Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar [2024 Review]

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A handheld showerhead is an essential item you should install in your bathroom. It will allow you to spray the water directly from the shower to your body leading to a more efficient bathing and cleaning experience. These types of showerheads are also good at conserving water as they keep the use to the minimum, making your home more water-efficient.  

Our Top Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar Reviews

If you are looking for the best handheld shower head with a slide bar, check our reviews to help yourself with relevant information. We have reviewed quality handheld showerheads to help you find the best model with useful features that suit your needs. 

Delta Faucet 9-Spray Option

The Delta Faucet 9-Spray handheld shower with slide bar comes with 9 powerful spray options. These spray options include full body spray, full spray with massage, soft full body spray, soft drenching spray and fast massing spray. It also provides shampoo rinsing spray with massage and shampoo rinsing spray and pause.

The intelligently brushed stainless steel hand shower features a vintage design that offers excellent detailing. It combines the hand shower high-quality hose and shower head slide bar to create a reliable and convenient set for your showering needs.

With the intensely powerful spray, the handheld shower allows you to immerse yourself in an incredible full body spray experience. The 9 options provide forceful streams and the much-needed adjustability for all your showering needs. Additionally, the chrome effect plastic on the showerhead and the shower bar performs better than the material used in standard hand showers.

It also includes a 60 to 82-inch stretchable hose for more convenience. The hose features a coordinating finish and included in the box making the shower the one of the best slide bar shower head system. However, the hose requires a wall elbow, which is not included in the box but sold separately.

Besides, the ADA-Compliant hand shower comes with excellent massaging jets. The massaging jets help relieve tired and sore muscles for the therapeutic showering experience.

What We Like

  • 9 powerful spray options
  • Focused massaging jets
  • Compliant with ADA requirements
  • Stretchable metal hose
  • Vintage design with great detailing
  • Intelligent brushed stainless shower
  • Sturdy metal showerhead and adjustable shower bar with excellent grip

What We Didn’t Like

  • Elbow wall not included in the box
  • The plastic showerhead part feels flimsy

Moen 3668EPBN

The Moen 3668EPBN handheld shower head comes with a long 69 inches double-interlock spiral metal hose to allow you to cover your entire body. On top of that, this handheld showerhead features a 24 inches slider bar so you can easily adjust the height of your shower head by sliding it up or down the bar.

This model meets EPA WaterSense requirements for preserving water without affecting performance. Additionally, the Moen model features a 1-Function full spray shower head that provides a powerful spray to ensure you have a satisfying shower. 

Its brushed nickel finish makes it an excellent choice as it matches with any bathroom décor. Other two colors are also available including chrome and oil-rubbed bronze to give you several options to choose from.

We also like that this showerhead produces 2 gallons per minute to allow you to rinse your body well. This elegant shower head also features a wall bracket to enable you to adjust the height effortlessly so that you direct the water stream to any part of your body.

One major issue with this model is that its different parts use different materials, which some people may find annoying. Also, the drop ell tool required for installation is not included. 

Nevertheless, this handheld shower head with a slide bar is one of the best models you can have.

What We Like 

  • The 69 inches double-interlock spiral metal hose
  • Conserves water without impacting performance
  • 1-Function full spray shower head
  • The included wall bracket
  • Brushed nickel finish

What We Don’t Like

  • Some tools required for installation not included
  • Does not have several spray modes


The KES F204DG-BS is a handheld shower head with impressive performance. This handheld showerhead uses a solid construction as its sliding bar consist of stainless steel material for added durability. 

Additionally, its extra-thick bar gives you long service as it does not dent or bend from frequent use. This showerhead also allows you to have an enjoyable bathing experience as it comes with 5 different spray settings. 

There is also the trickle feature that allows you to use the drip function, especially when you want to stop the flow of water while showering. Apart from reducing water flow to tickles and saving water, this function also spares you the trouble of readjusting your water temperature as it keeps the temperature constant.

The KES shower also has an adjustable bracket that enables you to adjust any angle or height of the showerhead after installation. This provides the perfect bathing experience because you can adjust the height effortlessly to suit both adults and children.

Its wall mounting installation is also a breeze since all the tools required to complete the process come included in the package. You can also stretch its 1.5 meters shower hose to 1.9 meters long, which makes it suitable for every family member and for cleaning your bathroom.

