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What to Put in Mop Water

Close up of a foam mop head

When it comes to cleaning your floors, it is important to use the right tools for the job, starting with the mop, and then the cleaning solution you will mix in your mop water. Standard off the shelf concentrated cleaning solutions may work well for flooring materials like linoleum or vinyl, but hardwood floors, marble, …

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15 Home Cleaning Hacks with Lemons

Diagonal row of lemons

Stop letting those perfectly good lemons sit while you are struggling to clean. Check out some of these great home cleaning hacks with lemons. Your cleaning will have a fresh-smelling, non-toxic boost. Why Lemons are Great for Cleaning Lemons are one of the best cleaning agents we often forget about. While the bright scent is …

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30 Home Cleaning Hacks with Vinegar

cleaning with vinegar

One of the best old wives tales is that vinegar is a miracle cleaner. However, there are plenty of naysayers that say this cheap cleaning product just isn’t a good and effective cleaner. To help you better understand the cleaning power of vinegar, we have pulled together some of our favorite home cleaning hacks using …

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The Best Closet Organization System

best closet organization system

Sometimes, life can make it difficult to stay organized, which is why close to half of the America population considers themselves disorganized. Anyone who experiences problems staying organized can probably say they also have a hard time organizing their closets. This is why closet organization systems are becomingly increasingly more popular. Closet systems allow people …

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