​Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic Upright vacuum

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If you are looking for an inexpensive vacuum that will perform effectively at removing dirt and dust, the Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum may be just the right fit for you. This ​compact vacuum boasts cyclonic suction power for use on a variety of surface types, and comes in at a very attractive price point.

You can easily use this corded upright vacuum to clean your entire home. ​We've put together an in-depth review of the ​Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic Upright Vacuum to help you decide if it would be a good fit for your home. 

​Product Specs

Vacuum Type:

Corded Upright Vacuum

Motor Size:

7 amps

Cord Length:

20 ft


9.8 lbs



Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum

When you first see the Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum, you’ll notice it has a sleek and appealing design to it. It is constructed of plastic which helps to take its weight down to a nominal 9.81 lb., which is still is a moderate weight for an upright of this stature.

It uses a bagless system to collect dirt and dust, which consists of a cup. The cup can be removed for dumping and cleaning and may be on the messy side for some users. You have to use your hands to remove debris that gets caught at the bottom of the cup and won’t dislodge easily.

The canister does come with a HEPA filter, which is amazing given its price point. ​This is one of the lowest-priced vacuums on the market that we've seen that includes a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter can be washed​, and gives you as much as 99.97 percent allergen removal in your home.

The Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum is also easy enough to operate with a simple on/off switch. It includes an extension hose for cleaning up high as well as down low. The hose extends a full 6 ft. Some have found this is not quite enough reach to get into all those nooks and crannies.


Powering the Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum is a 7-amp motor. This gives the vacuum its cyclonic suction power and helps lift dirt and dust from your carpet and hard flooring surfaces.

The vacuum comes with a 20 ft. cord. This is a moderate length compared to other models found in a variety of upright vacuum reviews. The vacuum also utilizes automatic height adjustment to go from hard to soft surfaces without having to manually depress a button to do so.

The brush of the Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum spins continuously as you operate the machine, even when you are using the extended hose option. This could wear carpeting or flooring if left in one spot too long.

Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic is inexpensive for a starter vacuum


Unfortunately, the Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum doesn’t come with any accessories. Honestly, when you purchase this vacuum, you get a complete machine that includes everything you would need to clean. While we'd love a few handy accessories, vacuums at this price point don't typically come with many.


With such a low price tag, you won’t go wrong with investing a small amount of money in the Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum

The vacuum does include cyclonic suction which helps lift dirt from your carpet and hardwoods, and it is also inclusive with a HEPA filter. This makes the small price tag of this vacuum ideal if you are on a budget and are looking to get a decent vacuum without spending too much money. ​

What We Like

Like many Dirt Devil vacuum reviews, we found the ​Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum an average vacuum for the money. There was much to like about the machine including its low price point. At this price, you can afford to take a chance on the vacuum and replace it in a few years.

We did appreciate that this vacuum does offer cyclonic suction. It has good dirt and dust removal abilities and will work well on most any surface you place it on. We also though the addition of a HEPA filter was worth the investment into the vacuum as it provides a solid 99.97 percent allergen elimination when used correctly. Plus, it is washable which helps to extend its overall life.

Additionally, the Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum offers automatic height adjustment, which we felt was a nice feature on this easy-to-operate vacuum. It seamlessly moves from carpet to hard surfaces, making it easy-to-use and operate.


  • Low price tag
  • Cyclonic suction
  • HEPA Filter included
  • check
    Automatic height adjustment

What We Don't Like

​Let's be clear - this is a fantastic vacuum for the price. But, we do have a few critiques you should be aware of.

​For starters, we ​didn't love the design of the dirt canister. Having to use your hands to clear it out is messy. But, it is a minor inconvenience when you consider the price of the machine.

We also wish the extension hose was longer than 6 ft. While this may be long enough for some, we would have liked at least a 10 ft. range on the hose. We also wish there was a control to stop the brush action when using the extension hose.

When the brush continues to run during this type of cleaning, it can wear the flooring out from the continuous movement over a long duration. But, all things considered, the vacuum is a basic unit that is nominally priced accordingly.


  • Hard to dump dirt canister
  • Short hose extension
  • Continuous brush movement

Final Thoughts

We recommend the ​Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum if you are looking for a basic vacuum that is easy-to-operate without a lot of frills. This vacuum comes with everything you need to keep your house clean with a few bells and whistles like a HEPA filter and extension hose. It will make a nice starter vacuum that could later be upgraded if necessary.

​Why Buy?

Easy to operate, affordable, and includes a HEPA filter  - Dirt Devil is the perfect starter vacuum.

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