4 Tips for How to Create a Clean Home

how to create a clean home

While many of us strive to create a clean home atmosphere, a lot of us fall short in keeping up with the constant need for cleaning. How is it that some people can keep a neat and tidy house while other struggle to simply have a clean path to walk through?

If you take the time to learn how to keep a cleaner home, then you too can join the ranks of people who keep a tidy home without having to spend hours per day to get it done.
how to create a clean home

Clean with Less Effort

When you think of keeping a tidy home, the first image that comes to most people’s minds is hours of scrubbing, vacuuming and never being allowed to sit down. This is not always the case.

Of course it is easier to clean up after yourself than it is for a household of four plus pets that get into everything. However, no matter how large your mess is, you can clean it.

Hand Out Tasks

The first step to create a clean home is to make a daily cleaning schedule. If you have multiple people in your household then give them each a daily task or two to help with the load. Everyone no matter how large or small adds to the cleaning workload, so they in turn should pitch in to help maintain a clean house.

Even small children can lend a helping hand by picking up their own toys and making sure clothes get into the laundry basket. To give them incentive, add a daily treat to those who finish their chores.

Set a daily cleaning time

Set aside anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour each day specifically for cleaning. If you can set it at the same time everyday then it is easier for it to evolve into a good habit.

To lighten the overwhelming big task load, set certain chores for certain days. For example; mop your floors on Mondays, clean the bathrooms on Tuesdays, full house vacuum on Wednesdays. You can also make a certain days for laundry if you are able to stretch the days you have to wash.

 There are some cleaning tasks that you need to fit in every day to stop dirt and grim from building up, such as sweeping, cleaning heavy traffic areas and scrubbing down the kitchen counter. However you don’t have to vacuum everyday, you can easily clean your carpets without a vacuum in between days to maintain a clean and fresh look.

Clean as you go throughout the day

While you have set a specific cleaning time, you can still do small tasks throughout the day to help with your upkeep. Such as throw away the trash sitting on the counter, hang up the blouse you dropped in the floor while deciding what to wear, pick up the three stuffed animals in the floor that the kids left.

Small tasks can easily fit into your day if you give them attention. If you are walking from the living room into the kitchen, stop and take a moment to look around and see if there is anything that belongs in the kitchen. You can sit it in the sink or to the side, but this action will save you a trip later when you are focused on cleaning.

Instead of breaking out the big corded upright vacuum every time there is a spill, keep a cordless stick vacuum in the closet for quick messes. You can also have a lightweight mop designed for bare floors in there, which will quickly clean up spills and messes.

You can also try walking around with a mop specifically made for cleaning tile floors and grout​ while ​trying to find items you are looking for in the house.

Try to keep it simple with less cleaners

If you look in your cleaning pantry and see over ten bottles of different cleaners then it can sometimes feel overwhelming or frustrating because you cannot find what you are looking for. If you use less of a variety of cleaners, then this can help you start to clean more as well.

For example, a versatile mixture such as a homemade vinegar based cleaner, can take on many different rooms and surfaces. If you are using this type of cleaner in the kitchen, before you put it away, take a minute to go spray down the shower walls and bathtub.

It has to sit for a few minutes to work, so then you can set an alarm and go back in about five minutes to do a quick rinse. Using a simply cleaner that can work for more tasks cuts out the chance of you opting to ‘put it off’ until later with a different cleaner.

use less cleaners when cleaning home

Managing the Organically Clean Home

While keeping a clean home can already be challenging enough, adding the addition of an organic clean home can seem out of reach. This is not the case.

There are many great natural and organic based cleaners in stores that can clean just as well as the chemical based brands. The main difference in cleaning you will notice is that the organic cleaners take a little more time. This is a plus, because you can spray it on, walk away to do another quick task and come back to rinse or wipe it off.

Also you don’t have to be worried about leaving out organic cleaners around kids or pets since they are not harmful. You can also make your own organic cleaners from simple pantry items such as vinegar and baking soda.

The Benefits of a Clean Home

If you are struggling to find the motivation to clean, then know that you are not alone. Many people have a hard time keeping a tidy house, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon your neat home clean home dream.

Take the time to understand how a clean home can truly benefit you. Less of a cluttered mess means more open room to move. Cleaner environments also allow you to think clearer, where as clutter, dirt and trash can cause your mind to be distracted.

Finally, you will have a healthier home. Dust, mold and bacteria thrive in a dirty home. When you take the time to clean your home a little everyday, then you can knock out these toxins and make your home clean home healthy.

A Clean home is a Happy Home

There is a reason why people always say clean home clear mind, this is because when you are able to finally sit down, you aren’t worried about things that are left out or unclean because you have a schedule to keep things in order and you can rest knowing that you have a cleaner home. And when you create a clean home, you create a happy home. 

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