was measure in single digit minutes. So when you combine those two factors, a cord free stick vac was really only usable as a second vacuum on hardwood floors.

​Fast forward to today, and these vacuums have solved the initial problems. However, their original use is still a very valuable one.

Chances are, you might already have a heavy-duty vacuum that you use when your whole house needs cleaning. You break it out on weekends, or on a big cleaning day. It takes some time to go through the whole house, but it does a good job and you’re not in any need to replace it.

What happens when you have a quick spill downstairs in the kitchen though? Or what about the dining room floor after everyone is done eating dinner? Or, when you just want to quickly clean the high traffic areas of your house at the end of the day.

This is the perfect time to have a cordless lightweight vacuum – as a second vacuum. You keep it in a downstairs closet, near the hustle and bustle of the home. And, when needed, you break it out for a quick clean.

Motorhome or RV

By the same token, a small, compact, cordless vacuum is perfect to keep in your motorhome or RV. You can’t have something large because of space, and also because of how much power it draws. However, you also really can’t rely on a tiny, dustbuster model either… these just lack the suction required, and it takes forever to clean an entire RV with them.

Often times, whenever you are using a motorhome, you’re getting it dirty. Whether out camping, at the beach, or tailgating, RV’s are typically used in dirtier environments. So its not abnormal to be tracking in a lot of dirt, and you need a vacuum that can handle this mess.

​Pick up one of the options listed here, and you won’t sacrifice on suction power. You’ll be able to quickly vacuum your RV’s carpet. In addition, many of the options are small and easy to store, which is a must with the limited storage on board the typical motorhome.

Dorm Room

If you’re shipping your kid off to college, you might want to include a cordless stick vacuum with them. Depending on the school they are going to, each dormitory has different cleaning policies. Some have staff that do all the cleaning, allowing your child to focus entirely on studying (and perhaps a few other things as well). Others have staff that do a light cleaning every week, which means that a little bit extra will still be required. Still others provide no cleaning.

No matter what, though, there will be the occasional spill or extra bit of debris tracked in. ​A small stick vacuum is a great option. They are easy to pack and easy to store. Nowadays, sticks are very durable and rugged. And, the smaller dust bin space that a typical stick vacuum comes with won’t be a big deal since there isn’t much square footage to cover.

Now, you could make the argument that your young adult doesn’t need the convenience of a cordless model, and you would have a decent point. If you’d prefer, take a look at our corded stick vacuum reviews. ​

Compliments of https://www.rentcafe.com

Small Apartment

This is where cordless varieties have come along way… you can now use a cord free vacuum to clean your entire living space. They are powerful enough, and the battery lasts long enough. And a small apartment is the perfect place to put it to use.

Typically, a small apartment is anywhere between 600 ft squared to around 1,000 ft squared, with the true average at 943 ft squared. For most of the cordless models that made our top list here, they can cover your apartment in a single charge.

The only thing you’ll have to pay particular attention to is the type(s) of surfaces you have in your apartment. You might be able to get away with a cheap cordless stick vac if all you have is hardwood floor or linoleum.

If you have thin carpet, you still won’t need the most expensive cord free vacuum. Running the vacuum on carpet does use up its battery faster.

Either way, an apartment is great place to go cordless. Space is limited, and you can do all of your vacuuming on one charge of the battery.

Whole House

You’re probably thinking “how could I do the entire house with a cordless vacuum?” And, while it might seem incredible, it is possible.

The type of cordless stick vacuum you need to cover your entire home depends on several things. For starters, how big is your home? Battery life and size of home are directly related… the larger your home, the larger the battery you’ll need to cover it in one charge.

You also need to look at the types of surfaces you need to vacuum in your home. Bare floors, such as hardwood, laminate, tile, concrete, or linoleum, are very simple for a stick vacuum. You don’t need an expensive option for this. With carpets comes added suction required and a brush roller (or two), and with it the costs goes up.

There are two ways to look at this. For starters, even a mid-priced cordless stick vacuum could cover part of your entire home on a single charge. So, while you’d have to break your cleaning up into several shifts, that might be the only limiting factor.

​And, you can also purchase one of the most expensive stick cord-free vacuums available. These models, made by Dyson, have battery run times in the 30-40 minute range. Depending on how much thick carpet you have in your home, you might be able to cover a large 2,000-3,000 square foot home in one charge.

Depending on your preferences and budget, it is entirely possible to go cordless and still adequately clean your entire home.


The newer technology of battery powered vacuums, as opposed to corded vacuums, provides convenience as well as a more modern look to your appliance. With a cordless vacuum you will no longer be restricted by your cord length or distance from a power outlet. You’ll add convenience as well, as you’ll no longer need to deal with messy cords before, during, and after use.

