The Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal [Vacuum Review]

Close up of a dyson vacuum head

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Dyson vacuums are some of the most powerful and versatile stick vacuums available. While you really can’t go wrong when choosing a dyson, you may wonder which Dyson model would work best for your family and cleaning routine.

The Dyson ​V8 Animal vs ​V8 Absolute are two great choices to compare and contrast to see which one would offer your home the best clean.

The Dyson V8 Absolute vs Dyson V8 Animal

While these two vacuums have a good amount of differences, there are also quite a few similarities they share. To give you the best overall viewpoint of the dyson absolute vs animal stick vacuums, we are going to show you the best features they both have in common.

Close up of a dyson vacuum head

Digital V8 Motor

Inside these two powerful stick vacuums is the digital V8 motor. Let’s break down this motor a little. That way you can better understand how the Dyson V8 Absolute and V8 Animal are able to be so powerful for mere stick vacuums.

The V8 motor, which is much stronger than the previous V6 (more on that a little further down) runs at 450w. Dyson has perfected the fade-free power. That means this vacuum keeps running strong at 110,000RPM for the duration of your cleaning time.

The previous V6 version is where Dyson really took off with its powerful stick vacuum. While it is still a competitor on the market, the Dyson V6 Absolute vs V8 Absolute is a worthy opponent. The V6 motor started with a 350w power, which is still more powerful than most of the standard stick vacuums available.

Learning what really worked, Dyson built on that to produce the V7 and V8 versions of these stick vacuums. In the beginning when it was creating these two vacuums, the Dyson V6 Absolute vs Animal gave the Absolute a little more than it’s Animal rival. Dyson realized that both of these vacuums should have more in common. So they created a more similar build to give consumers a great vacuum no matter what they chose.


In the battle of v8 Absolute vs v8 Animal runtime, both of these vacuums share the same maximum 40 minute runtime. However, there is a drastic lowering of the overall runtime depending on which mode or attachment you use with your vacuum. Here’s an easy breakdown of how the vacuum runtime can fluctuate.

  • ​40 Minutes - This is when you have no motorized attachments and you are on the standard suction mode.
  • ​25 Minutes - When you have the motorized bristle brush or soft roller brush attachment, you will notice an almost 50% reduction in runtime for these two vacuums.
  • ​7 Minutes - When on max power mode, you can expect a full 7 minutes of high suction power that is strong enough to pick up even the most stubborn hair, dirt, and large particles from your carpet or laminate surfaces.

So as you can see, these vacuums do have the ability to run for a full 40 minutes. However, this time can fluctuate if you are using different attachments and need to turn on the max power mode for a few minutes.

Due to the different mode/power constraints, you will have a varied time between the 20 - 40 minute guidelines. This is due to using the motorized attachments part of the time and simple attachments the rest of the time.

Also, these two vacuums have a battery indicator light. It keeps you up to date with how much battery you have left remaining. This takes all the calculating and guesswork out of cleaning with a cordless vacuum. Also, it allows you to keep track of how much more cleaning you can do before it requires another charge.

Charging Time

Since these are cordless style stick vacuums, you will need to charge them in between uses. For a full charge it takes 5 hours for both the Absolute and the Animal model.

Vacuum times can fluctuate between homes that are different sizes and stories. Generally, it takes about 20 minutes to vacuum each floor of your own (that’s not including stairs). With a 40 minute runtime, you should be able to vacuum a single story of your home with one full charge.

If you need to vacuum multiple floors each day, it could be a challenge. This depends on if you could wait the 5 hours in-between vacuuming each floor.

Maximum Power Mode

Supersized suction power that can tackle the most stubborn of messes is what you can expect from the max power mode. While it only lasts for a fleeting 7 minutes, this mode is powerful enough to be reserved for those messes that standard cleaning just can’t quite pick up.

Pet hair embedded deep in your carpet or on your furniture is a perfect use for max power mode. With long haired pets, their hair doesn’t just sit on the surface. Instead, it sinks into the fiber, making it harder to lift.

Another excellent use for max power mode is for your mattress. Vacuuming your mattress is a great way to help improve your breathing and allergies. This is because over time, your mattress can gather dust mites, pet dander, and other tiny allergen particles. Using the maximum power mode, you can lift deep particles up from within your mattress to give you a healthier night’s sleep.

Woman in black stands with a Dyson Vacuum in hand

It’s a good idea to vacuum your mattress once every month or two, more frequently if you have pets that sleep on the bed too. You can also cut down on dust mites and other allergens by protecting your mattress with a mattress cover, that works as a barrier between you and your mattress.

While you only have a short time to use the maximum power mode, some of the tasks that require it can be done within the 7 minutes of non-fading maximum power. If you plan to use this mode, it is a good idea to work it into your cleaning schedule. That way you know when you have a full charge for cleaning and what you can do while waiting for your vacuum to charge back up again.

