Best Mop for an Epoxy Garage Floor [2024 Review]

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Epoxy finishes in your garage keep the whole space looking fresh and sleek. All you need to clean it up is water and the right mop.

So, what features make the best mop for epoxy garage floor? That’s what we set out to find!

Top Epoxy Garage Floor Mop Reviews

Without further ado, let’s jump right into our top five picks.

Best Overall: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket

If you’re looking for something hassle-free to clean up your home garage, the O-Cedar EasyWring kit might be just the thing for you.

Product Specs

The main appeal of the O-Cedar EasyWring is its automatic wringing and high maneuverability. For one, you can get the triangular head to swivel a full 360°, which can be wildly convenient in the nooks and crannies of any garage space.

Plus, you can extend the telescopic handle from 24” to 48”. That amounts to a full 51” with the head attached to reach far spots.

Since it’s made of microfiber, the head is safe to use on epoxy floors. Just keep in mind that changing it at least once every three months is recommended.

While other brands, like Mastertop, make similar spin mops, they’re perfectly circular. So, you’ll have to stick to replacements only by O-Cedar to ensure a decent fit.

However, the main downside here is the price tag. While it’s not as expensive as the Eyliden commercial-grade mop, it’s still a little too pricey for many households.

Feature Highlights

There’s a lot to love about this O-Cedar mop:


  • Compact and rotatable triangular head fits perfectly into corners
  • Foot-pedal helps you wring without bending over or touching the bucket
  • Comes with an extra mop refill to extend the lifespan
  • Bucket comes with a guard to reduce splashing when moving it between rooms


  • Smaller head requires more time to cover larger spaces
  • Bucket isn’t wheeled, so you’ll have to carry it around

Best Value: Jinclean Industrial Cotton Floor Dust Mop

The Jinclean Industrial Cotton Dust Mop is a must-have for larger garages.

Product Specs

The Jinclean is significantly more affordable than the O-Cedar spin mop. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s a drop in quality.

Instead, you’re getting a steel telescopic handle (43-59”) and a 100% cotton mop head with a 180° maneuverability.

That said, it’s not as fluffy as the O-Cedar, and it lacks the hands-free wringing operation.

On the flip side, the mop is available in 24”, 36”, and a whopping 48”. So, no matter how large your epoxy garage is, you’ll find something suitable for you.

Feature Highlights

All in all, the features in this mop offer a decent value for money.


  • Multiple mop sizes to suit larger garages
  • 100% cotton mop head picks up dust with minimal need for cleaning solutions
  • Highly adjustable telescopic handle to fit different user heights
  • One-touch locking system can attach/detach the head in a matter of seconds


  • Requires manual wringing
  • Handle might come loose with sharp turns during mopping

Best Budget: Yocada Sponge Head Squeegee

If you want more scrubbing action vs. dry mopping on your epoxy floor, the Yocada sponge mop can be a good fit for your needs.

Product Specs

In the package, you get two sponges, one squeegee attachment, and one brush. Yet, the brush might not be a very useful addition for epoxy garage floors. Instead, you’ll mostly just use the sponge and the squeegee to scrub and wipe detergents.

However, the mop head is nowhere as broad as the Jinclean. The sponge head itself is only 10” wide.

The handle’s minimum height is 42.5”, and the maximum is pretty much the same as the O-Cedar at 51.9” with the head.

Feature Highlights

The Yocada is the mop to choose for deep garage cleaning.


  • Honeycomb Sponge for scrubbing epoxy floors with cleaning solutions
  • Wring lever to squeeze the sponge quickly
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around (2.75 lbs)
  • Doubles as a squeegee wiper for excess liquids to reduce mop streak marks


  • Brush and squeegee attachment could hinder the mop from reaching narrow spaces
  • Wring level is low on the handle, so you might need to bend to reach it

Best All-In-One Operation: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Microfiber Mop

Instead of getting a water bucket to go, you can opt for the Rubbermaid Reveal mop with a built-in dispensing system.

Product Specs

Since many people opt to clean epoxy floors without detergents, you can fill the removable bottles (22 oz) with water and go to town.

While the mop head itself (15”) is larger than the Yocada, it’s still not as impressively wide as any of the Jinclean’s three sizes.

If you want a cleaning action similar to the O-Cedar, you might need to order the dry dusting head separately.

