Reviews of the Best Dual Shower Heads in 2019

A running dual shower head
There is nothing better than a hot shower first thing in the morning, unless you have a dual shower head. In that case, there is nothing better than a dual shower head for your morning shower to help get you up and ready to tackle the day.

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If you are ready to do an upgrade to your bathroom, starting with a new shower head is a great way to start. Dual shower heads give you the ease of having a main shower head with a secondary handheld you can move around as needed.

Another added benefit of the dual shower head is that you get the choice of having two shower heads running at once. This upgrades your simple shower into a morning spa experience.

Before we dive into the list of best dual shower head with handheld, let’s take a few minutes to talk about some features to look for. Also, check what you can expect when you are installing a new shower head.

​Features to Consider in a  ​Dual Shower Head

Before you buy, there are a few features you need to consider. These will help you find the best dual shower head for your shower. Keep in mind, not all showers are sized the same.

Rain Shower Head

This type of shower head was designed to give users the feeling of standing in the rain, without the awkwardness of your neighbors seeing you outside showering in a storm. Many shower heads do claim to be a rain shower head. To really get the full benefit of this type of shower head, you will want to have it mounted at a 90 degree angle. The shower head should be pouring the water down over you, just like if you were standing outside in the rain.

Thankfully, you don’t need a ceiling mounted shower head. Although, you could DIY it yourself to upgrade your shower. All you would need to purchase is a shower extender arm. These longer shower arms take the shower head off the wall and extend them a little further over your shower. This lets you create a ceiling shower head without drilling any holes.

Low Flow Shower Head

Also referred to as economy flow, this  is a shower that flows at a lower rate so you don’t use as much water during your shower. This is a great option for homes that have low water pressure or for homes that need to limit their water consumption in the shower.

These low flow shower heads don’t just help if you don’t have a high water pressure. They also help lower your daily shower water consumption and reduce energy and water bills. In addition, they help the environment by limiting how much water is wasted.

A running dual shower head

Multiple Settings on Shower Heads

A great perk of a dual shower head is the ability to change up how the water is flowing. A lot of the dual shower heads we have listed offer multiple shower settings. You can change up how you get clean.

  • Massaging Spray - This type of spray sends the water out in quick short bursts so it hits your body in rapid little strikes. This is the perfect water flow setting after a long day when you need to relax your muscles or if you woke up with neck and back pain. Set the shower on hot and let the water massage your soft tissue so you can move a little easier throughout your day.
  • ​Power Spray - Concentrated and smaller in circumference, this spray tends to come out a little harder than the standard flow. If you have thick hair, then you may already know the frustration of towel drying your hair and hearing the crinkle of leftover shampoo. Using this power spray is great to rinse thick hair since it is able to penetrate into the strands a little more.
  • ​Misting Spray - The two above sprays focus on more powerful sprays that while nice, can sometimes just be too much. The misting spray option lets out water at a gentler rate. This is a great option for kids who are nervous around water or for a easy gentle shower experience.
  • Water Saving Spray - This economy boosting spray is a great option for many reasons we will talk about more a little further down. Mainly though, when selected, this spray mixes air into the water flow to help limit how much water comes out at one time, while also not lowering the water pressure or feeling of output. You are saving how much water you use without cutting back so much that you are under a little dripping spray.
  • Rain Shower Spray - Not just limited to rain shower heads, this spray is the full blast, using all of the nozzles at one, drenching type of spray. This spray is intended to give you as much water coverage as possible so that you can wash larger areas at one time without having to take longer to finish rinsing.

Along with these standard spray types, there is usually also a combination shower spray you can select. It will blend two of the standard types of sprays together to create a hybrid spray such as a massaging and rain shower spray.

This way if you need to go on with washing your hair, but you still need a few more minutes of massaging power, you can use this combination. Angle the massaging jets (usually in the center of the shower head) along with the rain shower spray setting to give you additional spray coverage for washing your hair.

One of the best things about having a dual shower head, is that you can create your own combinations without having to use the same shower head. You can run both the main shower head along with the handheld shower head. Set one on massage and angle it to the perfect part of your body, while the other shower head is free to set for a rain shower or misting to wash the rest of your body.

Dual shower heads are also a great option if you don’t always shower alone. Your partner isn’t freezing on the other side of the shower waiting for the hot water you are enjoying too much to share. Just hand them the handheld shower head and continue without being interrupted.

