The Dyson V6 vs V8 [Vacuum Review]

A blue Dyson Stick vacuum cleaning carpet

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Now is a great time to start considering upgrading your vacuum to a Dyson model. This is because Dyson is taking the lead as one of the most powerful and versatile cordless vacuums on the market.

Switching to a cordless vacuum offers more freedom while cleaning. No need to start and stop to plug it in as you move from room to room in your home.

To help you in deciding about a cordless vacuum, let’s take a closer look at the Dyson ​Dyson V6 vs ​​ V8 Absolute to see which one might be the best option for you to purchase.

Why Should You Consider a Dyson?

​The name Dyson is one that commands attention and acknowledgement as a great vacuum. This is because Dyson has been manufacturing and selling vacuums since 1993.

While you will notice that Dyson vacuums come at a higher price point than most other brands, this is mainly due to the patented cyclone technology and high powered models that Dyson manufactures.

There are many reasons as to why you should opt for a Dyson vacuum instead of other well known brands. We will explore more about the special features that Dyson offers as well as what you can expect from this brand while comparing two of their more popular Dyson V6 and V8 models.

Close up of the Dyson logo on a yellow vacuum

The Best Features of a Dyson

​All Dyson vacuums come with a basic package of features that is personalized and created for the Dyson brand. In 1974, James Dyson grew frustrated with his current vacuum and took it apart only to realize it was clogging too easily, which in turn was reducing its suction power.

He began working on a better vacuum build that would reduce clogs while not losing any suction power while cleaning. These are the main features that separate Dyson from its competitors.

Patented Cyclone Tech

​This one of a kind type of suction power is what really sets Dyson apart from the rest of the crowd. Inside of each Dyson vacuum, the patented cyclone technology works to maintain a strong suction power while deterring any potential clogging in the vacuums engine.

The cyclone works by swirling the air and debris around the chamber instead of straight towards the main suction powered engine. The dirt and particles stay in the cyclone motion, not hindering the suction power while you continue your cleaning.

Strong Suction Power

Thanks to the no clogging cyclone technology, Dyson vacuums are able to offer a super strong suction power.

This strong suction power is brought about by the inner cyclone module. It keeps dirt and debris spinning at very high speeds which in turn will give the vacuum a constant high suction power that doesn’t wane due to dirt.

Most Dyson cordless vacuums like the Dyson V6 and V8 are simple stick vacuum sized models. However, they offer as much suction power as a standard upright model. Both vacuums also come with a lithium ion battery that provides a no-fade suction power throughout the full runtime of the vacuum.


When you incorporate your vacuum into your whole home cleaning routine, you should demand versatility to help you conquer all of your surfaces.

Attachments allow your vacuum to leave the floor and switch up the suction head as well as the vacuum’s length. You can easily go from floor to stairs to couch cushions without awkwards lifting and maneuvering your vacuum.

While not all of the Dyson brand vacuums will come with all of the attachments below, both the Dyson V6 and V8 come with the following attachments.

  • 1
    Combination Tool - This space saving tool design gives you a compact small opening crevice tool that is married to a dusting brush. Simple slide and click-lock the dusting brush back to allow the mini crevice tool to vacuum on flat surfaces like countertops. Or, pull the dusting brush forward to use it for baseboards and air vents. The dusting brush gives your high suction powered vacuum a cleaning boost. Its tiny bristles surrounding the opening agitate stubborn dirt and help lift it.
  • 2
    Crevice Tool - A standard sized crevice tool is a must have with any vacuum. This concentrated small mouth opening tool has a long body. It allows you to put suction power into small crevices and corners that a standard attachment won’t reach. The Crevice tool is perfect for between couch cushions, under cabinets, in tight alleyways between furniture, and in your car.
  • 3
    Extension Wand - This included attachment is the body of the stick vacuum. It gives it the appropriate length to vacuum your floors as well as extend your reach towards the ceiling for high up cleaning jobs. The best part about this attachment is the ability to take it off. Without this attachment your stick vacuum turns into a handheld vacuum for any and all of the included attachments.
  • 4
    Mini Motorized Tool - If you have carpeted stairs or pets that shed, you need this tool. Using a full sized vacuum on stairs and furniture cushions is one of the most awkward and potentially dangerous tasks you can do when cleaning. You also don’t want to purchase additional vacuums to do one task. The mini motorized tool attaches directly to the vacuums main housing unit (no extension pole needed) to create a handheld vacuum with a motorized brushroll. Now you can single-handedly take on stairs and pick up your four legged family members’ fur they leave behind after a nap on the couch.
  • 5
    Direct Drive Cleaning Head - This is your standard motorized bristle head that comes will almost all standard vacuums. It is perfect for cleaning carpets thanks to the bristles that fluff carpet, pick up hair, and agitate any stubborn dirt and debris that won’t come up with suction alone.
  • 6
    Additional Soft Roller Cleaner Head - This attachment is so amazing that we can’t fit everything we want to say about it in a small summed up paragraph.

