Best Handheld Shower Heads [2024 Review]

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​Showering has never been this easy or comfortable. Technology has improved dramatically, allowing us to enjoy a spa-like handheld shower head every single day in the comfort of our own home. On top of that, a handheld shower head makes the shower a convenient breeze.

Install a hand held shower head option, and you expand the number of things you can take care of in the shower. On top of that, cleaning becomes a piece of cake. We review the best handheld shower heads on the market for you to pick from. 

Our Best Handheld Shower Heads Review

We’ve put together a comprehensive review of the best handheld showerheads on the market. In our findings, there are really two classes of these portable heads: entry level models and feature-full models.

You can find amazing options in each range, and we’ve reviewed a lot of products in each category.

​ShowerMaxx ​Premium 6 Spray​

ShowerMaxx brings forward an amazing high pressure showerhead that we vote the very best handheld shower head available. Lets go through all of the different features and settings that make this an amazing unit to add to your shower.

ShowerMaxx delivers an over 4 inches handheld showerhead, which is about the going average for a portable head. They offer this in Chrome, Nickel, or Brass. As is the case with all of the showerheads we reviewed, the head is made from hard ABS plastic and is coated with the finish of the color you chose.

The shower head has 6 different spray settings​, ranging from Rainfall, Circular Massage, Power Massage, Rainfall and Circular Massage, Rainfall and Power Massage, Water Saver Trickle mode. This is our preferred range of rainfall and spray pattern settings, as it truly covers the gamut of power spray to soaking spray settings.

This unit is easy to use and easy to install, taking only a few minutes and a set of pliers, it even includes teflon tape.

ShowerMaxx provides a long 6.5ft stainless steel hose, which we think comes in handy when you need to bathe your pets. More features and settings we love: a peace of mind lifetime warranty on their product. And, finally, an on/off switch so that you can completely turn off the water spray patterns and settings when you want.

There are a lot of great handheld showerhead options on our list. However, the ShowerMaxx handheld Shower Head gets our final vote for the best handheld shower head on the market. They have a history of producing high quality showerheads, and you can’t go wrong with this luxury spa handheld version.


  • Offers six adjustable spray
  • ShowerMaxx all-inclusive showerhead kit includes everything you need for hassle-free installation
  • Equipped with precision engineered nozzle jets
  • 6 different Spray Settings​: Rainfall, Circular Massage, Power Massage, Rainfall and Circular Massage, Rainfall and Power Massage, Water Saver Trickle mode
  • Fits Standard Shower Arm
  • Teflon Tape Included for Easy Installation
  • Comes with a Peace-of-Mind Lifetime Warranty

YOO.MEE Powerful Shower Spray

Simplicity reigns supreme in this highly rated inexpensive high pressure option from YOO.MEE. Out of all of the showerheads we feature on our list, this option has the highest ratings on Amazon out of all of them. Buyers love the YOO.MEE for its simple installation (30 seconds) and its simple setup.

Lets start with some of the features that we love. A long 6.5ft stainless steel hose accompanies the YOO.MEE, which is the longest of all hoses in this range. If you have a large shower and are looking for an affordable option, you’ll want to look at this one.

The 3.3” high pressure shower head is hard plastic with a Chrome looking finish, and features 3 different spray settings. If you’re looking to add higher pressure to your shower, we recommend this as the best handheld shower head for low water pressure. This high pressure handheld shower head provides a 100% guarantee that you’ll be experiencing an upgrade when you install their unit.

Read our detailed guide on the best handheld shower head for low water pressure and more handheld options for low water pressure, if you’re looking for more high pressure options!

​Speaking of high pressure, YOO.MEE features a 2.5 GPM water flow rate, yet we found a pressure test that one person did, and claimed that this until had a GPM of 1.8 when tested at 48 PSI. Either 1.8 or 2.5 GPM there is some ambiguity around how many gallons per minute this unit uses.

A few things we don’t love about this head – it does not have a turn off switch, it doesn’t come with teflon tape like other models, and it only features a paltry 1 year warranty. Still, this product gets rave reviews, and if you’re looking for an affordable option to up the pressure in your shower, the YOO.MEE High Pressure handheld Shower Head is a great option.


