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Best Laminate Floor Cleaners [2021 Review]

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Finding the right cleaner for your laminate floors can be a bit complicated. Laminate flooring is sensitive to certain chemicals and water may damage the inner layer which is made from wood composite. That’s why you need to be cautious when picking the best cleaner for your laminate floors.

Reviews of the Top Laminate Floor Cleaners

There are a lot of good laminate floor cleaners on the market, so to make it easier for you we’ve reviewed two laminate floor cleaners that are the top in their categories.

Best Overall Laminate Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor...
  • Provides a streak-free clean every time- No-rinse Hypoallergenic formula
  • Great on all types wood or laminate, engineered flooring.
  • Bamboo, Cork, Pergo, Armstrong, Mohawk and more.....
  • Removes spills, stains, dirt, dust, oil, footprints-easy to use just spray and wipe

If you’re looking for a safe solution that gets your laminate floors clean and shiny, we recommend using the Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner. Black Diamond leaves your laminate floors streak-free and looking brand new. 

Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product. It’s safe and easy to use on both laminate and real wood flooring. There’s no rinsing required when using this solution; just spray and wipe. 

Black Diamond is an American-made cleaner that’s hypoallergenic and non-toxic, which is great if you have pets and toddlers. This solution is water-based and doesn’t have a chemical smell. Instead, it leaves a sweet fresh scent throughout your home.

It’s made using a triple action poly-shield which is how you get a streak-free shine. The poly-shield prevents soil from sticking to surfaces, keeping your floors cleaner longer. The shield acts as a barrier to protect your floors and keep them shiny. It does not leave your laminate floors feeling sticky or greasy.

Positive Aspects

  • Biodegradable formula and environmentally friendly. 
  • Easy to use; just spray and wipe.
  • No-rinse formula gives a streak-free shine. 
  • Dries quickly.
  • Leaves a fresh, sweet scent throughout your home. No chemical smell.
  • Can be used on all polyurethane finished real wood floors and all types of laminate floors.
  • Non-toxic solution is safe for kids and pets to play on the floor.
  • You don’t have to use much on your floors to get it clean.

Negative Aspects

  • A bit expensive, although it will last you a long time.
  • You will need to change mop pad or head due to the stains the solution leaves with extended use.

Best Cheap Laminate Floor Cleaner

Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner Spray, Shines Hardwood,...
  • Ready to use, no dilution needed
  • Quickly cleans wood floor, just spray and mop it!
  • Streak-free, residue-free
  • Reveal your wood floor's natural beauty

When looking for a laminate floor cleaner some of us like to save a little money. For the best and cheapest laminate floor cleaner, we suggest trying Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner, Lemon scent. 

When compared to the Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner, Pledge is much cheaper and works well for the price. The lemon scent leaves a fresh clean smell to the room. 

Just like the Black Diamond Cleaner, this Pledge Solution is also safe to use. It’s gentle on floors and won’t damage the wood composite. All you need to do is squirt a little of the cleaner on a small area and wipe thoroughly with a mop or sponge. No added water is necessary.

The Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner will leave your floors shiny and clean. However, you might need to use a bit more than the Black Diamond product. You’ll also need to take a little longer to wipe up the Pledge and it doesn’t dry as quickly as the Black Diamond Solution.

Positive Aspects

  • Gentle on sealed wood and laminate wood flooring.
  • Lemon scented
  • Inexpensive 
  • Easy to use. No added water needed.

Negative Aspects

  • You need to use more when compared to the Black Diamond product.
  • Floor doesn’t dry quickly.
  • Squirt bottle instead of spray bottle makes you use more than necessary.

Features to Consider in Cleaners for Laminate Flooring

Be careful using a vacuum, as it can damage your delicate surface. There are automated options that work: for example, a robot mop might be the right choice. Or, you can always opt to mop by hand. Either way, when choosing a laminate floor cleaner, you should consider some of these important features


You need to consider how safe the cleaning solution is for you and your floors. Laminate flooring needs to be well cared for. Too much water can damage the wood composite and harsh chemicals can ruin the natural shine in your floors. 

A natural cleaner that’s water-based is ideal for laminate floors. Water-based cleaners don’t need to be diluted so you won’t have to use so much water on your floors. 

You can look for products that are non-toxic and are especially safe for people and their pets. Although, be sure to consider that if it is non-toxic you should still wash your hands with soap and water after direct contact with the cleaning solution. Also, make sure not to touch your eyes or mouth while cleaning your floors. 

Bottle of cleaning supplies for laminate floors

Cleans Effectively 

Of course, you need your floor cleaner to be as effective as possible. You need to make sure that it’s tough on dirt and oil while still being gentle on your floors. Check the contents on the back of your cleaners to make sure there are safe cleaning agents that won’t harm your floors. 

Easy to Use

People don’t like to spend too much time cleaning so a good cleaner should be quick and easy to use. You should consider the cleaning method and how long it will take you to clean your floors effectively. 

Some laminate floor cleaners require several steps so the best option is always the one that will get your floors sparkling without much effort.

Leaves a Shine

This is what most people go after when looking for a good laminate floor cleaner. This is an important aspect, although, it shouldn’t be the only one to consider. There are plenty of cleaners that leave a shine while, at the same time, ruin your floors. 

Remember to check how safe the product is before you decide to make a decision just on how shiny it makes your floors.

Dries Quickly

This feature has to do with how watery the cleaning solution is or if you need to add water to it. Having your floors dry quickly is not only better for your floors, it’s also safe for you and the people in your home.

A floor that stays wet too long is hazardous. It’s very easy to slip on laminate flooring that’s wet. Also, when laminate floors dry quicker there is less likely a chance that water will be absorbed into the wood. 


No one wants their home smelling of chemicals when cleaning their floors. That’s why it’s important to choose products that have fresh, clean scents. A lot of laminate floor cleaners come in a variety of scents and some are pleasant smelling without a label. 


When comparing the Black Diamond cleaner to the Pledge Solution, they both get the job done. Although, you can see why the best overall cleaner would be Black Diamond Wood And Laminate Floor Cleaner. 

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