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How to Clean Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are the natural and the most environment-friendly alternative to synthetic and plastic blinds. The bamboo blinds are of wood, and they demand specific cleaning approaches. It is because wood is a material that requires the utmost care. And harsh cleaning measures can deteriorate its integrity. Just like any other blinds, the bamboo material …

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How to Clean Out a Room Full of Junk

A messy room full of junk

A room that lacks some maintenance efforts will soon accumulate a lot of junk. These junks will overcrowd the space and will eventually deteriorate the appeal of your room. It is a very common scenario in bachelor rooms! But you can fix these things! If you don’t find time to clean your room very often, …

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How to Clean Painted Brick

a brick with a colorful painted animal looking figure

Painted bricks over the interior or exterior walls demand timely cleaning. These bricks have the shine, texture, and appeal to glam up the entire property. But they experience a lot of dirt, dust, stain, and other adversities over time to lose their glaze. Therefore, it is essential to revive them on time, to maintain the …

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How to Clean Dining Chair Cushions

a dining chair of cushion chairs

Cushions are the essence of dining chairs, as they are the reason for their comfort quotient. And if you have a dirty cushion over the chair, it is not at all pleasing to sit on it. Even though dirtiness doesn’t affect the comfort of the cushion, no one loves to sit on an unpresentable chair …

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How to Clean Slate Appliances

Part of a kitchen with a marble table and a slate refrigerator in the middle

Slate is an engineered, matte & metallic paint-specific finish. The main benefit of it is that it repels fingerprint marks and makes the dust & dirt mostly invisible. Slate is the new color within the range of appliances, and it came live in 2013. Since then, the adaptation of these slate appliances has crossed all …

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How to Clean Zinc

A pile of tin cans

Zinc is a very popular material that is preferable for many objects or things, including jewelry, decoration items, countertops, and others. In fact, zinc is a form of reactive metal that consists of a blue-grey hue. It will then develop the hazy-grey patina over time. The patina evolves gradually in zinc products. The countertops made …

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How to Clean a Fabric Headboard

A brown toned bed with a headboard

Has your fabric headboard become dirty lately? Then you might be considering giving it a good wash. But, how to do that? Don’t worry! We have summarized the best tips on how to clean a fabric headboard at home that will help you save time. How to Clean a Fabric Headboard Beds and furniture have …

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How to Clean a Fiberglass Sink

A simple fiberglass sink with black faucet

Is your fiberglass sink stained again, and normal warm water isn’t working? Well, if it is so, you are not alone. The bright white fiberglass often stains pale after some time even it is clean. That’s why we have summarized the dos and don’ts on how to clean a fiberglass sink in detail. How to …

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How to Clean Wood Stairs

a wood spiral staircase

Do you also like the wooden finish over the floor and staircase? Then this guide is for you. One of the major concerns of people having a wooden staircase is its maintenance. However, with this step-by-step guide on how to clean wood stairs, you can keep your stairs as fresh as new. How to Clean …

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How to Clean a Wooden Comb

A wooden comb on display with a white background

Wooden combs do represent style and elegance with a traditional look. Although modern-day plastic combs are available in different varieties, they can never match the aesthetic appeal of a wooden comb. Wooden combs are proven to be gentle over your hair in comparison to plastic combs. They are more proficient in terms of dealing with …

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How to Clean a Bath Mat

Brown slippers on a rainbow colored bath mat

It is a good habit to clean your bathtub, toilet, shower, and bathroom at regular intervals. But, in the process, you do miss out on the bathmats that are also an integral part of your bathroom. They can spread the most unhygienic bacteria, mildew, and fungi around the bathroom, through your feet. At times, these …

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How to Clean a Lampshade

A fabric lampshade with a printed design

Lampshades are the element of visual appeal to any room or property. It is an eye-catcher as it provides beautiful illumination in a particular spot. But what happens when the attractive quotient of your room or property gets dirty? It hampers the overall appeal and ambiance of the room! Lampshades are made up of several …

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