  • High Pressure Handheld Shower Head
  • Water Flow Rate 2.5 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
  • Powerful Spray Shooting
  • The Silicone Rubber Jet Nozzles
  • Order Unit Packed w/ 3-functions

Delta 75700 7-Spray Touch Clean with Hose

You can pick up this Delta handheld showerhead in two color options: Chrome and White. Soft, rubber Touch-Clean spray holes make this handheld shower head particularly easy to use, easy to install and easy to keep clean and free from clogging.

This Delta handheld shower head features a 3.25” wide shower head, which we found is a little small compared to others. That isn’t necessarily bad – what is more important to us is they spray options.

And that is where this handheld shower head stands out. The Delta 75700 handheld shower head features 7 spray​s: Body spray, Fast Massage spray, Full Spray with Massage, Drenching spray, Soft Drench with Full spray, and Soft Rain spray.

You can see that these settings run the gamut of options. You have the whole range of spray features, from body to massage to drenching to soft rain. This is one of our favorite features of this handheld shower head– no other handheld shower head has this much versatility in spray ​options from massage to body spray.

​You’ll find that most of the handheld shower heads have a 2.5 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) setting. This was part of a law in the United States several decades ago in order to conserve water, and so most manufacturers go right up to the highest allowable number.

The handheld shower head is made from a stiff plastic that has the appearance of Chrome metal. We’d love to see a metal handheld shower head but, its hard to expect it. The plastic is really durable and is backed by Delta’s warranty (more on that in a bit).

The shower hose is a great length, giving you 6 ft of distance to travel. This comes in handy when you’re cleaning your pets, or want to extend the hose to reach your shower bench. One downside to this Delta handheld shower head is that the hose is not made from metal – we would prefer metal as it lasts longer. However – some prefer plastic because it is less likely to scratch your shower. Your call!

One of our favorite features of this handheld shower head is that many handheld shower heads give you the ability to quickly and easily turn off the water. The Delta handheld shower head gives you this capability, allowing you to save water as you take care of your shower tasks. Not all handheld shower heads allow for this, and we see it as a necessity (that’s just our personal preference).

Two more things we love about this handheld shower head: easy installation and the Delta handheld shower head comes with a 15 year limited warranty. While you do need basic tools to install, it is really quick and easy for all (under 10 minutes). In the end, we vote this Delta 7-Spray ​Handheld Shower Head the best affordable handheld shower head on the market. 

Read our detailed guide on the best shower head for more affordable options!


  • Backed by Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Steady, intensely powerful body spray
  • Relieve sore, tired muscles with focused, invigorating massaging jets for the ultimate showering experience
  • Delta handheld shower head with Touch-Clean spray holes 

Aqua Elegante 6 Function High Pressure Shower Kit

When it comes to the 6 function showerhead that Aqua Elegante produces, it is a very close second to the ShowerMaxx. Honestly, you wouldn’t go wrong with either one. There are a few subtle differences that we’ll navigate through for you.

For starters, this Aqua Elegante model features an oversized, large 5” showerhead and features an adjustable shower arm overhead bracket mount and 2.5 GPM flow rate. This large head provides 6 different spray settings: Saturating Power Blast, Pulsating Massage, Gentle Rain, Water Saving, and 2 Mixed Modes. We find their options to be the perfect combination of the ever-popular rain settings along with massage spray and a powerful spray.

You can opt to have this showerhead in 3 different colors: Chrome Finish, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze. As is common for handheld ​heads with an adjustable overhead bracket, the head is made of hard plastic coated in the coloring you desire. This model also features a roll of Teflon tape that makes it easy to use and easy to install. The flexible hose is stainless steel and 5ft long – we’d prefer it to be closer to the 6ft-7ft hose length that is more standard with hoses.  

If you’re comparing the ShowerMaxx up against the Aqua Elegante, you wouldn’t be the first. Both units are amazing, and very similar. Here are the key differences:

  • 4.5″ Handheld Shower head
  • ​6.5 ft Hose
  • ​On/Off setting
  • ​6 Spray​ and Massage Options
  • ​Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits Standard Shower Arm
​Agua Elegante
  • 5″ Handheld Shower head
  • ​5 ft long Hose
  • ​No On/Off setting
  • ​6 Spray and Massage Options
  • ​5 Year Warranty
  • Comes with adjustable shower arm overhead bracket mount

Aqua Elegante backs this product up with a 5 year satisfaction guarantee. We love warranties that are multiple years.