Hygienic Dirt Ejector

With a name like that, you already know this dustbin means business. There are so many great things about the hygienic dirt ejector in these two vacuums. Normally we don’t get so excited about a dust bin. In this case, Dyson has created an amazing, sleek design that will change your outlook on how you empty the dirt.

This design allows you to get all the dirt, hair, and crumbs out of the bin without putting your hands inside to scrape anything out. You really want to keep your hands clear from reaching inside the dustbin due to the possible germs and bacteria that could be lurking in the dirt you picked up.

To keep your hands clean, the hygienic dirt ejector also empties without you having to take the bin out of the vacuum. Simply raise the bin up over the trash can, lift the lever and the dust bin door will open to dump everything out.

First, the size is big enough to hold everything you need to pick up in a standard daily cleaning. Both the Dyson Absolute and the Animal feature a .54 liter dust bin. This limits how often you have to stop mid-room and find a trash can.

Also when you open the hygienic dust ejector to empty it, the top of the bin pulls up. This incredible feature pull the inner filter up through a slot to push any clinging hair and dust clumps out of the dust bin so you don’t have to reach your hand up into the bin.

HEPA Filtration

If you suffer from allergies, you may already know that a HEPA filter is what you need in your vacuum in order to maintain a clean air quality home.

The High Efficiency Particulate Air filter collects and traps in 99.97% of allergens and particles that are .3 microns and larger. This type of high end filter picks up tiny allergens like pet hair and dander from your surfaces. In addition, it also protects you by making sure they are not blown back out into the air through the ventilation.

Both the V8 Animal and V8 Absolute have a redesigned post motor filter. This assists with the filtration process and also works to make these vacuums 50% quieter than the previous V6 models. With this quieter upgrade, you can vacuum at any hour of the day without disturbing the entire house.

2 in 1

The Dyson stick vacuum series has elevated the expectations of a simple stick vacuum. Instead of a lightweight floor-only vacuum, Dyson has come out with a simple stick vacuum. It allows you to click and change to different attachments as well as lengths so you can clean every surface in your home.

Included with this vacuum is the main pole that tethers the handheld motor to the floor attachment, making this a simple stick vacuum. Due to the organic handheld motor design of the Dyson cordless vacuums, you can easily remove the pole and connect an attachment right to the handheld.

You can also use the main pole as an extended reacher for cleaning your ceiling corners with a crevice tool. It easily reaches the baseboards with the dusting brush as well.

With the lightweight design, both of these vacuums come in at a little over 5 pounds each. The Dyson V8 Absolute is a little heavier at 5.75 pounds versus the V8 Animal which is a lighter 5.64 pounds.

Docking Station

Instead of just haphazardly propping these two great vacuums up against a wall, you will seamlessly click them into a docking station. This station mounts to the wall and is also responsible for charging the Dyson stick vacuum.

To securely hold your Dyson vacuum, the docking stations uses a slide and click mechanism. This ensures you are keeping the traction as you pick up or put away your vacuum.

While it is already really great thanks to its minimal design and ability to hold the vacuum without risk of dropping it, this docking station also has one more function. Since the Dyson Animal and Absolute are slim stick vacuums, there really isn’t anywhere for you to mount the attachments onto the vacuum body.

The docking station also functions as an attachment holder for all of the accessories your Dyson stick vacuum requires. Each attachment (which we will go into detail about below) has a spot on the docking station, so you always know where your attachments are.


Both the V8 Animal and the V8 Absolute are loaded with cleaning accessories to enhance your cleaning abilities around the home. Each attachment makes cleaning all of your surfaces so much easier while the incredible suction power makes sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Here are all of the attachments that you can expect from these two vacuums and what each attachment is best used for.

Dyson Vacuum attachments

Non-motorized Tools

These tools do not require any additional power when in use. You can enjoy the full 40 minutes of fade-free suction with your Dyson V8 vacuum. We want to not only list the attachments that come with these two vacuums, but to also break them down and show you examples of how to use each one. This might help make your cleaning routine so much faster and easier.

Crevice Tool - This narrow nozzle tool has a long tube-like body that pinches into a smaller opening towards the end. The crevice tool is a standard attachment that comes with almost all vacuums. You can utilize it to clean:

  • ​In corners
  • ​Between couch cushions
  • ​Windows
  • In ceiling corners (cobwebs)
  • Around the edges of hardwood floor
  • Under narrow openings (side tables, bottoms of cabinets, under the edge of the stove)

The crevice tool is also great for saving your back from hunching over with a dustpan. Instead of reaching for the dustpan after a quick sweep, just put on this attachment and suck up the dirt. This also ensures that you don’t miss that tiny amount of residue that never seems to make it into the dust pan.