Handheld Shower Head

The dual part of the shower head is an additional shower head that has an attached cord so you can move it around. Rather than needing to buy a top end handheld shower model, a dual shower combines the best of both worlds. 

Most all shower heads that have the attached arm accessory have a perch for the arm to sit into next to the main shower head. This is great for keeping it within easy reach so you can grab it when you need it or use it as a double shower head.

Another great option you can do with an attached arm shower head is to create two showering areas for a large shower. You would mount your new dual shower head in the same spot to replace your old shower head. Next, instead of placing the handheld shower head into the holder next to the main head, you can utilize the 5 ft reach and mount it on the sidewall of your shower.

This way, if you do have an extra body in the shower with you, they now have their own personal shower head. You don’t have to share or make them hold the handheld while they shower. This is a super easy DIY project, you will just need to purchase an additional handheld shower head holder and mount it.


Shower heads are primarily made from two types of metal. There is the shinier chrome which is brighter and often reflects more. You can also purchase a shower head in stainless steel which is well known for its durability, resistance to rust and other discolorations.

If you are on a budget, then chrome will be the cheaper option. However, stainless steel is the better overall choice because it will look better for a longer period of time.


If you are investing in an nice shower head, you may want to check into the manufacturer’s warranty before you buy. While most of the shower heads on our list aren’t too expensive, it is good to know they will be covered down the road if anything breaks, malfunctions, or corrodes.

Some shower heads will offer lifetime warranties. If anything happens to the shower head, it will either be replaced or reimbursed.

You should also take note of the “hassle-free” warranties. These types of warranties won’t make you jump through any hoops to replace your item, nor will they give you a hard time about what happened. It is a simple file a claim and get a new product type of warranty.

How to Prepare Your Shower

Here are a few helpful ideas to get your shower ready for a new dual shower head.

Remove your Current Shower Head

You can’t put in a new shower head if the old one is still sitting there. Removing your current shower head is an easy task and a perfect start for a new DIYer in the home. Skip calling over a professional and paying them to do something that should only take you a few minutes to do.

You should wait to remove the old shower head until you have purchased and are ready to install your new shower head.

Measure the Space

There are a few key rough measurements you should factor in before you buy a new dual shower head. This is to make sure the shower head will fit the space, both height and shower spray length.

  • 1
    ​Measure how much room you have from the shower arm (the pole you will attach the new shower head to) to the ceiling. Most of these dual shower heads have shower arms that rest on a ledge that is about the same height as the main shower head. This means you will need a few more feet of clearance height for your attached shower arm, unless you plan to mount it separately.
  • 2
    ​Note how large a shower area you have. If it is a small single person standing shower, you may want to stay away from the large high pressure shower heads that can end up splashing out onto the floor. With smaller spaces you may want to look into a rain shower head with an extended shower arm. This will put the shower head at a 90 degree downward angle instead of shooting outwards.
  • 3
    ​A final thing you will want to consider before buying a dual shower head with handheld attachment, is how much water pressure you have. If you have a home with a lower water pressure, look for shower heads that are smaller in diameter. This will help maximize the water pressure you already have by limiting how many nozzles the water has to be filtered into. Large shower heads can be too much for low water pressure homes.
Two showerheads in a white bathroom

With these factors noted, you can find the best shower head that will enhance your shower. Let’s take a look at some of the best dual shower heads available.

​Our Dual Shower Head Reviews

​Shower Head

​Unique Feature




​Hotel Spa Spiral Flo

​Comes with 6 settings


​DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury

​Button Flow Control

Limited Lifetime​

​Ana Bath ​Combo

​Comes with 5 settings

​3 years

​HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury

​Comes with over 30 settings

​Limited Lifetime

​PowerSpa Combo

​Hydro Supercharged Turbine

​1 year

​Delta Faucet In2ition

Intensely Powerful Massage Jets

Limited Lifetime

HotelSpa SpiralFlo Luxury Shower Combo

The HotelSpa SpiralFlo is on our “Best List” because it gives you so much versatility to help you enjoy your showering experience. There are 30 different full and combined water flow choices you can decide on. It also offers a rain shower in a smaller size, so it will fit most showers and bathtubs without risk of overspraying.

The main shower head is four inches in diameter, which is comparable to or a little larger than a standard shower head. This is a great option if you have low water pressure in your home. Larger 6-10 inch shower heads will be too big and will make a low water pressure issue much greater.