This is something that we’ll point out with several of the handheld showerheads on our list – there isn’t a true shut-off switch for water conservation. As we’ve mentioned in our outline, this is a wonderful feature that sets handheld ​versions apart from other, fixed showerheads.

Aqua Elegante doesn’t offer a true on/off switch. Instead, they offer a water trickle mode. This mode does seriously reduce ​water usage, but it isn’t a true shut-off like some other units. It is something to pay attention to if it is off concern for you.

In the end, the Agua Elegante 6 Function Handheld Shower Head would be a fantastic addition to your house. If you need more options for finding the best low flow handheld shower head, we have a guide on that as well.

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3 Way Diverter 2 in 1 Shower Combo

Hydroluxe produces a fantastic two in one shower head that has with a tremendous amount of functionality.

For starters, the Hydroluxe is two showerheads in one in a handheld shower combo. You can use each handheld showerhead separately or together at the same time. For those who are looking for the best double handheld shower head, the Hydroluxe is the portable handheld shower head you should look at.

And, speaking of functionality, this model comes with a 2.5 gpm flow rate, a 3 way water diverter and features 24 total spray functions that you can perform. That includes Power Rain, Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, and Water-saving Economy Rain on each of the handheld shower head. Each handheld shower head can be paused during your shower so you can save on water bills.

Hydroluxe provides a large 4 inches Chrome handheld showerhead with a 3-way diverter and with a click lever that has 3 different settings. As is common for higher quality options, the jets and head are rub clean to prevent scum from building up and clogging. Also common for this range is a hard plastic head that has the appearance of Chrome.

The shower hose is a little short at 5 ft, but made from flexible stainless steel metal, so its built to last. Hydroluxe includes a limited 10 year warranty on this product. A bonus? Simple, tool-free installation.

Out of all of the handheld shower heads we’ve reviewed, this one has the most reviews on Amazon. Hydroluxe has been making an amazing handheld shower device for a long time, and their amazing reviews put this Hydroluxe 24 Function 2 in 1 Shower Handheld Head up at the top of our list. As a matter of fact, we rank this as the best dual handheld shower head. 

If you’re set on a multi-head version, check out our guide on the best dual shower head on the market.


  • Use luxurious 5-setting overhead shower head
  • Each shower features Oversize 4 Inch Chrome Spray Face with 3-zone Click Lever Dial and Rub-clean Jets. 
  • Patented 3 Way Water Diverter with Anti-Swivel Lock Nut and Angle-Adjustable Overhead Shower Bracket.
  • Comes with a 2.5 gpm Water flow rate.
  • 5 Foot Super Flexible Stainless Steel Hose with Conical Brass Hose Nuts

The Benefits of Handheld Shower Heads

Typically, your home’s shower will come with fixed shower head. Whether you are renting or just bought your place of residence, this is the standard, go-to for most bathroom setups.

Just because it is the default, though, doesn’t mean that it is the optimal set up. Either adding or replacing your standard handheld showerhead with a handheld shower head has a variety of benefits, which we’ll go through one by one.

Shiny clean chrome handheld shower head with water turned on

Elderly and Disabled

Shower setups that include a detachable, handheld option are a huge help when you are elderly or disabled. As opposed to a fixed head, where you have to work your way around the spray of water to clean, a detachable option means that you can work the shower into what you are most comfortable with.

We have an entire guide dedicated to the best hand held shower head for seniors!

Detaching the spray of water from the wall means that you can have a lot more flexibility as to where you are in the shower. For many, there is already a bench incorporated into the shower. But, it usually is off to the side, not in the standard water flow.

With a handheld shower head, you can sit on the bench and still shower, moving the water around you as you stay stationary.

The same can apply if you don’t have a bench but instead bring a chair into the shower.

This also applies to caregivers who are bathing others. Having a handheld shower head offers several benefits to caregivers:

  • More flexibility on where in the shower the person sits
  • Ability to control the direction of water spray patterns and settings, keeping the caregiver drier during the process

If you struggle with comfortably showering because of age or a disability, a handheld shower head could really improve your showering experience.

Parents and Kids

Ask any parent of young children, and they’ll tell you that bath time can be a struggle. It is common for children to put up a fight during cleaning time. Not only that, but giving young ones a bath brings with it a whole host of challenges for parents.

Typically, a parent has to bend over in awkward positions to get at ground level to give the child a bath. This involves awkward twists of the back and weird contortion’s.

