The Best Vacuum for Tile Floors in 2019 – Comprehensive Reviews

A cordless Shark vacuum in the middle of a room with hardwood floors

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Finding a vacuum to fit your tile floors may feel like a challenge. We have found some of the best vacuums and broken down each one to help you find the best vacuum for tile floors. Now, you can keep your floors looking immaculate without having to go over them multiple times.

What Do you Need a Vacuum for Tile Floors?

​When it comes to cleaning tile floors there are a few things to keep in mind.

Since there are multiple levels to the flooring you will need a vacuum with a high suction power as well as the ability to get in and work the grout area.

The grout is the biggest obstacle you will face since dirt, crumbs, and other tiny particles gravitate to the lower area of the tile floor. Having a vacuum with a brush roller is helpful since it can get into the grout. If the vacuum if your choice doesn’t have a brush roller, a bristled attachment can also work to clean the grout.

You will also want to make sure you are looking at a lightweight option when it comes to a vacuum for your tile floors. This is because you will not want to risk damaging your tile floors with a heavy, clunky vacuum.

Features to Consider in a Tile Floor Vacuum

​When you are looking for the best vacuum for tile floors you will want to find a vacuum that allows you to work smarter, not harder. Check out some of these features. See how each one of them can help or hinder your cleaning routine when it comes to cleaning your tile floors.

Suction Power

For flat surfaces such as hardwood floors and tile, you will want a vacuum that offers a good high suction power. This will pull the dirt and other large particles, like food, up from the floor easily. Most vacuums will offer a nice suction power. Keep in mind that stick vacuums will usually have a lower power than standard upright ones. This is mainly due to the size of the motor in stick vacuums. It is smaller, to better accommodate a space saving, small body design.

2 in 1 Design

If you enjoy cleaning various surfaces with your vacuum, you may want to look into a vacuum that offers more options. A 2 in 1 design is a vacuum that works as an upright, and turns into a handheld vacuum. You can carry it and use on higher surfaces, such as on your furniture, or lift up to clean ceilings and take onto the stairs.

If you have a vacuum that offers a 2 in 1 design, it is usually compatible with the attachments. You can use them to help make your cleaning much easier and customizable.

Brush Roller

​This rotating bristled part of your vacuum rests comfortably under the main head of the vacuum. The job of a brush roller is to agitate the surface or particles on the floor and help lift them up towards the main suction area of the vacuum.

​Most upright vacuums have a brush roller adjuster. This allows you to lower or lift the brush roll to best accommodate the high to low pile range of carpets you may have in your home.

​Some uprights also give you the option of turning the brush roller off.

Black and white checkered tile floor

​This is a must-have feature when you are vacuuming berber carpets or running the vacuum over your hardwood floors. Both of these floors are sensitive to a rotating brush and need to have a vacuum without a brush roller option.

Tile floors are okay with a brush roller, thanks to the durability of their design and strength after being sealed. The brush roller is also very helpful with cleaning out the grout.


​Some individuals don’t utilize attachments. If you don’t think you will, consider purchasing a larger vacuum without attachments. You may opt for a simpler stick vacuum.

Attachments are really handy for taking your vacuum off the floor and cleaning more surfaces. These are a few of the standard attachments a vacuum can come with.

  • ​Crevice Tool - This is a must have for your vacuum cleaning routine thanks to its narrow nozzle. It gives concentrated, high-powered suction to areas that are not easy to reach with your normal vacuum head.

You can use a crevice tool to easily reach under lower lipped surfaces like cabinets, between couch cushions, along baseboards, and up in high ceiling corners to get rid of cobwebs.

  • ​Dusting Brush - Bristles surrounding the open mouth of this attachment make it perfect for cleaning various surfaces. The bristles work as a non-moving brush roll that helps agitate and lift dirt and dander from carpeted, upholstered and flat surfaces.

With this brush you can easily run it up and down your grouted areas to help brush dirt and particles out of your grout. The suction power picks up the dirt. You can also use it on stairs as well as a quick way to vacuum your couches, mattress, and chairs.

