Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass Review

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One of the most laborious chores of using a vacuum is having to pass over the same spot, again and again, to pick up dirt and get it clean. Traditional vacuums take several passes to get your carpet clean.

However, the Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass offers a special brush and suction technology. This can save you time when vacuuming, as you’ll ideally only have to pass over your flooring once to pick up dirt.

OnePass cleaning is just one of the features this bestselling vacuum offers. This Bissell 9595A review provides a look at what makes this vacuum unique and how it can benefit you when cleaning your home. Read on for what you can expect from this vacuum.

​Product Specs

Vacuum Type:

​Motor Size:

​Cord Length:




12 amps

25 ft

15 lbs

TurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Extension Wand

The Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

The Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass is billed as a vacuum that can do it all. It is ideal for floors, carpet, upholstery, and furniture. It especially excels at stairs as it is lightweight at only 15 lbs. and comes with a cleaning wand that makes this chore even easier.

You’ll appreciate that this vacuum offers a removable dirt canister which eliminates the need for a vacuum bag. Not only is this a tidier way to operate your vacuum but it gives you additional flexibility.

There is no need for you to ensure you have a replacement bag on hand. This is also a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly way to vacuum, which is best for everyone involved.

The foam filter of the Bissell 9595A Vacuum can also be washed. This gives you additional life out of this component and reduces dust levels as you clean with the device.

Suction Specs

What separates the Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass from other vacuum models on the market is its ability to clean in one pass. With a 12-amp motor, it has plenty of suction power that utilizes a Multi-Cyclonic Suction System. This is designed to clean deep the first time over and really lift dirt and debris from your flooring surface without issue.

The Multi-Cyclonic Suction System allows for constant suction power all during your cleaning. This can ensure you never lose power when vacuuming, regardless of the surface or debris that needs to be eliminated.

Enhancing the suction engineering of this Bissell vacuum is the brush assembly it incorporates. It uses a downward rotation to dig deep into carpet and provide a better lift of dirt from its surface. Because dirt typically likes to embed itself into the fibers of your carpet, this brush is especially helpful as it can get into the smallest of crevices and remove dirt easily.


Bissell 9595A for stairs

The Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass really comes through with the number of accessories it offers. From a TurboBrush Tool to a dusting brush, you’ll be able to get virtually every area of your home clean without damage.

Having the right attachment to clean can make easy work of your household chores. You’ll be able to use that crevice brush in a variety of applications as it can get into those tight spots where the standard nozzle can’t reach.

You’ll find that cleaning your stairs has also become easier. The extension wand allows you to reach to the very top of your staircase without having to drag your vacuum along with you on each step. This eliminates any tipping of your vacuum as you work and makes this arduous chore as easy as possible for you.


The price of the Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass is really an affordable option for the technology and features you get with this vacuum model. This vacuum offers good value as you can easily reduce your cleaning time by passing once over your carpet and flooring. You won’t have to endlessly go over areas to get them clean like a traditional vacuum, making the investment in the Bissell 9595A a good choice for any homeowner.

When compared to other bagless vacuums with a similar OnePass technology, the Bissell 9595A comes in at a cost-effective price range. It has a lower price tag, making it affordable for most people to add as part of their cleaning arsenal in their home.

What We Like

​The Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass. is a fantastic option in a long line of high quality vacuums that Bissell puts out. It offers a series of features that make vacuuming easier and faster for everyone.

The suction is good, and the OnePass technology is a convenience that can’t be beaten. For a vacuum in this price point, a 12 amp motor is really really good. You'll get a lot of power from this Bissell. We also appreciate the series of accessories it offers​.

It is also important to note that this Bissell Vacuum makes stair cleaning less work as you can use the extension wand to reach without fumbling with your vacuum on every stair or landing.


  • OnePass technology
  • Strong Cyclone suction
  • Lots of accessories
  • check
    Easy stair cleaning
  • check
    Removable dirt canister

What We Don't Like

While we do find that the Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum is an effective vacuum model, like all vacuums it does come with a few minor drawbacks we wanted to include in this Bissell 9595A review. The operation of the vacuum itself is louder than ​others in it's class. This may be due to the powerful suction and may not even be noticeable to some users.

This vacuum also doesn’t provide a focus on pet hair or dander, but it does have a special brush technology that deep cleans. So, it may be able to remove it without any further remedy necessary. We would have liked to see a focus on pet cleaning as this is an important feature for many homeowners.

Also, the vacuum is corded, limiting its ability to maneuver to some extent. But, it does come with a 25 ft cord, so there is plenty of length to move about. A cordless option would have been a nice addition to this Bissell vacuum’s already beneficial features.


  • Corded
  • Not ideal for pets
  • Loud operation

Final Thoughts

The Bissell 9595A Clean View Bagless Vacuum with OnePass is the ideal vacuum model for a homeowner who is looking to reduce their cleaning time. It is priced nominally and offers good suction and cleaning ability. You can’t go wrong with this vacuum, and we recommend making an investment in this model for cleaning your home.

​Why Buy?

Powerful suction and inexpensive - Bissell brings a powerful combination.

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