And then, there is the process of soaping and rinsing. With bath water already drawn, it gets soapy and dirty, leaving a parent without many good options for rinsing washed hair.

Enter a handheld shower head. For parents of young children, this is a serious upgrade.

You can draw bath water and start the washing process. When it comes time for rinsing, simply turn on the handheld shower head and use it. With a handheld shower head you’ll have complete control on the direction of the water, and no longer have to rinse with soapy water, or utilizing a bucket.

A dog gets cleaned in shower with a handheld unit

Pet Owners

Similar to parents, pet owners are no strangers to the struggle of giving their furry friends a bath. A bath isn’t always a good option as you typically end up with very dirty water very quickly. And, if you want to use the shower, you end up as wet as your pet by the time you’re done cleaning them.

For many, a mobile, adjustable handheld shower head​ is perfect, and the process for washing their dog, cat, or other pet is simple:

  • Bring the animal into the shower and turn on the handheld shower unit
  • Spray your pet with water with different spray patterns and settings, easily keeping water out of their head, nose, eyes, etc
  • Turn off the shower while scrubbing with soap
  • Turn back on the shower for rinsing, carefully using the handheld device to move around the pet, rinsing until all the soap is gone.

With a handheld ​shower sprayer, you have greater control over the areas on your pet that need washing and rinsing.

It is also a lot easier to wash in hard-to-reach places, such as their stomach and underside. No more having to splash the pet with sprayed water, or trying to flip them over on their sides.

Lastly, you can feasibly give your pet a clean without ending up soaking wet in the process. Granted, you will be probably still end up a bit damp (depending on your specific pet and how much they like the water). However, it is no longer a given that you’ll be soaking wet after the process.

Ease of Cleaning

Lets be honest… cleaning your shower is a royal pain. Scrubbing the walls and floor isn’t that difficult. However, rinsing everything down is not fun. How do you rinse your cleaning products off of the shower doors and shower walls?

There are all sorts of strategies that people use, ranging from buckets to cups to squirt bottles. Installing a handheld shower head option changes all of that.

It isn’t hard to picture how much easier cleaning becomes. Simply detach the new shower head from the wall, and move it around to rinse and clean.

For some, this is their primary use for a handheld shower head. They keep the shower head locked in place during their shower, choosing only to utilize the mobile portion for cleaning. And, they would tell you that having a mobile hose component to their shower makes all of the difference in keeping their shower clean.

Conserve Water

Most handheld shower models come with an on/off switch or valve. Sometimes it is located on the handle; other times it is situated on the pipe. Either way, with the ability to shut off the water supply during parts of your shower comes with the ability to save a lot of water.

The average American shower lasts 8.2 minutes and uses 17.2 gallons of water. With the shower being the third highest water user in the household (behind the toilet and washing machine), cutting down on your water use in the shower will result in big savings.

Conserving water saves the planet. If you’re in an area of the country where water is hard to come by, you might be required to save water every month. Having the option to turn your shower water flow on and off with ease has a quick and large impact on it.

Common times to flip the water flow off are while you are scrubbing shampoo into your hair, shaving your legs, and moving in and out.

Another good opportunity to utilize this feature is to reduce the amount of water flow coming out by turning in part way off. This is particularly effective when you are warming the water up. This can take 30-60 seconds, and cutting down on the water flow will save you a few gallons of water.

Woman washes feet in shower using a handheld showerhead

Affordable Option

A handheld shower head is usually less expensive than alternative fixed shower heads, rain massage setups, and panel/bar mechanisms.

Installing them is another consideration. When you factor in the details associated with a plumber, or the extreme number of hours it might take you to install a normal shower head, the rate can skyrocket quickly. However, installing a handheld shower head is really simple because you typically don’t have to change any of your existing plumbing.

Versatility in Washing

This benefit might not be as obvious as some of the previous ones, but there are a number of options that open up to you when you have a shower head that is handheld.

Different Heights in Your Family

One specific benefit comes into play when you have various people in a household that are different heights. Whether you have kids of a variety of ages, or even just differing heights between a couple, a handheld option can save the day.

For taller individuals, it isn’t uncommon for a ​unadjustable shower head to be too low to shower comfortably. While it isn’t the end of the world, having to deal with this on a regular basis is annoying and less than efficient.