Dusting Brush 2 in 1 - The dusting brush is a short attachment that has a bunch of sturdy bristles surrounding the square opening. It’s a perfect attachment to agitate dust from your surfaces while the powerful suction lifts it and traps the dust with the HEPA filter.

This standard dusting brush pulls in to reveal a short crevice tool that you can use while you are working with the dusting brush so that you don’t have to pause and change attachments between the two most common ones you will use.

  • ​On baseboards
  • ​Fireplace mantles
  • ​Bookshelves
  • Window seals
  • Around door frames
  • On the top of electronics (tvs, stereoes, disc players.)

Mattress Tool - This long and narrow tool covers a lot of surface at one time. It is reminiscent of older hardwood floor vacuum attachments since it is wide and without a roller brush. It is also a great attachment to use on your fabric surfaces such as:

Motorized Tools

When you are using a motorized tool, such as these below, the vacuum cleaners runtime diminishes down to 25 minutes. While this can be frustrating due to one of these tools being the normal vacuum head attachment, thanks to the powerful suction, you won’t be wasting time going over your carpets multiple times.

Direct Drive Cleaner Head - This is your standard vacuum cleaner attachment. It is motorized and includes a bristled brush bar that helps agitate and lift dirt, hair and other debris from your carpeted floors.

  • ​Carpets low to medium pile

​There really aren’t a lot of additional places you can take this attachment. However, it will most likely be the most used attachment if you have a lot of rooms with carpeted floors.

The direct drive cleaner head has received a lot of praise. This is thanks to its powerful inner motor spinning itself instead of simply relying on the suction power to spin it. This creates a fade-free consistant spinning that won’t take away from the sheer power of Dyson’s suction.

Mini Motorized Tool - A smaller, yet still just as powerful, version of the direct drive cleaner head attachment, is the mini motorized tool. This is meant to give you that powerful upright cleaning in the package of a handheld vacuum. To use this tool you will want to take off the extension pole.

This tool is a must use if you have pets that shed. With the motorized brush bar, it helps lift the stubborn pet hair from all of your upholstered and fabric surfaces.

  • ​Carpeted Stairs
  • ​Furniture (perfect for pickup up pet hair from cushions)
  • ​Pet Beds
  • Mattresses (if you have pets that sleep with you)
  • In your vehicles (floorboards, car seats, trunk area)

Soft Roller Cleaning Head - This attachment is the only one that separates the two vacuums when it comes to the dyson v8 absolute vs v8 animal. We are going to pause on talking about it until the next section. Trust us, this new attachment is worth reading about.

While you may or may not be a fan of accessories, it is easy to notice how much you can clean (other than your floors) with a versatile vacuum cleaner.

A man holding a Dyson vacuum to the carpet

​Dyson V8 Animal vs Absolute

While there are so many things these two vacuums have in common, you may be surprised to know that there are only a few differences between these models.

  • ​The Dyson V8 Animal has been marketed as the best vacuum to purchase if you have pets
  • ​.The Dyson V8 Absolute has all of the same attachments and powerful features as the other one. So, it could also be called the best for pets.

Soft Roller Head Attachment

The biggest difference between the two vacuums is the lack of the coveted soft roller brush attachment that comes with the Dyson V8 Absolute. It does not come with the Dyson V8 Animal model.

Since this is the main difference between the two, let’s talk about what the soft roller head attachment is and how it could add to your cleaning routine.

First, it is exactly what it’s name states, a soft roller head attachment. From a distance, it may look similar to the normal bristled roller head attachment. Instead, it has bristles on the inside brush roll and is a plush roller.

This plush roller is a complete game changer when it comes to vacuuming hardwood floors. This is due to the fact that you should not use a brush roller on hardwood floors. Tiny bristles can beat into the flooring and cause damage to the floors over time.

It also gives your floors a polished look after you run over them, which in turn keeps them looking cleaner and healthier day after day.


There is a little variance in the pricing between these two great vacuums. Both have a higher price tag since they are still relatively new and come from Dyson.

The difference here is that you will be spending a little less for the Dyson V8 Animal vs the V8 Absolute. This is due to the previous point, the soft roller head attachment. If you end up purchasing the Dyson V8 Animal and want the soft roller brush later, then you can purchase it separately from Dyson.


To help separate these two vacuums, Dyson gave each one a different color. This is also one of the minor differences you will notice between the two.

The Dyson V8 Animal comes in a grey color with purple accents around the vacuum. The V8 Absolute is a little brighter with it’s yellow-gold extension pole.

Our Pick

With only one solid difference, we are sold on the ​Dyson V8 Absolute because of that soft roller brush attachment. It works like a dream on hardwood, linoleum and tile flooring.


No matter which vacuum you end up choosing, when you go with a Dyson made vacuum you know you are deciding on an innovative brand. This brand offers exceptional equipment with a well known reputation for being one of the best.

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