What We Like 

  • Keeps water temperature constant 
  • Solid construction and rust-proof
  • 5 different spray settings
  • Impressive performance
  • Adjustable bracket

What We Don’t Like

  • The water pressure tends to decrease over time
  • Difficult for children to regulate
  • Leaks over time

KES Slide Bar with Head

Made out of professional grade materials like SUS304 Stainless Steel and ABS Engineering Grade Plastic, the KES Hand Shower is durable and rust-proof.

It boasts an extra-thick slide bar that keeps it from bending or denting in day-to-day use, so for heavy usage in households with a lot of members using the same shower, it is worth taking a look.

The adjustable shower bracket allows for adjustments of not only the height of the shower head, but also the angle that it sprays at. It has a total height adjustment distance of about 22″, allowing adults and children of different heights to comfortably use the shower.

The shower head itself has five settings:

  • Trickle
  • Massage
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Full Coverage
  • Soothing Massage

The “trickle” setting is especially useful, reducing the water flow to the bare minimum for times when you don’t need a full shower stream. By cutting off the water supply at the shower head instead of the faucet, the temperature will stay the same, without the trouble of readjusting the main shower heat control knob (or knobs).

The hose connecting the shower head is stretchable. Its base length of 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) can be stretched out to 1.9 meters giving you over another foot of distance from the base. This comes in handy not only for showering, but also bathing small children or pets, cleaning, and in many other instances.

What We Like 

  • Sturdy and long-lasting materials 
  • Long height adjustment distance
  • Many angle adjustment choices
  • Five spray settings
  • “Trickle” water-saving setting
  • Long hose that can be stretched

What We Don’t Like

  • Not recommended for ceramic tile walls
  • Anchors that come with it not the best quality
  • Lightweight

Moen 3669EP

The Moen 3669EP shower head offers a powerful rinse to ensure you have an enjoyable shower. Its chrome finish also matches perfectly with any bathroom décor. Additionally, this model is customizable as it allows you to adjust the 30 inches slide bar height. Moreover, its wall bracket is adjustable, while its 4 inches diameter spray head provides ample coverage to ensure you have an enjoyable shower.

Moen has long been well known for the excellent quality of their kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and the 3669EP Eco-Performance is no exception. WIth finish choices of Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze, this beautifully made showerhead can match almost any bathroom decor.

All three colors are resistant to corrosion for maximum durability. You can also choose between the various luxurious sprays including vigorous spray mode, targeted massage, combination spray, and full spray mode to customize your shower. 

While only providing four different spray modes, the options given are solid. The choices are Full Spray, Vigorous Spray, Combination Spray, and Targeted Massage. Compared to other hand held shower heads, the way Moen produces a targeted massage is normally more consistent.

For the slide bar, Moen has gone a little longer than other manufacturers by including a 30 inch slide bar. This will give a little extra distance for household members with major differences in height. There is also another adjustment setting for the angle of the shower head, allowing for better spray control toward hard to reach places on the body.

The double interlock spiral metal hose is a full 69 inches, allowing for enough length for getting concentrated water to the places it needs to be. The hose construction will also make sure that the hose won’t crack prematurely due to kinking or other problems that arise with plastic or rubber hoses.

One great thing about this model is that it is ADA compliant, which makes it perfect for people with disabilities. This showerhead also complies with WaterSense requirements for conserving water while ensuring you enjoy a luxurious bathing experience.

Overall, the Moen 3669EP is an excellent choice as it offers a customizable shower and boasts of versatile design.

What We Like 

  • Ability to adjust the slide bar height
  • Compliant with ADA requirements
  • The 4 different spray settings
  • The 30 inches slide bar 
  • Great choices of color and finish 
  • Many angle adjustment choices
  • Excellent massage setting
  • Long, durable hose
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t stay in position
  • Drop Ell not included
  • Some plastic parts feel flimsy

Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar Features and Considerations

Some essential features make for a fantastic shower head choice. They also ensure your model meets your needs. Here are the factors to consider when looking for the best handheld shower head with a slide bar:

Bathroom with a handheld shower with slider and bathtub

Hand Shower Slide Bar Benefits

A normal shower head, even a handheld shower head, is fixed in one place, only spraying water from that static location. You can remove a handheld shower head to concentrate water other parts of the body, but you’ll need to use your hand to do it.

A slide bar adds the benefit of being able to adjust the height of the spray. This could be used for concentrating a massage on the lower back, or even adjusting the height to make it more comfortable for taller or shorter family members who share the same shower.