A handheld version typically allows for simple and easy adjustment of height, allowing for a taller individual to raise the shower head and a shorter person to lower the height.

Not to mention, even if the unit doesn’t go high enough, the taller person has the ability to disconnect the shower head and use it one hand.

Do More Than Just Bathe

Another benefit comes for those who prefer to do more than just bathe in the shower. An easy example of this is for women who like to shave their legs. With a ​standard shower head, it is a lot harder to fully rinse off, whereas a handheld device makes it super simple.

You can use the handheld device to shave your legs without getting fully wet, which also gives you the option of not showering every time you want to shave.

You can apply this logic to a similar but different situation. There are times when you want to jump in the shower for a quick rinse off, but not get your hair wet. With a ​standard shower head, this can be quite the challenge, requiring a bit of maneuvering.


With a handheld ​sprayer, ​you can cater your shower experience to your individual interests and requirements. Want to clean parts of the shower as you go? Want to bathe your dog or kids at the same time? Want to share your legs? Prefer to sit instead of standing?

All of these things can be accomplished with a handheld ​shower head. It offers a very versatile shower.

Control Water Angle

Controlling where the water spray patterns go is a nice benefit that comes with the handheld option. Most fixed shower head are mounted to the upper portion of the shower wall, expelling water out in a downward fashion. This allows for the water to cascade over your body from up high, usually hitting you in the shower head of upper chest and washing down over you.

Obviously, you can move closer or further from the unit to control where it hits you. However, no matter what, the water always starts above you.

With a handheld ​shower, though, you have control over the angle and direction of the water. This allows for you to control the height of where the water comes out, and the angle it hits you at.

A handheld shower head mounted with water streaming out of it in a bathroom

Lower Pressure Functionality

If you have low water pressure at your house, a handheld showerhead might be the perfect option. You can install the unit a lot closer to your shower head and body, which will mean that the handheld showerhead will require less water pressure to spray over you.

You can also grab the shower head and move it around to get the unit closer to your body, when the water pressure isn’t strong enough. For example, if you need to rinse off dirty feet, and the water pressure just isn’t doing the trick, you can pull the unit off the wall to get what you need on water pressure.

​Multiple Shower head Setup

While some opt to replace their shower head with a handheld option, others choose to add a handheld option to already existing​ shower head. This means you end up with two different water spray settings.

Double shower heads allows you to have spray settings of different heights, types, and pressures. You can have a lower pressure unit and a higher pressure unit. You can turn one or another on or off depending on what you are washing and rinsing. You can install a power rain shower head that sits directly above your shower head while also utilizing a handheld option for greater control.

Take a look at our guide on the best rain shower head if you’re looking to go that route.

While this is certainly a luxury, it is a nice feature on your shower head that adds an air of enjoyment to your shower. You could also argue that this raises the value of your home as well.

What to Look For in a Portable Shower Head

Shape and Style

It might seem obvious to start here, and we agree. When you’re purchasing a new shower head, pay special attention to ​the shape and style of the shower head you select.

From a more classic, circular design, to the newer, longer, cylindrical shapes, it is important to look at the style of the shower head and ensure it matches your preferences. The shape typically doesn’t affect performance, so it really just comes down to style preferences.

Many are more sleek and curvy, like the image we show here. Others are more boxy and modern. Since there is a lot of variety in styles, you really don’t need to settle for one you don’t like. Keep looking to find the look and feel you prefer.

Handheld shower heads tend to be smaller than fixed units, and much smaller than overhead shower power rain massage setting units. Keep this in mind, as you might be replacing your old shower head, and you want to anticipate that the handheld model might be a bit smaller.

Chrome showerhead with water turned on

If you’re convinced that its time to look into a handheld shower head, then you need to know what to look for in the device you’ll purchase.

We’ve listed out the features to pay attention to:

Generally speaking, the larger head you get, the more “high end” and elegant it will appear.

Shower head Size

Size isn’t everything, but it does directly relate to how much water can come out of the unit. The larger the shower head, the more options you have and the wider the spray patterns will typically be.

Handheld shower heads come in a wide range for sizes.

For example, our reviewed list includes shower heads just larger than 3 inches, ranging all the way up to 6 inches.

While we’ve shared a good option for under 4″, we think getting a unit that is at least 4″ is a nice feature. Some of the 5″ models in our reviews are really nice and worth the upgrade.

