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The Best Closet Organization System

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Sometimes, life can make it difficult to stay organized, which is why close to half of the America population considers themselves disorganized. Anyone who experiences problems staying organized can probably say they also have a hard time organizing their closets. This is why closet organization systems are becomingly increasingly more popular.

Closet systems allow people to organize their closets by creating extra space. This, in turn, allows for more wardrobe organization. Sometimes it can be hard to keep a closet organized. Closet systems can help declutter, organize, and even style the way a closet looks.

closet organization system

There are many different closet organization accessories people can purchase to help them organize their closets. Whether someone is focusing on linen closet organization or storage closet organization, a closet organization system can be a game changer in clothing storage.

Cheap closet organization ideas are fairly easy to come by. There are all sorts of different and effective organization systems on the market. They can make a closet organized, neat, and much easier to navigate. In addition, many of them are inexpensive, innovative, and relatively easy to use.

​Closet Organization Ideas

Clothes neatly hanging on a rack

It’s not difficult to make closet organization plans which are budget-friendly.

Clutter-free, organized closets make life much easier. They also eliminate the stress of having to dig through a cluttered closet which is piled with a seemingly endless supply of clothes.

Science says that staying organized is good for a person’s health, This is one reason why closet organization is an important part of any home organization routine. By investing in a closet organization system, or even something as simple as closet organization shelves, life can be made much easier.

Creating more space for things in a home by enhancing closet space will make for a less cluttered home, leading to a happier and healthier life. Closet organization ideas on a budget are often simple, and handy hacks can be quite useful.

Here are some simple and cheap closet organization ideas for people who are looking for inexpensive and crafty ways to get their closets organized:

  • Add an extender rod in a closet to double available hanging space
  • Hang scarves​ and hats on the inside of the closet door
  • Use a shoe rack to eliminate shoe clutter
  • Use shelf dividers to store clothes more efficiently
  • Reclaim wasted space in a closet by using hooks
  • Attach soda can tabs or shower rings onto clothes hangers to double their use and save space
  • Add crown molding in the back of a closet to hang heels
  • Store seasonal clothing in labeled bins
  • Use accessory shelf organizers to create temporary shelving in closets

You want to keep items you access frequently close to the front. Underwear, bras, socks… these are things you wear every day, so keep them in an easy-to-reach area.

On the other hand, heavy jackets and bathing suits tend to get used infrequently, so they work well for the harder-to-reach areas.

​Bedroom Closet Organization

For those willing to spend a little extra for a closet organization system, these options are great and won’t break the budget.

Elfa Closet System

This system is strong, durable, and available in many different styles to complement bedroom decor. It can be installed on a wall or in a closet. This system comes equipped with adjustable doors, shelving, and hanging rods. It’s even customizable!

The Elfa closet system comes in many different varieties and price ranges. From larger reach-in closets to shoe wall decor to wall rack solutions, Elfa closet systems are extremely versatile and perfect for any type of budget.


  • Customizable
  • Flexible
  • Great option for renters
  • Adjustable drawers
  • Can be installed in a closet or on a wall
  • Sturdy, strong and durable
  • Comes with many options to customize the look and feel of a bedroom closet

Easy Track Closet System

The Easy Track closet system is a great option for anyone on a budget. This system is both a clothes and shoe storage system. Most Easy Track systems are equipped with up to four bars that can be used to hang clothes. They also come with two or three shelves for folded clothes. Easy Track is versatile and comes in a variety of colors including dark and light wood or white.

Easy track is extremely easy to install. It is a good option for anyone looking for an inexpensive closet organization system that won’t break the bank.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can be installed in a closet or on a wall
  • Comes with matching system for shoes and clothes
  • Offers lots of extra space and storage
  • Available in different systems, styles, and colors
best closet organization system

Rubbermaid Closet System

The Rubbermaid closet system, like the Elfa system, is customizable. It can be customized with shelves, drawers, and/or hanging rods. This system can also be adjusted to the size of the user’s closet.