More expensive or versatile vacuum models will offer more attachments that can help you take your cleaning to the next level. If you are looking for more than the standard two attachments, you may end up looking for a stronger vacuum for cleaning your tile floors and whole house. Just keep in mind about the weight, which we will discuss next.


While tile floors are very durable, you don’t want to take that as a challenge. The optimal vacuum for your tile floors should be more lightweight or the stick vacuum type. This is because you don’t want to risk damaging and cracking your tiled surfaces with a heavy and awkward vacuum.

Opt for a lighter stick vacuum. It will glide over your floors and be easier for you to maneuver around the home.

If you are cleaning multiple levels as well as the stairs in between, a lightweight vacuum is a must have for carrying up and down stairs without hurting your back and arms. Lightweight vacuums are also easier to store. This is due to more compact body designs and limited circumference. This allows you to store your vacuum in tiny closets, behind a cabinet, or just hang it up on the wall.

Corded vs Cordless

Deciding between a corded or cordless vacuum does come down to your personal preference. You should also factor in the cleaning capabilities and limitations each one offers.

A cordless Shark vacuum in the middle of a room with hardwood floors


​There is nothing quite like the freedom of being able to pick up your vacuum and go wherever the mess leads you. No need to first spot a plug in and pray that the cord reaches all the way around. While vacuums these days do have longer cords, there is still a limit to how far you can go.

The biggest con with a cordless vacuum is how long it is able to last. Some models can clean easily for an hour, while others give you only 20 minutes. You are allowed short bursts of cleaning with a long recharge time. If you have a large home that requires a good amount of vacuuming daily, a cordless vacuum may not be the most practical option for you.


There is no limit to how long you can vacuum, whether you only want to do a quick pick up or go over your floors multiple times. With a corded vacuum, as long as there is power coming from your receptacle, you have the ability to clean any time of day or night.

Most modern homes have multiple plug-ins around each room. Most likely, you can easily find a place to plug in your vacuum to reach the entire room.

One thing you do need to keep in mind with a corded vacuum, is how large your rooms are. If you have a home that features large rooms, you will want to make sure the vacuum you choose has a long enough cord to reach the entire room. You don’t want the hassle of having to unplug and find another plug while you are still cleaning in the same room.

HEPA Filtration

Having a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is very important if you have pets, allergies, or both. This is because the HEPA certified filter is able to pick up and contain 99.97% of tiny particles that are .3 and larger. Meaning the dust, dander, and other allergens you vacuum up are not able to be pushed back into the air.

These features can be helpful key factors when you are trying to decide what is the best vacuum for tile floors. Taking each one into consideration will help you find the vacuum that is great for your floors. This vacuum will also make your cleaning routine much easier the next time you have to clean.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tile Floors

​Finding the best vacuum for tile floors can seem like a challenge. When it comes to having a vacuum with great suction and additional attachments to make cleaning grout easier, these vacuums come in on top.



​Cord Length or Run Time


Our Rating

Check Price

VonHaus 2-in-1​



19.5 ft​

​5.6 lbs

Shark DuoClean​



30 ft​

14.1 lbs​

Eufy 30C RoboVac​



​100 minutes

5.7 lbs​

Dyson Cyclone V10​



​60 minutes

5.9 lbs​

Bissell Poweredge



20 ft​

7.5 lbs

Bissell ​Symphony 

Pet Steam​

​Corded Mop and Vac

​25 ft

9.7 lbs

Top Cheap Tile Floor Vacuum - VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum​

​Little, yet mighty, the ​VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a hard-working vacuum that offers great features and attachments. This one helps you clean your tile floors as well as the other floor types in your home. This stick vacuum has a lot of great features and power for a really affordable price.

This vacuum weighs just a little more than five and a half pounds, making it super easy to grab and carry around the house to clean. This also makes it a great option for your tile floors, since it won’t weigh too much as you glide over the floors.