Build and Material

In general, you have two options here: plastic or metal. As you would expect, plastic is less expensive and less durable, while metal will last longer and be more.

​Be careful you know what you’re buying, because it is very common for the manufacturer to offer a shower head that is made from hard ABS plastic and is coated with the finish of the color you chose, such as Chrome or Nickel.

This isn’t a bad thing, so long as you’re aware. This build method allows for the manufacturer to give you a metal-looking shower head. 

Spray ​Patterns

Given that you’re probably getting this shower​ head so that you have more flexibility, having a variety of spray patterns ​features is really nice. Whether or not you have a spray patterns preference on what settings your spray ​is at, having a variety of spray patterns and settings gives you flexibility for multiple family members and multiple showering situations.

Some of the best shower head options we reviewed have 9+ different spray patterns ​controls.

​Wall and Ceiling Mount

Ensuring you purchase a handheld shower head with a good mount is perhaps the single most important thing to consider. This is because a bad or poor mount pretty much defeats the purpose of the value of a hand-held ​shower head in the first place.

One of the biggest benefits of installing this type of shower head is that you gain a ton of flexibility. Yes, you can use the shower head by hand when you want to. However, you can also mount it on the wall, utilizing it like a regular shower. This is perfect for when you need both hands.

Frankly speaking, most of the time you are using your shower, you’ll probably still keep the device mounted.

The mount is the portion of the portable shower head that affixes to the wall device. A good mount holds your shower head exactly where you want it, with no movement at all.

A bad mount, or one that degrades over time, will start to “slip” or “fall down.” This is where the head will gradually lose its hold on where it is pointing, and gravity will start to pull the water direction down until its pointed directly at the floor. And, it renders the mount virtually useless.

Sure, you can still use the handheld portion without any loss, but that is a losing battle that you don’t want to fight. The only true way to avoid this from happening is ensuring you purchase a well-built unit that puts a strong emphasis on their wall mount.

Other ways to help is by reading the product reviews to see if this is a consistent problem. Additionally, a good solid lifetime warranty will provide assurances to you if it should break after you purchase.

​Pressure Considerations

One potential drawback to a handheld water device in your shower is a reduction in water pressure. This isn’t always the case, though, but you need to know how to interpret and understand what sort of pressure you’ll be getting.

For starters, there are actually two conversations that happen around ​the pressure of the water and your shower head settings:

  • The water pressure at your house or apartment. Sometimes, you are in an area that has very low water pressure, meaning that you have a reduced amount of water coming out of any of your water spigots.
  • The water pressure that your shower head allows for. Most shower heads nowadays are rated for how many Gallons ​they allow in a minute (GPM). More on that later.

In other words, you might be looking to increase the pressure from your shower head, or you might be looking to decrease the pressure from your shower head. You can do either with your purchase, but you need to know which you’re trying to accomplish.

Chrome portable shower head unit

Hose Material, Hose Length, and Flexibility

While a lot of time is spent looking at the hand shower head itself (as it should), another area you need to pay attention to is the hose that comes with the handheld device.

Most handheld ​versions come with a hose as a part of the package. The hose is what you connect to your wall, where the water comes out of the pipe. The hose allows for water to transfer to your portable hand shower head.

Most units have hoses that are 5-7 feet long. The larger your shower is, and the more you plan on taking advantage of the new mobility, the longer hose you’ll want.

Hoses are made to be flexible, which means they can extend and contract as needed.

The most important to consider is the material of your hand shower head. There are basically two different types of material used for your hand shower head hose: plastic and stainless steel.

Plastic Hose

Plastic is inexpensive, and will do relatively well for you, but won’t last nearly as long. And, when they break, it is really frustrating. The constant torqueing and twisting that a handheld hose goes through means that breaking, in some form, is inevitable. And when they do, it isn’t a big deal, but it can be a pain.

Plastic hoses are also more difficult to keep clean and looking nice as time goes on. They develop a bit of an unavoidable dull sheen from the minerals in hard water. At some point, you can’t really restore their look back to new.

Stainless Steel Shower Hose

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is more expensive, but a lot nicer. For starters, these high construction hoses last a lot longer, usually outlasting your hand shower head.

Stainless steel has the added benefit of looking nicer, and cleaning up easier. While the same dullness can still develop from hard water, it is easily removed from stainless steel hoses.