Along with never having to plug your vacuum into an outlet, comes the knowledge that your new appliance will be saving you power. And if you only have to use it for smaller, quick clean ups, you won’t have to charge it as often as you may think.

A popular concern is that cordless vacuums will not work as well as corded vacuums. However, today’s cordless options will clean just as well. Their battery life will last for a decent amount of time, and the highest performing cordless vacuums will clean your carpet just as well as your bare floors.

Note – not all cordless vacs fall into this category of performance that equals a corded vacuum. Below, we’ll review the models that have both great battery life and powerful suction.

Battery ​Advancements

As we’ve mentioned over and over again, the reason a cordless vacuum makes so much sense nowadays is directly due to dramatic improvement of battery technology.

​The vast majority of these type of stick vacuums on the market ​rely on the lithium-ion battery. These types of batteries are rechargeable, utilizing lithium ions that move back and forth around a series of electrodes to create their power (and to recharge).

​If you’ve heard of these types of batteries before, that’s because they are in most modern electronics nowadays. Laptops, phones – most everything that is battery powered and needs to hold a charge for a long time utilizes this style of battery.

The basic construction of the battery is three sheets of metal – a positive electrode, negative electrode, and a seperator. Electrodes move back and forth to generate power. Granted, this is an over-simplified description, but it is only meant to give you an idea of how the power is generated.

Some of the advantage of lithium ion batteries are:

  • Much lighter weight than previous battery technology (Lithium is the lightest of all metals)
  • They don’t need to be fully discharged of power, like previous models, in order to keep the charge capacity at peak
  • They hold charge better when not in use
  • They have a ​utilized more times than predecessors

​Nickel-Metal Hydride vs Lithium Ion

​Not mentioned in our review above is the nickel-metal hydride battery. Sometimes referred to as NiMH batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries use hydrogen to store energy. This makes them cheaper to make (currently), larger and heavier, and slower to charge. Where they do currently have an advantage is that they tend to last longer.

​Because Lithium Ion batteries (Li-ion) are lighter weight, manufacturers are turning to them more and more. You’ll see a few models on our top review with each.

Battery Time

There are a variety of factors that go into how long your cordless vacuum battery will last. The first, and most important factor, is the size of the battery on the vacuum. This is measured and displayed in volts. The higher the number, the higher the capacity for charge, and thus the longer the battery will run.

Now, that is the case if all things are equal. And, they rarely are. Another big factor is what you are vacuuming. Generally speaking, as you can imagine, the thicker the surface, the more power it uses:

  • hardwood floors require minimal battery use
  • thin carpets require more battery power
  • upholstery and thick carpet use a significant more amount of power

A third, and probably much lower factor than the first two, is what accessories you run. For example, running the brush roller on your vacuum will increase the amount of power needed, and lower your vacuum run time.

On our list of top rated cord free vacuums, the battery life ranges from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. Within those times are variables: use the vacuum on thick carpets and it will shorter. Use it on hardwood flooring and you can extend it.


Cost for the best cordless vacuum cleaner varies dramatically.

You can find cheaper models offered by reputable brands for right around $100. These models will work for smaller environments, such as dorms or apartments. Or, they can act as an added supplement for a higher traffic area in a larger home. ​Cheaper cordless stick vacs will usually have these characteristics:

  • Lower battery time, ranging in the 15-25 minute range
  • Less suction, typically only suitable for hardwood flooring and maybe the occasional thin carpet.
  • Fewer accessories and attachments, if any at all.
  • Heavier in weight (although still lighter than an upright vacuum model)

Mid priced cordless options upgrade mostly everything you see as a limitation in the cheaper cord free models. Here is what you can expect out of a mid-range cordless vacuum option:

  • ​Slight improvement in battery time, ranging in the 25-30 minute range
  • More suction, usually capable of handling thicker carpets and upholstery
  • Accessories, such as pet hair cleaners
  • Convertible into a handheld option, perfect for stairs or furniture
  • Lower weight, competing with some of the corded stick vacuum options

We actually love a lot of the stick vacuums in this price range. Compared to the expensive options, you get most of the battery time, suction power, and features available, but for half the price.

Once you enter into the expensive category for stick vacs that don’t have a cord, you’re talking about spending ​a fortune. It’s hard to justify spending this much on a vacuum but if you do, you can expect:

  • The longest run time on the market, pushing 40+ minutes
  • Incredible suction, equal to the best upright vacuums
  • All the accessories you need
  • Usable on all surfaces
  • Sub-6lb weight, incredibly lightweight

​And, there are several high priced cord-free stick vacuums that are virtually identical in performance to their corded counterparts. These lightweight, high powered appliances are hefty on price, but equally hefty on performance and convenience.

