Best Smelling Mop Solution [2024 Review]

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Nothing beats the smell of a freshly mopped floor. Our shared dilemma, however, is finding the best smelling mop solution.

In this extensive guide, we go through 5 of our favorite cleaning products so it’s easier to make a decision. We also cover a few features to look out for as well as answer some of your burning questions.

Mop Solutions with the Best Smell

Clean is good, but why not have your house smell good too? Some mop solutions smell better than others. While some of it comes down to preference, we still think we’ve found the top options for you.

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner

Our front runner, and not only because it’s a popular choice by demand, is Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner. What does make Mrs. Meyer’s product stand out from the others here though, is the fact that the solution’s formula is crafted from all-natural substances.

In other words, Mrs. Meyers doesn’t contain any of the harmful, and potentially toxic substances typically found in mopping water solutions. This product is climate pledge friendly and comes in a wide variety of smells.

Mrs. Meyers is available in multiple natural scents, including basil, lavender, orange clove, and lilac. Since it’s also a multi-purpose solution like Mr. Clean’s following product, you can safely use both on tile, marble, and other floors.

On the downside, Mrs. Meyers’ pungent mixture can overwhelm allergy-prone people and those with sensitive lungs as well. Additionally, Meyers’ solution is rather strong, so be careful not to let it touch your skin.

Keep in mind that this product is only a mop cleaning mixture and not a disinfectant—unlike our Aunt Fannie’s choice.   


  • Absence of artificial scents and harmful chemicals
  • Multi-purpose; can even wipe grease and grime
  • Cruelty, streak, and residue-free


  • Will irritate those with sensitive immune systems

2. Mr. Clean Multipurpose Cleaning Solution

Mr. Clean’s multipurpose solution with Febreeze is our second top choice because this beloved bald man has never disappointed us before! Mr. Clean created this formula in collaboration with Febreeze, so you know that the smell is up to par.

Using mostly natural products along with concentrated chemicals, Mr. Clean’s mopping solution is safe to clean multiple floorings with. The product is highly effective against dirt, grime, and tough bacteria as well.

Since this Mr. Clean formula is meadows-and-rain-scented, its aroma is rather gentle, unlike Mrs. Meyer’s product. Clean’s solution is as concentrated as the upcoming Zep’s cleaner too, which means it’s better to dilute both formulas before use.

Similar to Mrs. Meyer’s though, Mr. Clean’s product isn’t as powerful a disinfectant. Owning to the formula’s high content of alcohol ethoxylates, it’s also pretty toxic.

While the scent might not provoke a coughing fit, Mr. Clean’s solution might irritate your eyes just from exposure alone. That’s due to being subjected to such a strong formula of chemicals.


  • A gentle smell that won’t trigger allergic reactions
  • Can be used on floors, counters, and other surfaces
  • Will break down even the toughest of debris and microbes


  • Strong, concentrated formula that needs to be diluted beforehand for safe use

3. Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner Vinegar Wash

Aunt Fannie’s floor cleaner vinegar wash is the perfect mopping solution for those with asthma and sensitive bodies. That said, while the vinegar scent may off-put many, hear us out first!

Vinegar has proven to be quite a powerful disinfectant. Mixed with the fresh smell of the citrus lemon scent, the vinegar isn’t as strong. Plus, one of this product’s requirements is to be diluted first in order to water down the vinegar.

Other advantages of Aunt Fannie’s product include that it’s non-toxic and safe to use in homes with pets and children. Similar to Mrs. Meyer’s, this formula also has the least effects on the environment as it’s climate-friendly.

Unlike the aforementioned mopping solution, Aunt Fannie’s isn’t as multi-purpose. This formula is best suited for sealed floorings only, such as hardwood, ceramic, bamboo, vinyl, and laminate.

Since it’s made from hypoallergenic, all-natural substances, Aunt Fannie’s formula may not be as strong as most. Not only that, but the vinegar scent might still deter many away.


  • The safest mopping solution here for allergy-prone people
  • Non-toxic and non-harmful to curious pets and kids
  • A gentle yet effective formula


  • Limited purpose; so won’t cover all your mopping needs

4. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray

Much like Aunt Fannie’s previous item, Bona Hardwood floor cleaner spray is another pet-safe, non-toxic mopping solution that’s ideal for your home. What makes Bona unique though, is that it has the Greenguard gold stamp of approval.

