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How To Clean Steel Pennies

Clean steel pennies

Collecting coins is a fun, rewarding, and possibly lucrative hobby for many people. Steel cents, minted for only one year during World War II, pop up fairly regularly in different coin collections. For keeping your coins looking as good as possible, it may be important to know how to clean steel pennies, especially since they …

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How To Clean Unfinished Wood Floors

Kitchen with unfinished wood floors

As unfortunate as it is, all floors get dirty. Between foot traffic, gravity, animals, and accidental spills, floors take the brunt of most household dirt and grime. Some flooring can be a little more difficult to clean because they absorb moisture. Because of this, properly learning how to clean unfinished wood floors can help save …

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How To Clean A Dehumidifier

When you live in a humid area, having a dehumidifier in the house can help asthma or allergy sufferers breathe easier, as well as helping prevent the buildup of mold or mildew. This machine acts very much like an air conditioner, with air flowing through it and vapor being removed, and has different parts that …

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How To Clean A Suede Couch

Clean suede couch

Suede is a very soft, comfortable, and wear-resistant material that looks great on couches. Because of the way that the short fibers tend to bend in different ways, they can sometimes be a pain to clean if you aren’t quite sure of the process. Today we’ll show you how to clean a suede couch. How …

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How To Clean Walls With Flat Paint

Woman cleaning her walls

The walls inside of our houses tend to attract dirt over time, whether from dust in the air, fingerprints, or spills. When those walls are coated with flat paint, there is the chance that over-cleaning can remove some of the paint, leaving them looking even worse. Because of this, it is important to learn how …

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How Often To Clean Dryer Vent

Woman using a vacuum to clean dryer vent

We’ve often been told to clean our dryer vent on a regular basis for both safety and functionality. The question is how often to clean a dryer vent? That all depends on what you are putting into your dryer, how you use it, and even the location of your dryer compared to the external wall. …

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