Above all, you want a vacuum that will keep your home clean and free of allergens, while making it as simple and convenient as possible to use.

All of the stick vacuums in this article have a filter that can be washed, or replaced when needed, to ensure that your home stays clean. And, every stick vacuum below is light weight while still retaining quite a bit of sucking power.

Upsides, Downsides, and Considerations

A common concern about switching to a cordless model is the overall running time of the battery. In general, the cordless vacuums we recommend here have a run time of between 20-40 minutes.

We’ve found 20 minutes to be adequate for vacuuming a small apartment. If you’re just doing a quick pass, you could probably do up to 1,500 square feet on a charge. On the other hand, 40 minutes can handle most homes on a single charge.

Another concern is the charge time. The stick vacuums on this list take anywhere from 3.5-7 hours to charge, which is quite a wide range.

If a cordless stick vacuum is going to be your only vacuum in the house, you probably want to opt for a model that takes less time to charge. On the other hand, if you’re buying this stick vacuum to put in a downstairs closet for occasional use, you probably won’t mind a longer charge time.

Speaking of how you’re planning to use the vacuum, think this through before you buy. You’d be shocked how versatile most of the vacuum cleaners we reviewed here are. Most listed here are 2 in 1 models, meaning that they have a detachable portion to clean stairs and crevices with.

A lot of families buy a cordless stick cleaner to use on heavily trafficked areas, which is a great option. Lets say you have a two story home, with most of the action taking place downstairs in the kitchen and dining room. A stick vacuum cleaner that is cordless, placed in a downstairs closet, is great to whip out at the end of the day for a quick, 3 minute clean.

At the same time, cord free options have come a long way in recent years. Technological improvements in battery power and efficiency have allowed cordless sticks to have an incredible amount of suction power.

​Honestly, ​​I never imagined how incredibly convenient a cordless vacuum would be. ​Now that I’ve gone cordless, I can’t imagine going back.

Allen Michael

With this in mind, you can actually use a stick vacuum to clean your car and clean up after your pets, with the lack of cord adding to the convenience. All of the stick vacuums on this list have several brush rolls, which are essential for cleaning carpet, and grabbing pet hair.

Because of their convenience, you will probably find that you vacuum more (as we mentioned above). Overall, this promotes a clean home and healthier lifestyle.


As you can see, there are many brands and models to choose from when purchasing a cordless stick vacuum. Hopefully, this article has helped you to see some of the benefits of owning a cordless stick vacuum, pointed you in the right direction for which features to look for in a vacuum, and also given you some options for finding the best cordless stick vacuum.

Above all, when you’re looking for the best cordless stick vacuum, you want to be sure to buy the appliance that works best for you and your home.

Bonus: Cordless Cleaning History

Cord free cleaning hasn’t been around for ever. As a matter of fact, while the vacuum cleaner itself has been around for well over 100 years, cordless options still have yet to celebrate their 50 year anniversary.

The History of the Cordless Cleaning Vacuum

Vacuums have been around since the turn of the 20th century, but it took awhile for anything cordless to come onto the market.

However, in 1979, the company that made the handheld vacuum launched a cordless option. That company was Black and Decker, and they released the famous Dust Buster that so many of us have grown up with.

Much of the Dust Buster’s success came from its simple design and high level of convenience. At that time, there wasn’t anything cordless on the market. So while its suction power was seriously lacking (especially compared to today’s models of cord free cleaners), its extreme convenience led to it selling over 100 million cleaners.

The Dust Buster’s 1979 release actually came four years after Black and Decker (the producer of the model) filed the first ever patent to utilize cordless technology in a vacuum cleaner.

Cordless options have changed dramatically over the past 5 decades. In the early 2000’s, robotic vacuums entered the market, introducing a model that not only lacked a cord, but actually vacuumed on its own. Believe it or not, it was not Roomba who introduced the first robotic vacuum, even through they still own the brand name space to this day. It was Electrolux with their Tribolite model.

As a brand goes, Dyson gets most of publicity today for their cordless options. Dyson truly is the gold standard, creating many models of cord free vacs that possess the same power and feature sets of most corded models.

However, while Dyson might be known for it, there are many other manufacturers producing high quality cordless cleaners. Hoover, Shark, and Electrolux have all released amazing vacuum models at cheaper prices, allowing for an entirely new generation of people to enter into the world of convenient cleaning.

Allen Michael is the Founder and Editor of Home Viable, a website that he started to provide readers with tips on home efficiency and automation. He draws on his engineering background combined with his family-of-four experiences for his articles.