Six different setting in the main shower head give you choices. They include a power rain, a power massage, a rain/mist combination, power mist, a rain/massage and a great economy rain mode that we will touch on in a second.

There is an economy waterflow mode that gives you the same feeling of a normal shower head while it is reducing how much water that comes out per second. This is a great feature design in both the main head and the handheld shower head. It is also a great switch to option for the environmentally green person in your household without having to compromise all of the settings are eco friendly.

The SpiralFlow dual shower head has a stainless steel design, which means it will be durable and keep it’s shine for years to come. Stainless steel has an invisible covering on the surface that works to resist rust and other stains that can happen on the surface. If you do end up noticing rust on your stainless steel shower parts, it is due to this invisible layer becoming damaged or dulled over time.

​Main Features

  • Rainfall massage shower head
  • 6-setting hand shower head
  • check
    Stainless Steel design
  • Tool free connection
  • Lifetime warranty

The handheld shower head also offers the same six shower head rainfall options the standard shower head has. It is also the same 4 inches in diameter, which is great for smaller spaces and homes that have low water pressure. The handheld shower head sits up a little and on the side of the main shower head so you can run both at the same time to experience a dual level spa.

With the combination of the six different shower head water options on two different shower heads, you have the ability to create over 30 different shower combinations. This helps you find your most relaxing and invigorating morning wake up or evening wind-down. While you can run both at the same time if desired, or you can alternate the water between the two if you don’t want them both on.

The SpiralFlo comes with all the parts you need to install this new shower head (no tools required). All you should have on hand is some plumbers tape to wrap the threads. This limits the possibility of you encountering any leaks from the new shower head.

This shower head also comes with a manufacturer’s hassle-free US limited lifetime warranty. This warranty also provides free live customer service so that you can get in touch with someone if things aren’t working correctly with your new dual shower head.

​Why Buy?

​This is the prefect rain shower head for low water pressure homes as well as it is a very affordable dual shower head that offers a lot of water flow diversity.

DreamSpa Ultra Rainfall Shower

Indulge yourself with a spa-like experience everytime that you step into the shower with the  DreamSpa Ultra Rainfall Shower. This eye catching shower head features a rainfall shower head as well as a really great way to change the setting on the handheld in order to give you an invigorating way to wake up or wind down.

An extra large main shower head is the real eye candy with this rainfall shower head. It boasts a 9 inch square face that works great coming down from an angle on the wall like your normal shower head would. Or, you can get an extender pole to push this shower head off of the wall to give you the full 90 degrees downward rainfall shower effect.

Controlling and customizing your shower is as simple as pressing a button. Designed for convenience, the DreamSpa shower head is able to be controlled via a single button on the handheld shower head. This button customizes how your shower head flow as well as which shower head is turned on and off.

There are a few different water settings you can choose from while you are customizing your perfect shower experience. You can have a high power rain, an aeration massage or a luxurious waterfall setting. These options are available only on the handheld shower head. The main 9 inch shower head only has the one rainshower head setting.

To give it a luxurious design, this shower head was created with a few different elements to keep it looking great over time. The water jets are rubber tipped, which makes this super easy to rub clean as needed. The shower head is also chrome finished to give it a long lasting bright shine that is simple to keep clean.

​Main Features

  • Push button flow control
  • 9 inch rain shower face
  • check
    Tool free installation
  • Chrome finish
  • Multiple flow options
  • check
    Hassle-free warranty

The handheld shower head has a 4.75 inch square face and is able to be lifted off of it’s holding perch just under the main shower head. The push button control we mentioned earlier is perfect for one hand control while you are holding the shower head and need to adjust the water settings.

There are no additional tools needed for you to install this eye-catching shower head. Everything you need is included in the box. Make sure you order any additional shower head extenders you want. Put these on before the shower head.  

DreamSpa offers a Gold-Standard customer service that provides customers with an instant and hassle free return or exchange. This warranty also extends to help you if you are not 100% satisfied with the shower head and covers a limited lifetime warranty on it.

​Why Buy?

​This square shower head is beautiful to look at and gives you that 100% completely submerged feeling that you seek from a rain shower head. It definitely earns huge points with the simple button water control as well.

Ana Bath Shower Head Combo

The Ana Bath Shower Head Combo is a simple design that offers a wide array of features. This dual shower head offers multiple functions on both the main and the handheld shower head while also having a small space friendly design.

