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Best Vacuum for Fleas [2020 Review]

Man cleaning out his carpet full of fleas with a vacuum

The best vacuum for fleas can help you fight a flea infestation without using any harsh chemicals in your house. However, it’s crucial to find a good vacuum that will help you remove fleas effectively since not all vacuum cleaners can accomplish the task. We’ve tested some vacuums on the market based on their suction …

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Best Ash Vacuum [2020 Review]

If you use an old-fashioned oven or a fireplace, then ash is a constant by-product. If left unattended, ash can become a health hazard because you can inhale some of it and develop severe lung problems. While a dustpan and brush would do, this will create more mess because some of the ash will end …

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Best Sponge Mop [2020 Review]

Woman using a sponge mop to clean the floor

Unlike traditional mops, sponge mops do not require a bucket to wring them out because they feature a built-in mechanism that squeezes out the excess water, which makes them convenient and easy to use. However, choosing the best sponge mop can be difficult since the market is flooded with many products.  So, after testing several …

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