Best Mop for Dog Urine [2024 Review]

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Cleaning your dog’s surroundings is important since a dirty one with urine can breed diseases that can be harmful to you and your dog. For such task, nothing like a good mop to clean the urine properly. Unfortunately, most homeowners use rags that do not help them at all.

That is why we have reviewed several products available in the market to help you find the best mop for dog urine. We have also included the features that distinguish each mop from the other to make things easier for you when shopping.  

Our Top Mop for Dog Urine Reviews

Best All Around: Bissell Symphony 1543A

The Bissell Symphony 1543A steam mop provides cleaning power for vacuuming up pet hair, and other messes including dog urine. You can use this mop with disposable and reusable cleaning pads.

Scrubbing pads are also available to handle heavier messes. Additionally, it has a hands-free emptying system that allows you to keep your hands clean when tackling the dirtiest messes.

Unlike other mops that will allow you to vacuum or sweep before mopping, this mop will let you clean without requiring another tool.

It also eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Another incredible feature you may like about the Bissell mop is the different cleaning pads it comes with for carrying out different tasks. 

For instance, if your dog makes a big mess, you can use disposable pads and dispose of them after using them. The reusable, washable pads are ideal for everyday cleaning, while the microfiber scrubbing pad is perfect for tougher jobs and comes with the package.

Although odor eliminators are available to help you get rid of any smells left behind by your dog, they don’t come with your purchase. You also need to hold down a trigger while vacuuming, which some find to be a hassle.

However, you can use the Bissell Symphony on different floor types, making it a pet-friendly flooring mop.

What We Like

  • Uses both disposable and reusable cleaning pads 
  • Suitable for different floor types
  • Hands-free emptying system
  • All-in-one cleaning mop
  • Pet-friendly floor mop

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to hold down a trigger when cleaning
  • Odor removers sold separately
  • Expensive model

Best Mid Range: Shark Genius S5003D 

The Shark Genius S5003D steam mop will allow you to clean dog urine efficiently on your sealed hard floors without leaving residue from cleaning solutions or smells from harsh chemicals.

It uses the power of steam to ensure your floors are sparkling clean. The mop comes with a two-sided washable pad that is reusable and highly absorbent.

There is also the touch-free technology that will ensure you don’t touch the washable pads while they are dirty. Additionally, the mop features three steam control settings to allow you to choose the setting that is ideal for the type of dirt and surface you intend to clean.

For instance, you can sanitize your floors using the highest setting.

The lightweight steam mop has a long power cord to help you cover a large cleaning area. Refilling the sizable water tank is also easy, as you don’t have to worry about removing it to add water.

In addition, the mop features two dual-sided dirt grip washing pads. The pads trap dirt and absorb liquid using the dirt-lifting woven strips material.

The Shark Genius mop also comes with a steam blaster system that releases strong steam to help you remove stubborn grime. If you are looking for a mop that offers a good balance of convenience and power, get this product.

What We Like

  • Easy to maneuver and store
  • Three steam control settings 
  • Steam blaster function 
  • Touch-free technology
  • Reusable cleaning pads

What We Don’t Like

  • May leave behind streaks on dark surfaces
  • Irremovable water tank
  • No on/off power button

Best Budget: Bissell PowerFresh 1940

The Bissell PowerFresh is another great mop you can use to clean dog urine as it comes with fragrance discs that produce a clean, refreshing scent. The scent will leave your house smelling nice after mopping the urine as it is designed to release freshening power.

The multiple levels of steam also make this mop ideal for deep cleaning. 

It’s also equipped with a carpet glider that you can use on hard surfaces and also freshen up your carpet. Additionally, the mop boasts of three levels of cleaning power to make it easy to remove dog urine and other stubborn messes.

You can remove the messes using the fragrance discs and the two washable cleaning pads included in the package. 

The PowerFresh mop also delivers powerful performance on different types of hard flooring and doesn’t leave any mess or streaks behind. Its water tank has a capacity of 473 millimeters of water to allow you to clean all your rooms without the need to refill it.

One issue with this mop is the bulky design that makes it difficult to fit in tight areas. Overall, the mop does a great job cleaning urine and is easy to assemble.

What We Like

  • Three levels of cleaning power 
  • Two washable cleaning pads
  • Different levels of steam
  • Large tank capacity
  • Powerful performance

What We Don’t Like

  • The highest setting leaves moisture behind
  • The water tank cap can easily break 
  • Can’t maneuver in tight spaces

Features Needed In Mops for Dog Urine

As we said, finding a good mop for urine can be difficult due to the many products available. That is why we have put together this guide to help you narrow down your search for the best mop for dog urine quickly. Here are essential features to help you make an educated choice while shopping:

Type of Mop

As we mentioned above, a steam mop is the best option to clean dog urine. Why? Dogs like to go in the same spot the smell urine. A steam mop will heat up and clean the area to remove the smell. However, consider there are several types of steam mops:

Handheld Steam Mop

Handheld cleaners are easy to carry around and store as they do not require a lot of space due to their compact water tanks. They are also ideal for vacuuming small areas.

Canister Steam Mop

Canister mops are perfect for commercial large-scale cleaning projects. Although you can use them for an extended period to clean, they are heavy because of their big water tanks. 

Upright Mops

These mops usually come with a power cord. However, there are some that are cordless. They also have a long handle to let you vacuum floors without bending for an extended period.

Surface Area 

If you intend to vacuum large surfaces, we recommend choosing a steam mop that has a large water tank capacity. Additionally, a longer power cord will come in handy in such scenarios. It will enable you to clean inaccessible places without having to re-heat the water or refill the water tank.

Person using mop to clean the floor

However, a small water tank and a short cord will suffice if you intend to clean small rooms in your house. This type of cleaner is also lightweight making it easy to carry around.

Type of Floor

Some mops are perfect for multipurpose use as they will let you clean different types of floors. They are ideal for people with more than one type of floor in their home. For instance, you can use them to vacuum marble countertops, grout, and tile. So, choose a mop that you can use to clean different types of hardwood floors. Rest assured you can use the mops we have reviewed to clean various floor types. 


Sometimes lower end models are not the best. Check whether the mop comes with things like accessories, mop pads, tank size, and additional mop heads. Be careful not to ignore essential features.

Person using mop for dog urine


A basic mop may be ideal if you only want to mop floors. However, some people may want their mop to do more than just mopping floors. As such, additional attachments like extra cleaning pads and interchangeable heads may be ideal. It’s also important to find out whether the attachments come in the package or if you have to buy them separately.


If you have many rooms, you may not want to carry around a heavy model as you may feel fatigued before you complete your cleaning chores. However, if you have a smaller home, a little extra weight may not be a big issue for added attachments.

Wrap Up 

A mop that cleans and gets rids of all the bacteria present in your house is ideal. However, you can only achieve this if you use mops designed for cleaning dog urine. The mops we have reviewed will give you satisfactory results and ensure your environment is free from urine. They are also easy to use. Hopefully, our reviews and guide will help you find the mop that meets your needs.

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