Thanks to the small body design, you can easily store this stick vacuum in a small space or closet. It is also light enough to hang on a wall without risking any damage to your home. With a 19.5 foot power cord, it allows you to easily reach all the corners of the room you are cleaning.

There is no brush roller in the main head. This is a great vacuum that can also work for hardwood floors and berber carpets. The high suction power can pull up tiny particles hiding in the grout,as well as pick up small pieces of food and dirt on the floor.

​Boasting a HEPA filtration system, this vacuum will pick up all the dander and allergens in your home. Individuals with allergies can breathe easier. The HEPA filter is easy to remove and wash so you don’t have to replace it.

​The dirt collecting cup has a 1.3 liter capacity. It holds a good amount of dirt before you have to stop vacuuming and empty the container.

​It’s also an easy detach-and-dump mechanism so you don’t get your hands dirty disposing of everything you vacuumed up.

​Not only can you vacuum the floors, but thanks to the 2 in 1 design, you can detach a handheld vacuum. This makes it easy to vacuum in crevices, on stairs, and on upholstered furniture surfaces.

There are two attachments that come with this vacuum to make your cleaning routine much easier. The high efficiency brush has a wide mouth to cover a large area while you are using the handheld.

  • 5.6 lbs
  • 19.5 ft cord
  • HEPA filter
  • 1.3 liter capacity
  • 2-in-1 cleaning design
  • Comes with two attachments

This attachment is perfect for vacuuming your stairs, thanks to dust agitating bristles that surround the opening.

​​The crevice tool is a two in one with a mini duster. This is perfect for vacuum dusting small spaces like window seals, baseboards, and under cabinets. Also included is a extension hose for better reaching tight corners. The mini duster is perfect for running along your grout crevices to brush away stubborn dust or if you have any areas that really need extra attention while cleaning.

​Why Buy?

​A powerful 2-in-design ​that can ​work in the ​tightest of spaces.

Top Vacuum for Tile Floor - Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum​

Strong suction, ease of use, and features that can’t be beat, the ​Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Vacuum is one of top choices when it comes to finding the best vacuum for tile floors. This vacuum not only has powerful suction but it also comes with some great attachments. It also features an easy way to lift and carry your vacuum for cleaning ease.

The DuoClean technology works by first having a strong bristle brush roller that cleans carpets. A second sponge roller cleans just behind it. The sponged brushroll works to pick up and pull in large pieces of debris while also making contact with your floors. This gives tile and hardwood a polished look.

Thanks to the anti-allergen complete seal, nothing gets through this filter. It also has a washable HEPA filter inside. This makes sure tiny particles and allergens stay put inside the vacuum, instead of being kicked back out into the air you are breathing. If you have pets or allergies, this vacuum will work hard to make sure you keep allergies and dander low in your home.

While this is a larger upright vacuum model, the Shark DuoClean retains an almost stick vacuum sizing. The vacuum weighs 13 pounds, which makes it safe for hardwood and tile flooring. This vacuum also has a compact design size making it easy to lift, carry, and store when you are finished with it.

​Cleaning your vacuum just got a whole lot easier thanks to the brush roll garage. You can simply lift the top of the vacuum head to access and remove the brush roller. This allows you to get rid of any clogs or tangled hair.

Once everything is cleaned and ready to go, you can easily maneuver this vacuum around your home with the swivel steering. This makes the turns as smooth as butter while you weave around.

​Break away from the simple upright vacuum design with the easy Lift Away action the Shark’s canister offers. With the press of a button, the body of the vacuum lifts off of the base and converts to an easy-to-carry canister vacuum body style. It offers limitless cleaning abilities with the included attachments.

Along with an extending wand, this vacuum comes with two attachments. One is a basic larger mouth dusting brush. The other is a smaller, more concentrated, upholstery brush that is best used on furniture and stairs.