Let’s discuss that invaluable Additional Soft Roller Cleaning Head that comes with both the Dyson V6 and V8 Absolute vacuums. Included with both of these vacuums is a soft roller cleaning head attachment that replaces the well-known bristled design brush (which is also included) with a roller head that is microfiber soft.

This is an absolute game changer for vacuuming your hardwood floors. Traditionally, when you run a vacuum over your hardwood floors, you have to purchase a model that does not have a roller brush or has the ability to turn the roller brush off. This is due to the fact that bristled roller brushes, which are perfect for carpets, will scratch, scrape, and damage your hardwood floors.

Enter the soft roller brush which was created for hardwood floor cleaning. The roller brush is so soft and gentle, it poses no danger or potential damage to your hardwood floors. Instead, now it adds a dusting/polishing element to vacuuming your hardwood floors.

Now we already know what you are wondering. Do all of these brilliant attachments plus a slim stick vacuum equal tool storage trouble? It makes sense. The last thing you want is to purchase a great vacuum and then lose all of the attachments because there wasn’t a central location to store them all. Dyson is five steps ahead of us on this one.

The included charging dock is equipped to hold all of your attachments neatly. When you need to swap one out, it’s all right there in an easy to get to centralized location.

You can also visit the Dyson website to purchase additional attachments. There’s even a car charger for your vacuum, if you are on the go or decide to take this vacuum on a road trip(no seriously, kids plus car equals neverending crumbs).


You want your vacuum to work hard for you, not just cleaning up the floors and surfaces, but to also be able to clean the air as well.

Both the Dyson V6 and V8 have a HEPA filter inside that works overtime to capture 99.97% of particles as well as allergens that are .3 microns and larger. This way the allergens resting on your surfaces are picked up and not allowed to be blown back into the air.

A HEPA filter is a must have if you suffer from allergies, have pets in the home or struggle with breathing problems.  

The Difference Between Dyson V6 and V8

While the Dyson brand does have some great similarities in their line of vacuums, each one does offer a different array of features.


​Dyson V6

​​Dyson V8





​Bin Size


​.4 liters

​.5 liters

​Charge Time


​3.5 hours

5 hours​

​HEPA Filter




Manufacturer Warranty


2 years

2 years​

​Max Power Run Time

6 minutes

7 minutes

​Patented Cyclone Technology



​Run Time

20 minutes

40 minutes

​Washable Filter




5.1 lbs

5.75 lbs

Looking at the Dyson V8 vs V6, it is to be noted that the V6 is an older model. The newer V8 model is the next generation of the V6 vacuum. There are also variations of the V8, such as the Animal model, that provide additional or specialized cleaning benefits. 

So why are are comparing an older model to the newer one? Mainly because the V6 was a game changer in the world of cordless stick vacuums. When it first came out, it was called one of the best cordless vacuums on the market.

While the V8 has come out and upped the cordless vacuum game, the fact still remains that the V6 was and still is a great cordless vacuum. It offers a wider array of features and stronger suction power than most cordless vacuums available right now.


As we mentioned before, Dyson vacuums are built for higher power and suction than the standard vacuum. It is worth noting though, that the V6 and the V8 have different levels of power that you may want to factor in when you are comparing the two side by side.

  • ​The V6 Absolute offers 350w of power.
  • ​The V8 Absolute has 400w of power.

While there isn’t a huge difference between the two vacuums’ power, it is enough to notice that one has a higher suction power. The intake power is what creates a high suction. This is powerful enough to pull embedded dirt and hair out of carpet as well as being able to lift large pieces of debris from hard floor such as cheerios and pet food.

You want to have a powerful vacuum enough to tackle your hardwood floors that can also handle low to medium pile carpets. Both of these vacuums offer a high powered suction to be able to take on all of the various floors in your home.

Dust Bin

While not always listed as a swaying factor in choosing a vacuum, it is important to know about the type of dust bin a vacuum has and how easy it is to empty it. This is where all the dirt, food, and other not really appeasing particles you pick up will go. The last thing you want to have to find out about your new vacuum is that it’s very difficult to empty and puts your hands directly in contact with the stuff you pick up.

Bin Size

Sometimes, when you have a large home to clean or tackle big messes on a regular basis, then size matters

  • ​Dyson V6 - 0.4 liter bin
  • ​Dyson V8 - 0.5 liter bin

The V6 is comparatively smaller than the V8’s dust collecting bin. While it isn’t a huge difference, it can be the factor of how often you need to empty the cup. If you have pets, small children, a larger home, or all of these factors, you may want to consider opting for a larger dustbin cup. That way you are not having to stop mid cleaning session to find a trash can.

While sometimes not always practical, if you can it is best to let the dust and dirt settle inside of the bin before you dump it. That way, tiny allergens and particles that have been trapped inside of the vacuum (thanks to the HEPA filter) aren’t as stirred up.