Available with the Rubbermaid system are accessories for shoes, ties, belts, and more. These can be purchased with the system itself.

Rubbermaid comes with three different types of setups. All three vary in size, configuration, shelving, foot space, and flexibility. This system ranges in price for people with both low or higher budgets.


  • Prices range from $150 to $1,000, making the Rubbermaid closet system a good option for anyone’s budget
  • Customizable
  • Comes in three different closet setups
  • Configures and adjusts to closet size

Closetmaid Closet System

The Closetmaid closet system is customizable and has adjustable shelving, over the door storage, and wood shelving. This closet organizing system comes in a variety of different colors to match bedroom decor and varying tastes.

One great thing about the Closetmaid closet organizer system is that it varies in price from high to low. People who are interested in purchasing their own Closetmaid closet system can even design their own system online.


  • Stores accessories in easy-to-reach places
  • Equipped with ventilated wood shelving
  • Available in light brown, white, or black
  • Customizable
  • Price range of $250 to $2,000

​Linen Closet Organization

Organizing a linen closet is much like organizing a bedroom closet. Whether the closet is big or small, finding ways to organize it can make life much easier.

how to organize linen closet

It’s very easy to disregard linen closet organization. This closet tends to be forgotten in the chaos of household cleaning. That being said, the right linen closet organization can help keep towels, linens, and bed sheets organized. This makes it much easier to store linens and access them when they are needed.

Here are some great linen closet organization ideas to get all those linens straightened up. These ideas will help eliminate the possibility of overstuffing a linen closet and help create more storage:

  • Roll towels to store them instead of folding them. This will save a huge amount of space.
  • Use file sorters to sort washcloths and face cloths. Just roll up the washcloths and stack them in the file sorter!
  • Shoe organizers are a great way to store small accessories or cleaning supplies.
  • Take leftover wire shelving and create dividers with them.
  • Store matching sheets together in the same pillowcase and stack them in the linen closet.
  • Use decorative brackets as fancy, stylish shelf dividers.
  • Label everything so that it is easy to see where to place linens.
  • For the really crafty people out there, installing towel rods on doors is a great way to store linens like tablecloths that can wrinkle easily.

​Storage Closet Organization

Organizing a storage closet can be a complicated and daunting task. With storage comes a lot of clutter, which can make it difficult to organize. Keeping bedroom and linen closets organized should never go overlooked. This process can actually be quite simple.

Using the right mindset, solutions, and tools, it can be easy to organize a storage closet without breaking the bank.

Organizing a storage closet can be difficult if there are lots of clothes, accessories, and clutter. That’s why approaching closet organization with a plan can make the whole process a simple one. Here are some tips to make closet organization easier and less time consuming:

storage containers for storage closet organization
  • First, assess what needs to be stored and how much space there is. This means the space in the closet will need to be measured.
  • If there aren’t enough shelves in the storage closet, install more.
  • Install a rail organizing system.
  • Store things in tubs with labels to keep storage accessible.
  • Store things high up in closets, under sofas, under beds, and in the garage and attic if applicable.
  • Create a plan.
  • Empty a closet first before organizing it and sort everything into categories including seasonal, things that are rarely worn, things to donate, toys, etc.
  • Sort everything and put everything where it belongs.
  • Donate anything that is not needed.
  • Throw out anything that is not needed and cannot be donated.
  • Consider what the closet space will be used for.
  • Customize closets with baskets, bags, hangers, rods, valet hooks, storage containers, tubs, and bins.
  • Use coated wire or melamine shelf systems to create more storage space.
  • Instead of hiring a professional installer to install shelves, try to make a DIY project out of it.


Closet organization is an important part of any home organization routine. By making the right closet organization plans, any homeowner can organize their closet or closets efficiently.

Whether using a purchased closet organization system or using household hacks to organize a closet, closet organization can be a fun task. It can help improve a homeowner’s life. It also helps reduce the stress that comes with an unorganized home.

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