How to Clean Your Carpet without Vacuum Cleaning

how to clean carpet without carpet cleaner

While this website is focused on helping you find the best vacuum for your specific needs, there are times when it makes sense to clean your carpets without a vacuum. Lets spend a few minutes showing you to how to clean carpet without vacuum cleaning.

​Whether your taking part in a spring cleaning or just trying your best to keep your ​house clean on a routine basis, learning how to care for carpet without the hassle of a vacuum cleaner is a valuable skill. 

​1. Clean the Surface Area

One of the easiest things you can do to make your carpet instantly look cleaner is to pick up any large pieces of dirt, debris, and trash. Normally this is something you will also do before you break out the vacuum, since most machines cannot pick up large objects.

​Get Close

The best way to do this is to get down on your hands and knees. This will get you lower to the carpet so you can easily see any dirt, clumps of dust or small pieces of trash.

Take a paper towel with you and use that to pile stuff on it as you pick up and move around the room. Similar to deep cleaning your hardwood floors, you want to remove as much from the carpet as you can. 

Most of the time, you'll be surprised by how much that gathers in corners, under furniture, and behind lights. Make sure to navigate behind all of these items to maximize what you collect. You will want to do the equivalent of mopping your tile floors and grout to your carpet with this step, and you will want to do it well.

In addition to the corners, high traffic areas of carpet also tend to have a lot of debris. Often these areas will be ground in and more difficult to collect, you'll need to use something sticky to attract the dirt out.

​Packing Tape

If you see tiny particles on the surface but are unable to pick them up with your hand then you can use a piece of packing tape.

To use this trick, cut a strip of the clear packing tape and firmly press it onto the carpet. Then quickly pull it up.

You can use one strip repeatedly over various areas of the carpet, until it is full or no longer sticky. You can also use a lint roller over your carpet. It is best to go slower when you are rolling and press down a little to pull up any dirt that is just below the surface.

​Quick Pick Up

A quick pick up is a great way to clean carpet without machine vacuums. If you get the dirt and debris while its still on the surface, then you prevent it from getting ground into the carpet, and that is where a vacuum becomes necessary. 

​This is an easy daily task to help straighten up, but you will need a more deep cleaning as time goes by without a vacuum.

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how to clean carpet without carpet cleaner

​2. Sweep your Carpet

If you want to clean dirt and hair out of your carpets then a quick sweep might be all you need. There are carpet sweeping or raking brooms available, but you can do this task with the broom that you currently own or with a manual carpet and floor sweeper.

​Short Motions

To sweep your carpet you will want to start in one area and do quick, short sweeping motions. Don’t try to sweep it like you would the floor. Instead it is similar movements to raking leaves.

The short, quick motions allow the bristles of the broom to pull dirt and hair away from the carpet. Once you sweep out the hair and dirt, guide it into a dust pan and move on to a new spot.

​Small Areas

Working in small areas gives you more traction to clean and clear the debris before moving to another spot. Also cleaning up each area makes sure you don’t accidentally step on the pile and push it back into the carpet.

Alternatively you could use a hand scrubber brush to sweep the carpet. This smaller device will have more power and control since it is in closer range. However, it will require more effort and take a longer time.

​3. Deep Clean your Carpet

You can clean small spots or your entire carpeted area without having to purchase or rent a machine. There are plenty of items in your pantry that you can use as cleaner so that you don’t have to run out and buy chemical based cleaners.

​Water and Vinegar

For small spots you can use a fifty-fifty mix of water and white vinegar. Add a few drops of essential oil to cut down on the vinegar smell or add a couple drops of dawn to make it a foam cleaner.

It is important to use a sparing amount on carpets, putting down too much liquid makes the carpet hard to dry and can lead to mold or mildew. To better control how much you use, pour the mix into a spray bottle and then spray a concentrated amount on the stain.

You can let the vinegar spray sit on your carpet for a few minutes, and then blot it up with a paper towel or rag. Use a rag that has been dipped in warm water and wrung out to blot up the solution. You may need to repeat this once more to clean and remove the stain.

Vinegar is also effective in getting rid of annoying insects and pests that may reside within your carpet, so make sure you clean your carpets regularly.

​Soap and Water

You can clean your entire carpet area by using a few drops of Dawn in warm water. You don’t want to scrub since that can damage your carpets. Instead, dip a rag into the soapy water, wring it out and lightly rub it over the carpet.

You can follow up by doing this again with just warm water to rinse out the dawn. Blot up any very wet areas and use a ceiling fan to circulate the air and help the carpet dry.

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Even if you have a vacuum you can incorporate these tips into your cleaning routine. Doing quick pick up and spot cleaning give you a break from dragging out the vacuum multiple times a day, and a deep clean will make your vacuuming efforts much more effective.

Now that you know how to clean carpet without vacuum cleaning, you can save yourself the effort of having to break out the vacuum at the sign of any mess. 

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