As a result, this product doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals that can harm you or the environment. Bona uses a pre-prepared formula too, meaning, there’s no need to dilute the solution before mopping the floors—as opposed to Mr. Clean’s product.

When it comes to the scent, Bona’s fragrance is the least overwhelming one of them all. The aroma is subtle, almost non-existent, so you won’t have to worry about its effect on your respiratory system.

From its name, you’ll notice that Bona is formulated to deep clean hardwood floors and isn’t a multi-purpose product. Additionally, when not stored properly, Bona might leave behind a film-like residue after mopping.

Bona’s lack of an odor isn’t for everyone, either. Many prefer to have their homes smelling like lemon or lavender after they’ve cleaned.


  • A formula that’s hypoallergenic, pet-safe, and non-toxic
  • Comes in a spray bottle and is pre-diluted for easy application
  • Maintains the glossy shine of your hardwood floorings


  • Might be considered a boring scent to some

5. Zep Neutral pH Floor Cleaner

Contrary to our other four mopping solutions, Zep Neutral pH floor cleaner is a product suited for both household and commercial use. That’s mainly because Zep’s about a gallon in size and is rather cheap.

What also makes Zep stand out from the rest is that it’s a neutral solution. Simply put, it has a stable pH that’s neither alkalic nor acidic. As a result, Zep should be used on water-safe floorings, such as vinyl, marble, granite, sealed concrete, and stone.

Similar to Mrs. Meyer’s solution, Zep is climate pledge friendly as well. It’s an effective cleaner because it doesn’t remove the protective coating of sealed floorings, as opposed to more concentrated formulas.

Just like Bona’s cleaning product, Zep doesn’t have a strong scent, either. It has the smell of a typical, industrial cleaner. Zep’s scent is better suited for those of you that don’t like perfumey odors.

Another downside to Zep would be that you need to dilute it first, meaning, it’s not as quick to clean with as spray solutions, for instance.


  • Gentle-smelling and commercially sized
  • A non-acidic, neutral formula that’s safe on most floors
  • Can both maintain and restore your flooring’s shine


  • Not quite strong as a disinfectant

Features to Consider When Buying Mop Solutions

Now that you’ve probably picked out a suitable mop solution, let’s take you through the 3 main features to look out for when picking out this cleaning product.

Person dipping her pink colored mop head in a water solution that is inside a yellow bucket

Floor Compatability

Because you don’t want to ruin your gorgeous flooring, you need to pick a cleaning solution that won’t alter the coloring of your floor, for example.

Luckily, most mop solutions are compatible with a variety of floor types, including vinyl, ceramic, and stone. Certain laminated floors, for instance, need solutions that are low on saturation.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

This factor is important for those who have pets, kids, or allergy-prone family members in the house.

Some mopping solutions make use of formulas that contain concentrated amounts of toxic substances. While these chemicals are highly effective in killing germs, they also pose a health risk.

Other products have strong fragrances that can irritate people with hypersensitive immune systems, as well. So, opt for gentle-scented formulas instead.

Mode of Application

A few mopping solutions come pre-prepared, meaning, you don’t need to dilute them before usage. Others, however, are too concentrated to mop with right away and need to be diluted first.

Several bright colored plastic bottles and smaller sized containers lined up in a table

Additionally, the type of mop you have will determine what cleaning product you end up with and how you’ll apply it.

From conventional mops to steam ones, pick the cleaning formula that’s best suited for your mop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Mop Smell?

Because mop heads are exposed to moisture regularly, their fabric is highly susceptible to the build-up of mold and mildew. As a result, your mop develops a musky and rather unpleasant smell. Even mops from the highest quality material will grow an offensive scent over time.

How to Prevent My Mop From Smelling?

To prevent your mop from smelling, remove your mop head after mopping, if applicable, and let it soak in a bucket of hot water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Let the mop sit in this solution for more than a few hours to kill off the bad-smelling bacteria. Afterward, rinse it off in a washing machine using high-temperature water.

Final Say

The primary aim of our guide was to help you in deciding the best smelling mop solution for your home. While we were at it, we answered a few of your concerns and showed you how to pick the right product for you.

That said, we recommend going with Mrs. Meyers to spice up your place with a fulfilling aroma. If you want a product that has a more subtle smell, then go for Bona instead.

Happy cleaning!

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