  • 14.1 lbs
  • 30 ft cord
  • Anti-allergen seal
  • Duo Clean technology
  • Swivel steering
  • ​Comes with two attachments

A 30 foot long power cord makes it super easy to reach the entire area of each room you are cleaning. It doesn’t limit you while you are vacuuming the stairs. The comfortable grip handle is also part of the lift away so you maintain an easy-to-hold large handle no matter how you choose to clean.

​You can feel confident purchasing this vacuum thanks to a 5 year warranty from the Shark manufacturers. This warranty covers any defects in the vacuums parts that can occur over time.

​Why Buy?

​Compact and versatile, this vacuum can handle any surface.

Top Pick

​While the VonHaus is a great stick vacuum, the Shark DuoClean is the solid winner thanks to it’s easy lift away action that allows it to become a canister vacuum. This vacuum offers a smaller compact sizing making it safe for all your floors. It is also strong enough to clean anything from flat tile floors up to high pile carpets without any issues.

Best Cordless Vacuum for Tile Floors

​Cut the cord with these vacuums and roam free in your home without having to stop and find the plug. If you are looking for a great cordless vacuum for your tile floors, these options can really make your cleaning life much easier.

Top Robotic Vacuum for Tile Floor - Eufy 30C RoboVac​

​Don’t settle for only a limited allowance of cleaning time between charges by choosing the ​Eufy RoboVac 30C. This great little robotic vacuum boasts up to 100 minutes of constant and powerful suction power between charges. Even while it is running low on battery, this vacuum won’t lower or lessen it’s suction power.

For a full charge it takes 4 hours. You can easily run the vacuum two to three times per day depending how much you need to clean or if you have any spills or dirt tracked in during the day.

Not only does this vacuum run for a longer amount of time than the standard robotic vacuums, it is also super quiet. It won’t bother you while you are binge-watching your favorite show or getting the little ones down for an afternoon nap. It is no louder than a standard microwave.

Built in Wi-Fi connects allow you to do more with your robotic vacuum. You can connect it to you Amazon Alexa or Google Home for easy-to-launch voice commands. You can also connect to the app to see more about how your vacuum is running and if there are any error messages. Also, you can control your Eufy vacuum from the app while you are away from home. This is perfect for a quick cleanup for unexpected company or if you forgot to vacuum before you left the house.

​Thanks to the advanced technology you can also schedule cleaning for your robot vacuum. This lets you choose what time of day it runs so you no longer have to remember vacuuming in your cleaning routine.

At the set time, the Eufy will move off of its charger and will start cleaning automatically without you needing to press any additional commands.

Included boundary strips allow you to tell your vacuum where it is and is not allowed to go. This is a great feature if you know that it can get tangled on cords in a certain area or avoid a playroom full of tiny toys that could get sucked up and damaged. The boundary strips are able to be cut to the specific size you need and adhere to the floor easily.

The BoostIQ Technology will automatically increase the suction power when it senses that extra power is needed to clean up a large mess or for medium pile carpets. This gives you the best clean the first time, without you having to go back over the area again

  • 5.7 lbs
  • 100 minutes runtime
  • Boundary strips
  • BoostIQ technology
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Quiet vacuum

The only downside to the BoostIQ is that when on, it will lower your cleaning time to only 50 minutes.

Bottom sensors keep the vacuum from plummeting down the stairs while it is cleaning. There are also 9 anti collision infrared sensors that guide the vacuum around, making sure it avoids walls and furniture.

This vacuum is a great choice for hardwood, tile, and medium to low pile floors. It doesn’t work as well on high pile carpets and can potentially get tangled or stuck.

​Why Buy?

​State of the art cleaning y0u won't need to​ lift a finger.

Top Cordless Vacuum for Tile Floor - Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum​

​Giving you one of the most powerful suction capability while also being a long running cordless vacuum, the ​Dyson Cyclone V10 is a game changer when it comes to cleaning your tile floors and home. This vacuum is loaded with Dyson features to make it stand out among the competition.