The nozzles on the main shower head and dual hand shower head are anti clog. This is due to the rubber nozzles on each head that are easy to clean to remove calcium and mineral deposits that can build up. To clean, just press on the nozzles while the water is running, you can do this by hand or with a cloth to wipe the entire surface down.

There are five different shower functions on each shower head to put you in complete control of how your shower flows. You can choose from a rain spray, a massage spray, a massage/rain mix, a bubbling spray and a bubbling/spray mix. You can run either the main shower head, the handheld shower head or both at the same time with an easy to turn dial located on the fixture.

The finish on this shower head is a brushed nickel finish. This finish not only makes the dual shower head look great, but it also protects the shower from discoloration as well as rust buildup. There is also a brass ball joint in the shower head that provides durability as you pivot the main head to adjust to your height.

Both the main shower head and the handheld shower head are 5 inches in diameter, which are on the smaller side for a rain shower head effect. However, this dual shower head is perfect for smaller showers, in bathtub/shower combinations, and in homes that have lower water pressure.

​Main Features

  • Anti clog nozzle
  • 5 inch face
  • check
    5 function shower heads
  • Easy installation
  • 3 year warranty

This two-in-one shower head comes with everything you need to install it. It also includes plumbers tape to wrap the threads before you screw the shower head on. This shower head fits on any standard size shower arms and can be screwed in by hand.

You can purchase this shower head with comfort in knowing that it comes with a manufacturer’s 3 year limited warranty. They also have a highly reputable customer service team that will help you if anything is amiss with your shower head.

​Why Buy?

​This is a higher priced shower head from a well known company. While it is a bit more, this shower head also comes with a great warranty. You know you are investing in a great product that is covered for 3 years.

HotelSpa 30 Setting Ultra Lux

Enjoying taking a shower with the Hotel Spa 30 Setting Ultra Lux. This two in one shower head features 30 combination settings you can choose from with these two shower heads. It also offers a great warranty and has been designed with quality elements in mind.

The main shower head is 6 inches in diameter, making it a size-worthy rain shower head without it being too large for the standard sized shower. This 6 inch shower head also has an angle adjusting overhead bracket, so you can find and hold the perfect spot for your height. Cleaning this shower head is also super easy thanks to the rubberized spray nozzles that wipe clean and also deter the buildup of minerals and hard water.

Each shower head has 6 settings for you to choose from. These settings are a power rain, a pulsating flow, a massage hydrating mist, a rain/massage, a rain/mist and a water-saving economy rain.

Between the two shower heads, you are able to create over thirty different combinations. You can opt to use one or the other shower head, or for a full spa-like effect you can use both at the same time to enhance your shower. You can also take advantage of the economy water setting. This will lower how much water comes out if you are conscious of your water output. It still lets you enjoy the relaxing benefits of a dual shower head.

​The handheld shower head is a 4 inch diameter head. This is a great size, since anything much larger would be too large for a handheld shower head. This shower head features a 5 foot long hose, so that you aren’t tethered too close to the main shower head.

This dual shower head is made with stainless steel, so you know you have a quality shower head that won’t easily rust or lose its color. There is also a patented 3-way water diverter with an anti-swivel lock nut. This means you can easily turn and lock into position which water flow option you would like during the shower.

Main Features

  • 6 inch rainfall shower head
  • Over 30 combination settings
  • check
    3-way water diverter with swivel lock
  • Stainless steel
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Everything you need to install this shower head comes in the package. You don’t need any tools to attach this dual shower head. Just a few turns of your hand will be enough to tighten the shower head and other parts of the fixture down.

You can buy with certainty that you are getting a quality product thanks to the Lifetime Limited Warranty. If your shower head is damaged or malfunctions, you can send it back to the manufacturer for another shower head or to have it repaired.

​Why Buy?

​This circular designed dual shower head is a large enough to be qualified as a rain shower while boasting 30 different combinations settings to give you versatility in the bathroom.

PowerSpa 7 Color LED Shower Head

Sometimes a shower head needs something special in order to light up your mornings. With the  PowerSpa 7 Color LED Shower Head, you can not only shower in comfort, but you can also add in some built in mood lighting to your hygiene routine.

A large 4 inch main shower head is the centerpiece of this exciting dual shower head. It is not considered a rain shower head, so this is a great size for any showers from small to large. For added style it also features an added reflective perimeter rim around the face of the shower head.