Water Saving Features

Some of this section is already encompassed in the earlier part on your pressure, but it is still worth addressing in a focused section.

As we’ve outlined multiple times throughout this buying guide, there are two different conversations that surround the water flow saving capabilities of a hand shower fixture.

  1. You can purchase hand shower heads that have water flow saving components built in, meant to lower the GPM usage through a regulator and water flow patterns.
  2. You will be able to turn a handheld option on and off while showering very conveniently, meaning that it will be much easier to save water with each hand shower.

As you can see, one component of saving water flow has to do with the handheld ​equipment itself, and the other has to do with the added convenience that comes with having a handheld device installed.

A handheld showerhead mounted inside of a shower

Easy Installation

Depending on how handy you are, you want to pay attention to how easy the hand shower head is to install. We address this in each of our handheld shower head reviews, and the manufacturer will usually make mention of it as well.

By and large, the companies typically makes their product easy to install, especially when you compare it to many other things that you purchase and need to install in your bathroom.

There are a few units that might require you to hire a plumber, depending on your preferences and handiness. This might be to adjust flow intakes of work with the shower arm. By and large though, if you’re relatively handy, you shouldn’t have a problem installing most of these devices.

If you’re nervous about the installation process, read through our reviews first. Some of units come with notably easy installation, taking less than 5 minutes. And, there are a few options that offer tool-free installation.


This is something to pay attention to, as we’ve been surprised by how wide-ranging the warranties and guarantees are across the different manufacturers and hand shower heads.

Your portable hand shower isn’t likely to break. However, it does have several moving parts, including a flexible shower hose and mount, that could wear out over time.

Some shower hand manufacturers don’t offer much of a warranty, while others offer limited lifetime warranty.

Moen and Delta have the best guarantees on their hand shower products, including even lifetime warranty, and we’ve included several of their options on our reviews. In the end, a lifetime warranty should be a big factor as you evaluate the best handheld shower heads.

Common Shower Head Questions

If you still have questions about whether or not a handheld shower head is the right option for you, here are a few common questions we hear, with our answers.

How long will it take to install the hand held shower ​fixture?

The install process for the vast majority of hand held ​shower ​devices meant to take a matter of minutes. If everything with your plumbing is fine, we’d estimate that the start-to-finish process only takes 10 minutes. Yes, it is truly that easy.
Most units ship with everything needed to install it. You might need a wrench to remove your old model and install the new hand held shower head, but many don’t even require that.
Obviously, if you remove your old unit and find some problems, like rusty pipes or a leak, then the install process can take longer.

What is the best handheld shower head option for elderly?

We vote for the​ ShowerMaxx 6-Spray ​as the best handheld shower head option for elderly or handicapped, because it is by far the most versatile and robust option that we reviewed. It will work in a variety of circumstances and adapt to any standard shower arm, allowing you to have a lot of flexibility given the unique situation you encounter.

What is the best handheld shower head option for ​​bathtubs?

When it comes to picking the best handheld shower head unit for your bathtub, there are a couple of unique things to consider. The most important consideration is that you’ll be a lot further away from the head than if you were in a regular shower.
As such, we prefer a hand held ​head that has a really large face with lots of spray patterns nozzles. The Aqua Elegante has a 5″ head size and would be our recommended selection for bathtubs.

What is the best handheld shower head option for ​​​pet owners?

You need a highly versatile and pretty powerful hand shower head for bathing pets in your shower. We look for a unit that has a lot of different spray ​patterns versatility. Depending on your pet, they might prefer softer spray patterns when you’re cleaning their head and body, but you might also require something harder for cleaning their paws and underside.
We opt for the ShowerMaxx 6-Spray because it has powerful spray, fits any standard hand shower arm, and features 6 different options for the spray. But, if you’re looking for a good inexpensive option, the ​​Delta 7-Spray does an adequate job.

Is it possible to have both a hand held and regular shower head?

Yes, this is typically referred to as a dual hand shower head setup . We recommend using caution when picking up a ​this type of setup, though, because they can be poorly made. There are several things that have to operate in unison for the unit to work, and poor construction can cause these units to go out early.
You can trust the Hydroluxe 24 Function 2 in 1 Shower Hand held Head just read through the review to see what we mean. This brand has been around for a long time and its hand shower heads have great warranties, just in case.

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