This vacuum has been tested in the ASTM Standards against the other cordless stick vacuums on the market. It proves it offers the highest amount of suction you can demand from a cordless vacuum. This powerful suction capability is possible thanks to Dyson’s Digital V10 Motor.

The torque drive cleaner head is the most powerful cleaning head on a cordless model. It offers three power modes. First, a standard that can get everything you need done. Second and third increasing suction power levels work across all types of flooring and surfaces you have.

You can clean with this vacuum for up to a full hour (60 minutes) in the standard cleaning mode. If you opt to use the torque drive cleaner head in suction power mode two, this time can be reduced to only 20 minutes of run time.

​For charging, this vacuum offers a super simple wall mounted dock. It allows you to drop in the Dyson at an angle for easy hanging and lifting off to clean. This docking allows you to quickly grab your vacuum and go when you see a mess.

You don’t have to tug and wrestle, trying to get it off the wall.

First, you are getting a powerful cordless stick vacuum with the Dyson Animal. In addition, you are also benefiting with more ways to clean due to it’s 2 in 1 design. The main handle detaches from the extension pole to create a shorter handheld cleaner. You can attach that to an included crevice dusting brush or attach it to the main vacuum head to create the perfect handheld stair cleaner.

Emptying the dustbin has never been easier. Simply place the mouth of the dust bin over your trash can and then push the handle down to empty the entire bin all at once. No mess and no worries about dust getting clogged. The dust bin can hold .2 gallons.

  • 5.9 lbs
  • ​60 minutes runtime
  • Dyson Digital Motor
  • 2-in-1 cleaning design
  • Torque drive cleaner
  • Comes with one attachment

You don’t have to worry about overflowing while you are in the middle of cleaning.

The Dyson Animal is also able to clean all of your surfaces. It is safe on hardwood floors (thanks to a plush brush roller), and strong enough to vacuum low to medium pile carpets.

Dyson offers a 2-year warranty on the parts and labor for this vacuum. You can feel great about it as it’s a more expensive purchase.

​Why Buy?

​Long-running easy to use vacuum that can handle up to .2 gallons of dust.

Top Pick

Please don’t make us choose! It’s hard to beat a Dyson that offers such powerful suction as well as a long runtime. The main factor in this choice is the ability to not have to vacuum with the Eufy 30C RoboVac. This is also a great choice for cleaning all your floor types from flat to low pile carpets without trouble.

Best Vacuum for Tile Floors and Pet Hair

​When it comes to finding the best vacuum for tile floors, you can’t overlook the ones that mainly cater to your four legged family members. If you have pets in your home, you will want to check out these vacuums. They will clean your floors, as well as enhanced to handle pet hair and other messes these sweet family members can create.

Top Tile Floor Vacuum for the Money - Bissell Poweredge for Pets​

Ditch the traditional vacuum for a more innovative and powerful clean with the ​Bissell PowerEdge for Pets. This uniquely shaped vacuum may seem odd at first. Its design is perfect for cleaning around objects, into corners, and along baseboards without missing any hair, dirt, or food particles.

The V-shaped mouth design is perfect for cleaning around pet food bowls, getting close under furniture legs, following walls, and cleaning tight corners. This design also allows you to swivel around to fit the right angle you are vacuuming. This covers more ground than the standard straight mouthed vacuum is able to.

Instead of vacuuming on both sides of corner furniture and legs, you can vacuum directly towards the square angled furniture in your path. This means that overall you can be making less strokes of the vacuum in order to clean around furniture and other obstacles in your way.

On the bottom of this vacuum, instead of a harsh brush roller that can damage floors, there are rubber squeegees. These unique squeegees are in the shape of a “V.” They work to capture dirt, pet hair, and other particles to funnel them into the vacuum’s suction area for a great clean every single time.

There is also an ingenious rubber piece behind the mouth of the vacuum that keeps funneled particles from escaping. You don’t have dirt escaping. Also, you don’t need to be run over the same area multiple times.

