How to Clean Your Closet

Empty space brown closet with mirror

Is your closet running out of space, and you don’t know what to do with all the new stuff? Cramming everything together in the closet without cleaning it isn’t just dirty but will also destroy all your clothes. Don’t worry! We have summarized all of the answers in this ultimate guide on how to clean …

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How to Clean Tennis Balls

Tennis ball with reflection and bokeh effect

Tennis balls aren’t just for playing tennis. But, they are preferable for many other games and fun times. Tennis balls act as toys for pets and are used to play cricket. Also, a tennis ball is used for playing usual ball-throw games and much more. With the impeccable uses of tennis balls, it is time …

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How to Clean a Toilet Tank With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Toilet tank with tissue paper on top

House cleaning is never complete without the bathroom and toilet space. You cannot ignore the cleaning of the bathroom, as a filthy appeal would definitely ruin the entire setting of the house. Also, your guests will surely use the washroom, and you will not want to set a wrong impression. Using vinegar and baking soda …

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How to Keep a House Clean With Cats

Cat in the window with sunflower vase

There is a lot more to do than just pampering the cats if you have them as pets. Cats can make your house smelly and might also leave a hairy couch for you. You do love your cat, so at times you might just let go of the stinky problem. But the guests who walk …

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How to Clean a Bathroom Sink Overflow Hole

Bathroom acrylic sink with shiny faucet

The job of an overflow hole is to prevent flooding in your sink. The sink overflow hole does it by diverting the water pressure to give you more reacting time. It is an important invention to help prevent the spilling of water or contents within the sink from spilling out. You can any time face …

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How to Clean a Roomba’s Side Wheels

White Roomba cleaning the floor

Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that is an optimal product to carry out home cleaning procedures. It is a fact that even a cleaning tool needs timely maintenance and cleaning for its longevity. Roomba robot cleaners have three wheels, out of which one is the caster wheel, while the other two are side wheels. …

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How to Clean a Brass Chandelier

Close-Up shot of chandelier with light bulb

Brass is one of the most liked materials for lamps and lanterns. It is because of its durability and longevity quotient. In fact, brass has natural corrosion resistance and demands less maintenance. A brass chandelier is yet another popular home decorative item of this metal, which can add glam to even a modern space. If …

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How to Clean an Acrylic Sink

Top view of white acrylic sink

Acrylic sinks do have the potential to be stain-resistant and durable. Therefore, they have become a popular choice for most homeowners. But, even with all the durability, you need to clean and take proper care of the acrylic sinks. It is to help preserve the appearance. Maintaining an acrylic sink is pretty much easy in …

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How to Clean Nickel Silver

Nickel silver gear with screws

Nickel Silver, also known as German Silver, came into existence in the 19th century. It is not an actual silver form but a collective mixture of nickel, zinc, and copper. The blend by the metalworkers of Germany brought in an appearance of Silver on this material. With its creation, it gave many objects the appeal …

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How to Clean Double-Hung Windows That Don’t Tilt

Double hung window style in the kitchen

The double-hung windows tend to get dirty over time. But cleaning them is a real pain. Therefore, most of the time, people just intend to give up on the cleaning aspects. In this article, you will learn how to clean double-hung windows that don’t tilt. If you want to sparkle them up again, then you …

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How to Clean Greasy Ceiling Fans

Greasy ceiling fan on a darker light

The ceiling fan gives a thrust of wind right from the moment we turn it on. And these fans are the most ignored appliance in all houses. People do not schedule cleaning sessions for ceiling fans. As a result, the blades accumulate greasy and sticky dust. Hence, this adds weight to the blades, and the …

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How to Clean Sheepskin Seat Covers

Close-Up shot of sheepskin cover

Sheepskin seat covers are pretty much excellent for cars. Due to their hypoallergenic properties, they have the potential to keep you warm and cozy in the winter season and cool and comfortable in summers. Moreover, these seats have the potential to offer you the best protection for your backbone and back area. One of the …

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