The Best Shower Cleaning Products

clean shower product

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​Just because you go to the shower to get clean, doesn’t mean that it stays clean. Your shower can quickly acquire a soap scrum or grim buildup. To keep your shower looking clean and bright, you should invest in the best shower cleaning products.

clean shower product

What to Look for in a Cleaner

The first time you clean your shower, you will be putting some elbow grease into it. No matter what type of cleaner you choose, it will take some scrubbing to break up and remove shower grime and soap buildup. If you have a hard time reaching all the areas of your tub then you can use a scrubber brush for your shower.

When you are looking for the best shower cleaning products, you will want to look for something that will work after the initial first cleaning. Unless you truly enjoy scrubbing, you aren’t going to want to scrub down your shower every week.

Most shower cleaners will allow you to spray down the shower and then rinse it clean without the need to scrub. In order to have this ease of cleaning, you will need to give it a good scrub once and then use a shower cleaning spray once every few days to keep buildup away. As a lighter and easier cleaning alternative, you could also use a mop for tile floors and grout with the cleaning spray if you prefer.

Some other factors to consider when you are looking for shower cleaning products are:

  1. Cleaner Strength
  2. Chemicals vs Natural
  3. Fragrance
  4. Budget

1. Cleaner Strength

Most cleaners on the market will offer a powerful cleaning composition. However, you need to focus on what you are cleaning to know the strength needed.

If you have frequent mold and mildew problems in your shower area due to poor ventilation, then you need to search for a bleach cleaner. Make sure that the bleach cleaner is okay to use on your shower wall surfaces.

For those that prefer more natural cleaners, then you can use full strength vinegar on mold. Vinegar is proven to kill 82% of of mold species. Spray the vinegar on the surface, let it sit for an hour and then use a cloth dipped in hot water to wipe it off.

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While vinegar may not kill all mold, if you regularly clean mold prone areas with full strength vinegar, then it will not allow mold to grow. This takes away the need to remove it with harsh chemicals and bleach.

If you are not dealing with mold or any other constant plaguing grime then you can choose a normal strength cleaner that will allow you to spray and rinse.

You can also use a pure vinegar spray with added dawn for a powerful foaming shower cleaner.

2. Chemical vs Natural

There are sides, debates and charts that show why you should switch to green cleaning instead of clinging to chemical cleaners. At the end of the day, it is your choice. If you read the labels on chemical cleaners and use proper protection and ventilation then you have little to worry about.

Even some of the green labeled cleaners in stores still have chemical ingredients incorporated into them. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time reading labels, then you can also make your own green cleaning products at home.

As previously mentioned above, vinegar is a great choice due to it’s powerful cleaning and harmlessness around people and animals. There are no toxic fumes and it is safe if it is ingested.

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clean shower product

3. Fragrance

This point can go either way. Since you are cleaning a small and mostly enclosed space, you will want to consider the fragrance in any cleaner you choose.

If you have anyone in the household with allergies, then you want to avoid cleaners that have a fragrance added. Even natural green cleaners can have a chemical compound fragrance added that can be harmful to health and allergies.

On the other hand, if you are opting to use a homemade vinegar cleaning solution and you can’t stomach the smell, especially in the small shower space then you can add essential oils. These oils are safe to use in vinegar and will help soften the smell of your cleaner.

After spray and washing away, vinegar won’t leave much of a harsh smell. But to those who don’t like the smell, then the essential oils can help. You can also opt for apple cider vinegar. It has the same powerful cleaning power while offering a less potent straight vinegar smell.

4. Budget

Store bought cleaners can cost anywhere between one dollar a bottle to over ten dollars per bottle. Sometimes when you are buying a cleaner that you know and trust, the money isn’t as big of a deal because you know what you are investing in.

However, if you are trying to stay on a budget then you can shop for store brands of popular cleaners or go to discount stores. Another way to save money is to make your own cleaners.

You can buy a three gallon jug of vinegar for less than five dollars at most stores. Adding water and a few drops of dawn to make a cleaner can end up costing you less than a dollar per bottle you mix.

What is the Best Shower Cleaner?

For one of the best shower cleaning product overall, Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner is at the top of the list. This bleach based cleaner kills 99.9% of germs while working hard to remove grime and soap scum without scrubbing.

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If you want a more green cleaning product then the Method Daily Shower Spray is one of the best all natural products on the market. This plant based cleaner is non toxic and cleans without the added need of scrubbing.

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