A blue Dyson Stick vacuum cleaning carpet

Easy to Empty

Both the Dyson V6 and V8 offer a super easy to open dustbin that allows you to keep your hands away from the opening. Simple place the bottom of the dust bin over the trash can and pull the trigger to open the hatch.

The V8 has a super handy body lifting mechanism in the dustbin that lifts the filter up to push any stubborn dirt or hair out of the cup. This eliminates the need for you to reach up into the dirt cup and pull out any gross stuff that won’t come out.


Weight matters when it comes to lugging around your vacuum. This is why a lot of households opt for a simple stick vacuum due to the lightweight design and space saving size.

The Dyson V6 and V8 are both very lightweight models that won’t weigh you down as you vacuum. While they have a standard weight, both can also be reduced to a smaller size and less weight. Just change to a handheld vacuum setup instead of the floor vacuuming standard configuration.

  • ​The V6 weighs 5.1 pounds.
  • ​The V8 weighs 5.75 pounds.

One of the main reasons why the V8 comes in a little heavier is because of the larger dustbin cup that can hold .1 liter more than its predecessor.

Charging and Runtime

When you are looking at a cordless vacuum option, then it is very important to note how long the vacuum will run. Also look at how long you will need to charge it between cleaning sessions. This is especially important in larger homes, where you will be vacuuming many rooms on various levels.

The Dyson V6 has a runtime of 20 minutes. While it doesn’t seem like a very long time, it is actually plenty to do a complete vacuuming of all the floors on one level of your home. Thanks to the high suction power, you won’t need to run over the same spot multiple times to get up all the dirt. This powerful feature saves you time while you are vacuuming and allows you to move on to the next room quicker.

The V6 requires 3.5 hours to fully recharge. If you do have multiple floors to clean, you may end up having to wait the full charge time to take the vacuum upstairs and do the floors.

Doubling the standard runtime, the Dyson V8 can run without loss of suction for 40 minutes on its standard cleaning mode. If you put it into a more powerful cleaning mode then its runtime will diminish to 20 minutes.

With 40 minutes of cleaning power you can easily clean all of your floors, upstairs and downstairs. You can also take your vacuum to higher surfaces such as baseboards, ceilings, and all of the furniture inbetween.

After you have finished cleaning, the V8 will need a full 5 hours to recharge. This is a much longer recharge wait time. If you are using the standard cleaning power mode, you are getting more time per charge.

Max Power Mode

This mode is the highest level of power the Dyson cordless vacuum can produce. Not needed for your everyday cleaning, this mode is a burst of dirt obliterating power that should be reserved for the toughest jobs or a much needed carpet deep cleaning.

In max power mode the average run time for each vacuum is greatly depleted to:

  • ​Dyson V6 - 6 minutes
  • ​Dyson V8 - 7 minutes

While this powerful cleaning mode will get the job done and then some, on most daily cleaning routines you will only need to use the standard suction mode. The max power mode is ideal for picking up pet hair from the floor as well as pulling hair off of furniture cushions. Another great way to use the max mode is to vacuum your mattress once every few months to cut down on allergens and dust mites.

Woman cleaning her hardwood floors with a  Dyson stick vacuum


If you struggle with noisy vacuums, the difference between the Dyson V6 and V8 may be important for you to take note of.

The Dyson V8 is 50% quieter when in use than the V6 model. With less noise as you are vacuuming, you don’t have to pause your Cleaning Playlist. Nor do you have to start and stop the vacuum because you think you hear the kid’s calling for you.

A quieter vacuum also means you can clean no matter what is going on in the house. No need to wait for a commercial because the game is on, or the baby is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them with the noise.

In the battle of the noise, the V8 takes the win.

Patented Cyclone Tech

This is one of the largest factors between these two vacuums, so we waited until the end to discuss it.

The V6 is an older version. You will be able to get it at a much lower price than when it first debuted on the scene.

The V8 vacuum comes with a larger price tag. But, (and this is why we waited to discuss it) it also comes with so many buffed up features and upgrades than its predecessor. The runtime is doubled, the suction power is enhanced, it is quieter, and it can hold more dirt.

When you add up the features as well as the ability to vacuum for longer periods, you can understand why the V8 is worth its more expensive price tag.

Our Pick

Most of the time, when you get a next generation vacuum, it can veer off in a different direction or keep most of the components the same. The Dyson V8 took what it excelled in with the V6. It enhanced everyday use features to create a must have vacuum that will make your day to day cleaning so much easier.

​It’s not hard to guess that we would choose the ​Dyson V8 Absolute as our top pick. It is a difficult choice. In reality, it came down to which vacuum would create an easier cleaning atmosphere as well as give you more runtime between charges.


Comparing the Dyson V6 Absolute and the Dyson V8 Absolute is like talking about two champions in a wrestling ring. Both of these vacuums have earned their collective respect in performance, longevity, and consumer reviews.

While we have picked the V8 as the best overall vacuum, no matter which one you decide to purchase, you will be picking a winner.

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