Some shower heads with slide bars are designed with two shower heads – one that stays static at the top, and the other handheld showerhead that clamps to the bar and can be adjusted up and down. Many designs like this are made to switch back and forth from one head to the other, so if you are looking to have both running at once, be sure to read the product information first before purchasing.

Hand Shower Slide Bar and ADA Compliance

Slide bars make it much easier to compromise between ADA compliance for individuals with disabilities (especially those in wheelchairs), and comfort for able bodied individuals who share the same household.

ADA standards, with some exceptions, state that an accessible shower spray unit shall be installed “…38 inches (965 mm) minimum and 48 inches (1220 mm) maximum above the shower floor.” While this is perfect for those in a sitting position, for many standing individuals this would be spraying lower than chest level.

Once a slide bar is installed, that can add anywhere from another 20-30 inches of height above the maximum 48 inches to the placement of the shower head. This should be enough height to appease everyone other than the tallest individuals.

The handheld aspect of the shower will also aid in washing hair and rinsing other parts of the body for those who cannot get close enough to a fixed shower head, regardless of the mounting height.

Installation Tips for a Handheld Shower Head with a Slide Bar

Since there is an additional piece of hardware involved when installing a slide bar along with the new shower head, different installation procedures will have to be considered.

First of all is the height placement of the slide bar. If there is, or may be, a question of ADA compliance, be sure to put the bottom end of the bar a maximum of 48 inches from the tub floor. Otherwise, you may opt to raise it up approximately 52 to 56 inches from the bottom of the shower, considering the length of the slide bar, allowing for taller individuals to get the most out of the showerhead.

  • Check what type of tile your shower uses. Some tile material should only be drilled by a professional to avoid cracking.
  • Be sure to check the vertical plumb of the slide bar with a level or plumb bob before marking your drill holes, to ensure the bar is straight up and down.
  • For standard tile walls, use a hammer and nail to create a starting point for your drill bit. Use masonry bits that are carbide tipped.
  • Most solid surface materials like acrylic and fiberglass can be drilled normally.

In a best case scenario, you will be able to drill into a stud behind the shower wall. In these cases, use standard stainless steel screws to mount the slide bar. Otherwise, you will need to use wall anchors. These should be part of the mounting materials provided with the shower head slide bar.

Shower Head Type

Shower heads can suit different mounting options. Some of the options you will have to choose from when shopping include:

Rain Shower Heads 

These types are very common and deliver tiny drops of rainfall to make you feel fully immersed in raindrops. These shower heads allow water to cover your entire body and are very large. Before investing in a shower head like this, consider the ceiling mount as it won’t make sense to mount it to the wall since it won’t provide you with the same rain experience as it would if it were mounted to the ceiling.

Handheld Shower Heads

These shower heads offer different mounting solutions and consist of a flexible hose and a tube to allow you to hang it on a hanger, swivel, or bar for mounting to the wall. Depending on your personal preferences, you will need to screw the hose on the shower arm to be able to move it up and down.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

This is the most popular and preferred shower head. Many design options will help you remodel your bathroom if you don’t have a shower head mounted to the wall. It’s crucial to consider the spray pattern before buying these types of shower heads as there are different patterns available such as mist and concentrated patterns.

Spray Pattern

The most important feature for some people when looking for a spray head is their ability to provide a personal spray setting option. If you are considering buying such a showerhead to get the most variation of sprays, you can check out each of the models we have reviewed as they offer an average of six spray settings.

Hose Length

The hose length you choose will depend on your preference. If it’s long, you will be able to access the shower when you detach it from its base. It will also be practical for those people that are taller and need a longer hose to place higher in their shower.

Silver-colored shower with slider beside two bottles of bath products

Finish and Material

Many shower heads feature stainless steel as it prevents rust, making it the most effective finishing. You may also come across chrome finishing, which offers a cleaner appearance. While shopping, avoid shower heads made of plastic as they aren’t long-lasting and don’t look attractive in bathrooms.

Flow Rate

Although most shower heads come with removable restrictors, it’s important to check whether the model you want to buy has this feature. You can increase the flow rate of some shower heads if you can remove the restrictor. The feature will also enable you to benefit from the several spray settings these shower heads offer and experience increased and more powerful water pressure.

Wrap Up

It’s crucial to invest in a shower head that will maximize your bathing experience. All the products we have reviewed are top-rated with useful features that will help you meet your needs. The shower heads are made of durable materials and offer different spray settings. We hope our detailed review and guide will help you choose the right model when shopping.

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