At only 7.5 pounds, this vacuum is super light and easy to carry around the home. It is also small in circumference so you can easily store it in a small closet or pantry.

You can grab it when you need it without having to lug out a large heavy vacuum for a small mess.

This vacuum has a 20 foot long power cord so you can reach all around the room you are cleaning. No need to pause and replug while you are in the middle of cleaning.

  • 7.5 lbs
  • 20 ft ​cord
  • Unique V shaped design
  • Rubber squeegees
  • Easy to empty dirt cup
  • No attachments included

​The Poweredge focuses solely on floor cleaning. There are no attachments included nor is it able to come apart and utilize a crevice tool or dusting brush.

The easy-to-empty dirt cup pops out and has a groove you can hold on to. Your hands don’t come into contact with any of the particles inside. This cup is also clear so you can keep track of how full it is.  

While it can work on some low pile carpet, this vacuum runs best when it is on hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. It has a strong suction power while skipping the brush roller that can damage flat surface flooring. The strong suction power is able to pick up not only small particles but also large pieces of food, dirt, gravel, pet hair, and even cat litter.

​Why Buy?

​Revolutionary squeegee cleaning with powerful suction.

Top Vacuum for Tile Floor and Pet Hair - Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum​

​Why settle for simply vacuuming when you can also mop at the same time with the ​Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum. This all-in-one keeps your floors shining no matter what messes happen during the day.

Vacuuming and steaming at the same time may sound like a potential mess. It really works well to keep the two entities separate while cleaning.

The powerful suction vacuum in the front of the unit works doubletime to pick up the mess. The steam mop in the back goes over the area, lifting up and sanitizing any leftover particles.

If you are cleaning something really icky, you can switch from the washable steam mop pad to disposable pads that allow you to use them once and then just throw them away.

This is great for cleaning up pet accidents as well as any other gross messes that can happen from time to time that you don’t want on your washable pad.

​For the steam mop, there is only a 30 second warm up. That is just enough time for you to plug in the vacuum and get it ready to start cleaning the area. Since this is a steam mop, it is really only recommended for flat surfaces such as tile, hardwood, and linoleum flooring.

It is not recommended for carpets. You can use it on low pile carpets if you want to do a light steam cleaning.

Emptying the dirt cup has never been easier. First, there is an easy-to-press button that drops open the trapdoor to the dirt cup. Your hands do not come into contact with anything inside.

However, the best part about the dust bin is the drop in pet hair lever.

For stubborn pet hair that won’t come out, all you do is lift a tab in the middle to pull up a thin bar and then use it to press down on the inner housing. This works to drop the ceiling of the dirt cup, pushing out stuck pet hair without you having to reach in and pull it out yourself.

  • 9.7 lbs
  • 25 ft cord
  • Vacuum and Steam tech
  • ​Cyclonic vacuum
  • 30 second warm up
  • Comes with two attachments

The dirt cup also stays completely dry during the entire cleaning process. This way, you don’t have to worry about wet pet hair or dirt clumps forming inside of the debris tank.

Included with this vacuum is a soft brush mop pad as well as a scrubby mop pad with ridges. This helps with tough dirt and particles that need a little extra oomph to be cleaned up. You can also add in odor eliminating scent discs to the steam mop. These will work to get rid of any smelly messes or residue leftover from your not always fresh smelling four legged family members.

​Why Buy?

​A steam and vac combo that'll clean your floors in no time.

Top Pick

​The unique design of the Bissell Poweredge is super handy. It just can’t quite reach the additional convenience of being able to mop and vacuum at the same time like the Bissell Symphony offers.

​Mopping and vacuuming at the same time, you really can’t beat it. The Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum is our top choice for the best vacuum for tile floors. While it is great for pets, you don’t have to have one to own it.



​There are a lot of features and abilities to consider when you are searching for the best vacuum for tile floors. This is because you want to make sure you are investing in a great vacuum. You want one that will fit your daily cleaning needs as well as be compatible with the rest of your home.

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