How to Quickly Paint a Lampshade in Your Home

painted lampshade in white room how to paint a lampshade

At times you may find yourself staring at a favorite lamp that is currently clashing with your new decor. The first question that comes to mind might can you paint a lampshade and, if so, how difficult it would be. Surprisingly, how to paint a lampshade is not difficult, and is a perfect DIY project …

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How to Clean Dog Paws and Feet After a Walk

how to clean your dogs paws after a walk

Going for a walk with your pet is always a good way to exercise. But, pets rarely stay on the path and are magnets to puddles and mud. Take a look at these methods and products that can help when you are learning how to clean dog paws after a walk. ​How to Clean Dog …

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Our Picks for the Best Home Cleaning Blogs of 2024

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum

​Keeping your home clean and organized is no easy task, especially ​with the busy lifestyle that most of us lead. Between work and social time, hanging out with the family, and all the activities we have, keeping a clean home can be the last thing on your mind. However, there is hope – there are lot of …

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A Guide on the Best Way to Clean Your Area Rugs

area rug cleaning steamer vacuum wash

Area rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. Sometimes cleaning them can feel overwhelming. Knowing the best way to clean area rugs can cut down on frustration. You will also have a clear and concise way to get rid of the dirt. The Best Way to Clean Area Rugs Cleaning an area rug can …

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A Guide on How to Clean Your Dog’s Bed

dog bed cleaning washing dog bed

As humans, ​it’s long been taught that we should try to change our bed sheets once a week. What about our four-legged friends and their beds? While they might not have sheets to change, their bed needs a scheduled cleaning of its own. When you want to know how to clean a dog bed, here …

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Tips and Tricks for How to Clean Your Carpeted Stairs

carpeted stairs in home

Carpeted floors and stairs are a haven for homes with young kids and pregnant women. It softens the floor and stairs and provides the home with a feeling of Zen as it reduces noise production. But cleaning them can be quite a task. So if you want to know how to clean carpeted stairswith ease, …

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How to Get Blood Out of Carpet and Hardwood Floor

Blood on carpet

Spilling blood on your carpet or hardwood floor is really frustrating, and concerning. It can seem like an impossible task to get it out. And, there is always the fear of the unknown – will this stain be here forever? ​However, there are several tricks to removing blood and restoring your carpet or hardwood floor …

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How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

how to clean engineered flooring

​​When it comes to knowing how to clean engineered hardwood floors, it can be an easy task. But, its vital to know what to use to keep from damaging your floors. There are various light cleaning and deep cleaning choices out there to select from. We’ll go through and review how to clean engineered hardwood …

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Keeping the House Clean While Working Full Time

make your bed everyday

Working a full-time job means at least 40 hours of your week are spent focused on things which do not include cleaning your house. This number is higher for most full-time workers. That doesn’t even account for time spent taking care of your kids, family, and other responsibilities you have in your community.  How does …

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The Complete Guide to Cleaning the Bathroom

guide to cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom should be among your top cleaning priorities. A dirty bathroom can not only smell bad, but also can spread disease. Knowing some bathroom cleaning hacks and tips can help you to efficiently and effectively tackle a dirty bathroom and maintain a clean one. This article will cover a quite a bit of information, including …

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The Best Cleaning Products for Your Home [2024 Review]

soap for cleaning

Cleaning is a regular part of every person’s week. Using the best cleaning products makes your life simpler, and helps you get the cleaning job done faster and more effectively. There are so many choices when it comes to finding the best home cleaning products. We’ll help guide you through choosing the best cleaning products …

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