The Best Shark Vacuum

shark stick vacuum
shark stick vacuum

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​When it comes to purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your home, Shark has long been a strong and trusted brand. Acording to Forbes, over the past decade, the company has risen from only owning 1% market share in the vacuum market, to handling over 20% of the market in 2014.

This isn't by accident - Shark makes an amazing vacuum cleaner that you can count on to perform at a high capacity and last a long time.

​If you're in the market for a high quality, long lasting vacuum, Shark is a trusted brand. We'll review the best shark vacuum on the market for you to purchase.

​The Best Shark Vacuum

Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Pet hair can be a real mess, but the two-speed brush roll function on this model can deal with it with no problems. The two-speed brush roller can be adjusted for speed to be ideal for both hard and soft surfaces. The Shark Navigator works well for both hardwood floors and carpeted areas too.

The spinning brush helps to remove even the deepest and most embedded hairs in your carpets. ​The Shark Navigator is a cordless stick vacuum, which means that it is lightweight and ​extremely mobile. Combine that with its decent battery life (20-30 minutes) and you'll end up loving this vacuum. 


  • Great for people who have stairs in their home
  • Good for carpet and hard floors
  • Large dust bin – easy to empty
  • Cordless with a decent battery life
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

Moreover, the large dust bin with easy empty capabilities makes it even more convenient than ever before. The lightweight and compact build of the Shark Navigator makes it very easy to maneuver and can be used for stairs without too much trouble. All in all, it is not the most expensive or fanciest of vacuums, but if you need a good cleaning tool, this is a good model to consider.

You can read our full review on the Shark Navigator Stick Vacuum. ​This particular model by Shark receives the highest reviews from us, and ranks as Shark's best stick vacuum in our opinion. At right around one hundred dollars, the Shark Navigator is hard to beat.

​Why Buy?

Pet-friendly, lightweight, and easy to maneuver - Shark Navigator is the brand's best stick vacuum yet.

shark brush roll

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum

You will like this vacuum thanks to the fact that it is extremely lightweight. This bad boy is built for convenience and ease of use. It becomes even smaller and lighter when you detach the bottom section and turn it into a small handheld vacuum for cleaning ​hard to reach messes.

Floors, ceilings, and everything in between can be easily cleaned with the Shark Rocket.


  • Comes with a car detailing kit
  • Good for carpets and hardwood
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum for quick cleaning
  • Comes with a wall mount
  • Lightweight and versatile

This model comes with a rotating brush for picking up pet hair in carpets, and it also comes with a reusable micro-fiber pad for wiping down hardwood floors. Even better is that it also includes a car detailing kit with various attachments.

Even the pet hair in your car won’t stand a chance. This vacuum actually comes with a wall mount option for easy storage. It’s not the biggest of vacuums, but it certainly does the trick. ​​

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light is gets our vote for best Shark upright vacuum. While its rival in the Shark TruePet Ultra-Light has several upsides, the Rocket Ultra-Light is a great overall upright vacuum. Focus on the TruPet if you have a problem with pet hair to deal with.

​Why Buy?

Its versatility, easy to store and pet-friendly features makes the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light one of the best upright vacuum.

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum

Another good Shark Rocket option to go with, this particular one is fairly similar to the previous one we looked at, just a little better, but also a little more expensive. This model has twice the dirt capacity than the other one we looked at, thus making it a bit more convenient. It also has a slightly more powerful motor and suction, meaning that it can handle bigger messes.

Moreover, it also comes with lights on the nozzle and the hand-vac to illuminate the area you are trying to clean.

This model still comes with the hard floor attachment plus the micro-fiber pad for wiping down hardwood floors. The motorized brush does a great job at cleaning carpets. Deep rooted pet hair won’t be a problem for the Shark Rocket TruePet Vacuum.


  • Lots of suction power
  • Good for hard floors and carpets
  • Great for pet hairs – especially in carpets
  • Good dirt capacity
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum
  • Lights for illumination

The special ultra-reclining design of this model makes it easy to clean under tables and sofas. This is a lightweight and versatile vacuum that easily converts into a handheld model for easy cleaning.

​What are the differences in the Shark TruePet and the Shark Ultra-Light? For starters, the True Pet has a dirt container that is twice as large as the Ultra-Light. It's easier to empty, and comes with accessories that are focused at combating pet hair. 

We ​recommend this as the the best Shark vacuum for pets because of it's strong suction power and rotating brush.

​Why Buy?

Strong suction, pet-friendly, and convertible - TruePet is the best Shark vacuum for pets.

Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum

One of the best parts about the Shark DuoClean is that it weighs less than five pounds, making it a very lightweight and versatile option. To make it even more versatile, this model can convert into a handheld vacuum for those smaller spot cleaning jobs. What we also like about the Shark DuoClean is that it includes a pet multi-tool, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool.


  • ​Comes with various attachments
  • Good for hard and soft surfaces
  • Lights for illumination
  • 2 in 1 upright and handheld vacuum
  • Lightweight and very versatile

You can clean literally everything with this one great tool. Even better is that it also features a soft brush roller to deal with hardwood floors, plus a stiffer bristle brush to remove deeply imbedded dust and pet hair from carpets. 

Moreover, this model also comes with a brush roll maintenance tool to easily clean out pet hair from the accessories. To illuminate the area you are cleaning the Shark DuoClean also comes with built in LED lights.

​Why Buy?

Versatile, lightweight, and can clean everything. This 2 in 1 vacuum is the perfect addition to your home.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum

The Shark DuoClean is their premier model, focused at providing a comprehensive solution for all of your vacuuming needs. Their patented DuoClean technology provides the very best in Shark's dirt suction capabilities.

You might like this model thanks to the dual function brush roll it comes with. There is a soft brush included which is ideal for hardwood floors, plus another one with stiffer bristles which works wonders on carpets. No matter what the surface is, the Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Vacuum has more than enough power to deal with stubborn pet hair.


  • Lights for illumination
  • Extender wand for hard to reach areas
  • Ideal for hard and soft floors
  • Quite versatile and easy to maneuver
  • Decent dirt capacity
  • Comes with a micro-fiber pad for cleaning hardwood floors

You might also like how this model comes with a HEPA filter to clean the air of particles and allergens too. The powerful LED lights help to illuminate the area so you can see all the dirt that needs to be sucked up.

The special design of this particular vacuum, plus the extender nozzle, makes it easy to get to hard to reach areas like under tables and sofas. The swivel steering function helps make the Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Vacuum versatile and easy to maneuver.

The Shark DuoClean is one of the best rated Shark vacuum cleaners on the market. It isn't cheap, but you will get an all inclusive vacuum cleaner that can handle every situation in your house.

​Why Buy?

The design of Shark DuoClean makes cleaning up hard to reach places easier. This is a great addition for your vacuuming needs.

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The best Shark vacuum cleaner comes with ​strong suction power, long lasting brand reputation, and all of the proper tools for dealing with dust and hair. When it comes to keeping your home free of the dirt and hair, we would definitely recommend taking a look at one ​the options we've evaluated as the best shark vacuum.

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