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The 5 Best Organization Apps of 2020

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Sometimes it can be hard to keep things in order and stay organized. Fortunately, there are home organization apps that can help people prioritize their tasks and schedule their lives accordingly. For those who have trouble keeping things in order, here are five of the best organization apps which will help even the busiest of people stay organized.

the best organization apps

1. Things

This handy personal task manager helps break tasks and projects down into easy to manage items. Available on Macs, iPads, and iPhones, this app gives users all sorts of scheduling options. It even programs onto multiple devices. Things also syncs to-do lists across all Apple devices.

This app lets the user input any type of task. It could be cleaning a room or completing a massive work project. The app programs each of these tasks when they are manually entered. Things also even creates a checklist for users every day, so they don’t miss out or forget anything they might have scheduled for the day.

Things is the ultimate to-do list app for IOS devices. It gives users the option of adding notes, reminders, tasks, deadlines, checklists, and more. Users can add long-term projects and can even move tasks around to their liking.

It’s true when they say that being more organized is good for people’s health. This app will make even the busiest of people more organized in their daily lives, leading to a healthier and happier life.

Things is one of the best ​organization apps for Apple on the market. Apple users who rely heavily on their Apple products to help keep them in line will love this product.

Features Users will Love

  • Syncs across all Apple devices
  • Can add notes, reminders, tasks, deadlines, and more
  • Breaks down tasks
  • Easy to use

2. Mint

Mint helps manage and improve financial organization. Financial awareness is imperative in professional and personal success. That’s why this app a great option for people who need help managing their finances.

Mint can help users plan and manage their budgets. It also has timers and reminders to alert users to pay their bills on time. It even sends alerts when a bank account is running low. In essence, Mint helps you stay on track with saving money each month

app to help financial organization

Mint can also make suggestions as to where and how a user should manage their cash and gives advice on how to save. This personal finance app offers a great mix of tools to help manage a user’s money and also offers a free credit score, and is truly one of the best organization apps that exisits for your finances.

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Features Users will Love about Mint

  • Free
  • Connects to almost every single U.S. bank
  • Links to multiple bank accounts
  • Easy to use
  • Sends user an email or SMS alert when there is unusual activity on an account or credit card

3. Evernote

Evernote acts like a user’s very own personal assistant and has a whole variety of features. It can be used to make a home organization checklist, write down notes, organize chores, plan and manage a budget, store user manuals, organize notes, and more. Users can even save important documents or keep personal records in Evernote.

Evernote is a great all-in-one organization app. It lets users keep track of bills and receipts and lets them clip blog posts and news articles in bookmarks. People who like to keep everything organized in one place will find this app very useful.

From mortgage documents to insurance documents to lecture notes or even bookmarked web pages, Evernote has an option for all types of lifestyles. It’s also a great tool for organizing both professional and personal aspects of a person’s life.

Features Users will Love about Evernote

  • All-in-one home organization app
  • Great for document management
  • Syncs across all devices
  • Works great as a digital reference system for research work or archiving URLs

4. BrightNest

BrightNest is a home organization app that gives users tips on how to maintain their homes. The app tailors these tips and tricks to cater specifically to a user’s lifestyle.

BrightNest is like a digital home organization checklist. It’s a great tool to use for DIY home organization. It lets users track what they need to do around the house while keeping up to date with their regular maintenance routine.

BrightNest helps keep track of things that need to be done in a user’s home. It includes all sorts of tips for cleaning, restoring, and maintaining a home. When a user sets the app up, he or she is asked to fill out a questionnaire detailing the specifics about their homes. This helps BrightNest create specific reminders that cater to the user’s lifestyle.

These reminders and tips range anywhere from cleaning a fridge to checking roof shingles to taking out the garbage. We find the reminders in BrightNest are one of the main reasons this ranks as one of the best organization apps available.

Users can customize the app all they want. It’s an ideal choice for people who are always busy or on the go. If you tend to forget to do little tasks like cleaning the stove or checking on the furnace, this app will help.

Features Users will Love about BrightNest

  • Recommends when to do certain maintenance around on the home
  • Has countless cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks
  • Free
  • Does a great job of gathering all home maintenance information
  • Custom made for user’s home, tasks, and schedule

5. 30/30

For those lacking the motivation to get things done during the day, 30/30 is the ultimate organizational app. It even doubles as an anti-procrastination app!

30/30 breaks down a person’s day into half-hour chunks that makes it easier to get things done. The app lets users enter in any amount of tasks and gives them a 30-minute time period to complete the task.

Users who lack motivation or get distracted easily will find this app extremely useful and helpful. The theory is that if a person is given thirty minutes to complete a task, they are more likely to get it done.

Studies suggest that setting a timer can actually increase productivity and help people get things done faster and more efficiently. This is a major reason the 30/30 app works so well.

30/30 is a good option for the procrastinators out there. It’s the ultimate productivity app. The app is also fully customizable and lets users enter an unlimited amount of tasks.

30/30 app is a great motivator for those who have trouble remaining on task and getting specific things done. The app even lets users set estimates depending on how long they think it should take to finish a task.

Overall, 30/30 is one of the best home organization apps out there because it can help teach its users little tricks to keep themselves ahead of time while being efficient.

Features Users will Love about 30/30

  • Motivates to get things done
  • Increases productivity
  • Splits tasks into timed and structured activities
  • Teaches users tricks on how to be more productive
  • Is challenging and rewarding
  • Free


Although each app has its advantages, the one that users choose will really depend on what kind of organizational app they are looking. A user’s decision will also depend on how they need to stay more organized in life.

​The best organization apps integrate productivity and efficiency into your current lifestyle. They make use of devices you already use to help you stay focused on being organized.

are people willing to spend money on organization apps

Apps like Things are great for people who use multiple IOS devices daily and want to have an organizational planner that syncs to all their devices.

Evernote is a great choice for people who want to store all their important documents, articles, and notes in one huge cloud they can access at all times.

People who are looking for a strictly financial organizational planner to help plan and manage their budgets, bank accounts, and bills are best suited to use the Mint app. This is because Mint makes financial planning a simple task for people who aren’t very good at the financial aspects of their lives.

BrightNest is a great choice for the homeowner or person who wants to keep track of their home maintenance. It’s also great to use as a reminder of when to perform regular check-ups and maintenance on a home. The fact that it is customizable to a user’s home gives it a leg up on other organizational apps.

BrightNest is good app for the busy people out there who want to keep their homes up to date but may be too busy to keep track of things by themselves.

Finally, those who have trouble focusing and find themselves easily distracted and unable to stick to tasks should download 30/30. This app breaks down tasks and eliminates or reduces procrastination. 30/30 is also a great app to use for people who work from home.

DIY home organization problems will be a thing of the past with the use of organizational apps that are changing how people get things done. The best organization apps are the ones that eliminate procrastination and increase productivity.

We are living in a digital age, which makes certain things like organizing much easier to deal with. Whether a user wants to organize their daily to-do list, organize their personal documents, or manage their finances, there is something on this list everyone.

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