Rubbermaid claims you can get up to 100 washing cycles on their dry dusting pad. While we still haven’t put that claim to the test, the mop heads actually handle mashing washing nicely without shrinkage or shedding.

Feature Highlights

Overall, the Rubbermaid is a good fit if you don’t mind refilling the bottles every now and then.


  • Built-in compartment for water and cleaning solutions to eliminate the need for buckets
  • Mop head has a small scrub pad for tough stains
  • Liquid dispenser is triggered from the handle to reduce the need for bending
  • Comes with one spare bottle and three multi-purpose mopping pads


  • No replacements available for the small scrub pads
  • Smaller head not ideal for mopping larger garages

Best Durability: Eyliden Heavy Duty Commercial Mop

For a boost in durability and performance, you could consider the Eyliden Heavy Duty Commercial Mop.

Product Specs

In principle, the Eyliden has a lot in common with the Jinclean, and it even has a similar extendable handle with a maximum of 60”.

However, with the package, you get two cotton heads for drying or dusting and two 100% microfiber replacements for more stubborn stains.

Keep in mind that the cotton yarn here is two-layered to add more absorbance than your run-of-the-mill mop.

On the flip side, the price point is even higher than the O-Cedar spin kit without the extra bucket or wringing capabilities.

Feature Highlights

Despite its minimalist look, the Eyliden is an all-around performer in terms of size, durability, and ease of use.


  • Broad mop head (36”) to cover larger areas in less time
  • Two installation methods for a firmer grip (velcro and zippers)
  • Ultra-thin mop head that can reach under garage storage units and narrow spaces
  • Full aluminum frame to reduce rust


  • Requires manual wringing
  • Heaviest stand-alone mop on the list at 4.91 lbs

Features to Consider in a Mop for Epoxy Garage Floor

Before you commit to a mop, here are some features to keep in mind:

Mop Head Material

In most cases, cotton or microfiber mops work well on epoxy floors, especially for dry dusting. Meanwhile, a sponge or foam can be a better fit for deep cleaning when you want to lathe and scrub a cleaning solution.

What you want to avoid at all costs is a hard-bristled brush. Although epoxy is a hard resin, it’s still possible to scratch with rough scrubbing.

Mop Head Size and Shape

The typical shape for an epoxy floor mop is a rectangular one. This is because it can cover larger areas with one swipe. In that case, you might want something at least 24” wide, like the Jinclean or the Eyliden.

However, you can always opt for other shapes, depending on the exposed space in your garage. For instance, if there isn’t one main area of free space, then something compact but maneuverable, like the O-Cedar, a spin mop can work nicely for all the hard-to-reach spots.

Buckets and Sprays

While it’s tempting to get the widest mop on the market and get the entire garage done in a few strokes, you still need to figure out your mop bucket situation.

Woman wearing a red shirt and yellow protective glasses holding a mop and sprayer with gloved hands

Since you can’t find a bucket to fit a 24” mop, you’ll have to dip each side one at a time or get a large storage bin to replace the bucket entirely.

Alternatively, you can get mops with built-in liquid dispensers, like the Rubbermaid Reveal, to cut the hassle.

Frequent Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about mopping epoxy garage floors:

How Often Do You Need to Mop Epoxy Floors?

You can mop your epoxy floor weekly to tackle any dust or accidental car spills before they settle in. This way, you’ll avoid scratching the epoxy and keep the need for detergents to a minimum.

Do You Need Detergent to Mop Epoxy Garage Floors?

Warm water will do just fine if you clean your garage floor regularly. However, if you face a stubborn stain, use the smallest amount possible of any mild detergent, like dish soap. Just make sure to rinse and mop with water to avoid leaving a hazy film behind on your epoxy.

Can You Mop Epoxy Floors With Bleach?

Using bleach isn’t recommended because the chemical sodium hypochlorite can ruin the finish. In most cases, you won’t even need such intense cleaning agents since epoxy floors are pretty resistant to staining.


That’s a wrap on our best mop for epoxy garage floor buying guide.

All in all, the O-Cedar EasyWring is an irresistible mop to have in your household, and its compact design makes it a good fit for all garage crevices!

If spin mopping isn’t your cup of tea, consider getting a 24” rectangular mop to balance wide swipes with the bucket logistics.

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