How To Clean Steel Pennies

Clean steel pennies

Collecting coins is a fun, rewarding, and possibly lucrative hobby for many people. Steel cents, minted for only one year during World War II, pop up fairly regularly in different coin collections. For keeping your coins looking as good as possible, it may be important to know how to clean steel pennies, especially since they …

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How to Clean Car Battery Terminals with Vinegar

Woman spraying a DIY cleaning solution to her car battery terminal

Not many people know that car battery terminals require cleaning once in a while. Sometimes, it can be the difference between everything running smoothly or being stuck on the road. With just a little time, you can learn how to clean car battery terminals with vinegar in a few, simple steps. How to Clean Battery …

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors after Removing Carpet

cleaning hardwood floors after carpet

Whether you want a new look for your home, or you simply want to clean the hardwood floor beneath them, the process is tedious. The cleaning needs to be done in a step-by-step method to not damage the hardwood beneath it. Here you’ll see how to clean hardwood floors after removing the carpet. How to …

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How to Clean Dog Diarrhea from Your Carpet

To your horror, the gagging smell from your carpeted room turns out to be diarrhea from your dog. While it is not an easy task to clean, you’re more than capable of doing it at home without hiring a professional. Learning how to clean diarrhea from a carpet will help you keep it looking as …

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How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again

how to vacuum a shaggy rug

Shaggy rugs work really well in enhancing the aesthetics of a room, but at the same time, due to the material, it gets dirty easily. Moreover, with time they lose the fluffiness and comfort. So, although vacuuming it regularly can help keep it clean, it will most likely not help restore the fluffiness. How To …

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How To Get Old Stains Out Of The Carpet

soapy water hardwood floors

Stains, in general, are not a pleasant thing to deal with, and old stains can be a nightmare. Thus it is essential to know how to get old stains out of the carpet. The old stains are caused by accidental spills and dust, dirt, and bacteria, so it highlights that carpet flooring needs constant attention.  …

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How to Clean Mexican Tile Floors

Colorful mosaic tiles flooring with different shapes

Has your Mexican tile flooring got soiled again, and you can’t find the right way to clean it? Don’t worry! This guide summarizes detailed information on how to clean Mexican tile floors depending on its type of grime. How to Clean Mexican Tile Floors Saltillo, also known as Mexican tile, is a clay-based tile widely …

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How to Clean an Oven After a Fire

Smoking oven with chicken inside

An oven is an essential appliance of the kitchen, and it can cook the best foods for you. But some evident reasons might cause oven fires. For instance, spilled greasy elements, food scraps, a whole forgotten pizza, or some dripping batter can result in oven fires. These are some unfortunate accidents that might occur due …

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How to Clean a Shark Rocket Brush Roll

Black vacuum cleaner on wood flooring

If your Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner is not working perfectly, the possible reason is a blocked brush roll. The vacuum brush can accumulate a lot of harboring dirt that might obstruct its cleanliness potential. Removing the roller brush to clean it is not as common as replacing the vacuum bags. Moreover, cleaning the Shark Rocket …

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How to Clean Wool Dryer Balls

Minimalist laundry area

Wool Dryer balls are the magic balls that intend to reduce the drying time of your laundry. If you generally needed an hour to dry a bunch of towels, you will save around 15-20 minutes with the use of a wool dryer ball. Like that of the name, the wool dryer balls are purely made …

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How to Clean Dirty, Smelly Socks

Hanging pair of socks on a clip

A pair of socks is a ubiquitous accessory to clothing that people use. Along with that, it is also the most frequently washed piece of cloth every single day. In this article, you will learn the steps on how to clean socks. Therefore, people need to understand the proper process of cleaning the socks. If …

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