The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Bedroom

cleaning bedroom and bed

Some people consider the bedroom the most important room of the house—you spend one third of your life sleeping in it, after all. Aside from the health benefits of cleaning in general, it’s also where you start the day—your first impression of how things will turn out every day. Here are some tips and a suggested order of tasks for cleaning the bedroom effectively.

The Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. As a matter of fact, you can make it really quick by following these seven steps. Before you know it, you’ll be able to move on from cleaning your bedroom to other things.

1. Take out all of the clutter

Cleaning a messy room can be time consuming, but doing things in a logical order will save time. Start with removing whatever doesn’t belong in the bedroom—including dirty clothes. Go ahead and start washing clothes, but leave your sheets on your bed for now.

Remember, this and all of the below steps also apply to the closet. You can’t say your room is clean unless the entire room is—even the part that’s easy to keep out of sight.

2. Work from top to bottom

It’s always a good idea to start from the top and work down. Working from the top down minimizes the chances that you will need to go back clean something again—you will only be getting dust and things into the areas you haven’t been to yet.

Don’t forget about things like ceiling fans and lighting fixtures—they can be quite dusty…

3. Dust the Bedroom

You’ll need a microfiber or soft cloth, a bit of water, and a fiber duster for this task. The fiber duster is well suited to light layers of dust. One with a long handle is great for dusting lights and ceiling fans.

With thicker layers of dust, use a damp microfiber or other soft cloth. The wetness will weigh down the dust so it’s not in the air, but in your cloth. Don’t forget about bookshelves, windowsills, air vents, and the corners of the room near the ceiling. If neither of those two options work, you may use a handy vacuum cleaner to get the rest of the dust out.

cleaning bedroom and bed

After dusting, it’s time to remove your bedsheets and put them in the laundry. They should have collected any dust that would have otherwise fallen onto your raw bed.

4. Wash the windows

Most people think glass cleaners are the way to go for this, which isn’t entirely inaccurate, but it isn’t the most effective. In a pinch, spray the glass cleaner onto the window, and use newspaper to wipe it off. Newspaper shouldn’t leave streaks, but this method will actually put a static charge into the glass, which attracts dust.

If you want a cleaner window for a longer time, you’ll need either a sponge, bristle brush, or strip applicator, along with warm water, a squirt of dish soap, an appropriately sized squeegee, and a chamois cloth.

Fill a bucket with warm water a squirt of dish soap—you don’t need it to be sudsy. Transfer that to the window using either a sponge, bristle brush, or strip applicator. Clean from left to right, top to bottom. Wipe off the large areas with the squeegee and the hard to reach places with the chamois cloth.

5. Clean the curtains and blinds

Curtains, which are typically made from woven fabrics, can collect a lot of dirt, dust, pet hair, and anything else that could be floating around. Worse, every time they are opened or closed or brushed against, some of that dirt and debris comes loose and gets other areas dirty. Blinds are not much better either.

Give curtains a shake before cleaning the rest of the room to get some of the dust out once a week. Use the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean the curtains a bit more deeply every month or so. Every few months to every season, you should give your curtains a deep clean. Check the tags for further information, such as what the curtains are made of and the manufacturer’s suggested care.

cleaning blinds in bedroom

Remove blinds before cleaning them, unless they are wooden. Then, you can gently clean them with either a vacuum brush attachment, going horizontally across the slats, or use a lamb’s-wool duster.

Blinds shouldn’t get as dirty as curtains do, but it remains a good idea to clean them once a week.

6. Make the Bed

Making the bed in the morning could make you happier. So, unless you’re cleaning out your room to move, don’t forget about it when you’re cleaning.

Start with the bottom sheet. Fitted sheets are the most popular bottom sheets, and their corners simply fit over the mattress. Don’t forget to make sure the sheet is oriented the right way or it might not lay properly.

There isn’t a best way to have the top sheet—that varies from person to person. Some people like to tuck in one or more sides of their sheet, and others like the sheet to be completely untucked. Another option is to put a thin, warm blanket under the sheet—this is great when it’s very cold.

Next is the blanket, and, unless it’s the top layer, it usually follows the same pattern as the top sheet.

The top layer, such as a quilt or duvet, may be difficult to tuck into the bed. Finally, place the pillows. Some people like to have pillows beneath all of the blankets, while other like them on top.

7. Vacuum the Room

The floor should be the last stop. Pick up any big pieces of debris by hand before vacuuming. Remember to take your time while vacuuming to make sure you pick up the most dirt and dust. While having a stick vacuum is handy for keeping your bedroom clean on an ongoing basis, you’ll want to turn to something heftier for this clean. We recommend a canister vacuum for this type of job.

cleaning heavily trafficked areas

Vacuum small patches at a time, first pushing away from your body, and then pulling back towards yourself, slightly overlapping with the path of previous push. For an especially deep clean, do a second, perpendicular lap.

Most modern vacuums have a few attachments designed for reaching tough to reach places, like corners, under the bed,and behind heavy bookshelves and dressers.


These bedroom cleaning tips and order of operations should help you enjoy your room, get better sleep, and enjoy the other benefits of cleanliness. Don’t forget to put away or hang up your clothes!

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