Both the main shower head and the additional handheld shower head come with 3 different high power settings. The water jets in each of the shower heads are super easy to clean rubber. These rub-clean nozzles help prevent clogs that can come from hard water deposits and mineral buildups.

The best part about this dual shower head is the addition of colors. There is no battery required to work this shower head, so you can ditch the electrical concerns. Instead this shower head is powered by water. The seven different LED colors automatically change every few seconds, rotating the colors in an even pattern while you shower.

Designed with durability in mind, there are a few different features that ensure you will continue to love your shower head for years to come. A patented 3-way anti-swivel lock nut ensures that the shower head won’t go limp in position or refuse to hold the perfect arc height after a few months of use.

The color changing handheld shower head has a four inch face, so you are getting plenty of water coverage no matter which head you chose to use. This handheld unit is attached to a 5 ft stainless steel cord that attaches just above the main shower head. You have dual levels of water coming down.

Both of the shower heads have a hydro supercharged turbine. This feature has an air jet design. It will maximize your current water pressure by adding oxygen into the water before it comes out of the 48 nozzles on the shower head’s face.

Main Features

  • Powered by water
  • 7 LED colors
  • check
    Hydro supercharged turbine
  • One year warranty
  • Anti-swivel lock nut

There are no additional tools needed for installing this shower head. Everything you will need comes neatly packed in the box. Even the least experienced individual should be able to connect this shower head within minutes.

This dual shower head comes with a limited one year warranty from the manufacturer. While this isn’t as lengthy as previous shower heads on our list, it is still a good warranty that will protect and replace any faulty shower heads within the first year.

​Why Buy?

​While this dual shower head comes in as a little basic on the standard features. It more than makes up for it with the multicolor (no batteries needed) LED light show that happens while you shower.

Delta Faucet In2ition 2 in 1

Sleek designed with function in mind, the Delta Faucet In2ition 2 in 1 is a great dual shower head that doesn’t clutter up a shower space. Yet, it still provides you with two functioning shower heads at once.

The main shower head is lined with powerful massaging rubberized jets. The shower head offers a stead intensity stream of water so you can enjoy cleaning and massaging power from your scalp to your toes.

These massaging jets are super easy to clean thanks to the wipe clean nozzle. Simply run your finger over the rubberized nozzles to help lose any buildup or minerals that could be blocking the water jet.

This shower head comes in a chrome or stainless steel design. Both materials are durable and will keep your shower head looking young for many years. The chrome tends to be a little shinier while the stainless steel has a more matte color design for this dual shower head.

​The secondary handheld shower may not be easy to spot right away. This is due to the secret docking area. The handheld shower head is tucked neatly and covertly inside of the main shower head. You can easily lift and pull the handheld shower away, while still running water from both shower heads to clean as needed.

This is a great space saving and sleek design since you won’t see two shower heads sitting side by side. Instead, once you are finished with the handheld shower head, you will tuck it back into the main shower head’s body.

Main Features

  • Secret docking
  • Intensely powerful
  • check
    Massaging jets
  • 4 spray options
  • Limited lifetime warranty

There are four spray options you can choose from with these two shower heads. You can select from a full body spray, a fast massaging spray, a full body spray with massage, and a pausing spray.

This shower head comes with a lifetime limited warranty so you can purchase this more expensive shower head with peace of mind. This shower head also comes from a very reputable brand. Delta has been known to create exquisite and durable plumbing products for many years.

​Why Buy?

​This dual shower head is very unexpected and comes in a really neat design that is much sleeker than the standard two shower heads side by side. It is the most expensive on the list. It also comes with a lifetime warranty from Delta, so you know you are getting your money’s worth.

Our Pick for Best Dual Shower Head

All these dual shower heads had something special of their own to allow them to stand out. The best overall in our book is the Dreamspa Ultra-Luxury 9” Rainfall Shower Combo. This beautifully squared design is eye catching as well as large enough to really give you the rain shower experience.

Our advice, spring for an extended arm like the Coeur Designs Shower Extender to really push this luxury shower head away from the wall to give you a 90 degree downward rain shower for the full effect.


When you are looking for the best dual shower head, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Make sure you find the best fit for your shower and home. While one shower head may be the best, it may not fit your water pressure levels or your tight shower stall.

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