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home organization hacks

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In the busy, often hectic world we live in, home organization can sometimes take a back seat to other pressing things in life. Whether it be home office organization, home bedroom organization, or bathroom organization, it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to maintain a proper cleaning and organization routine.

There are many different home organization hacks which are relatively simple, inexpensive, and handy. These types of hacks can help people organize their daily lives and routines without breaking their budget, and can actually improve the safety and wellness of the members within the home.

Getting a home organized can sometimes seem like daunting task. The right home organization products, strategy, and mindset, though, can turn home organization into a simple and fun activity.

home organization hacks

​Home Organization Hacks

Home organization hacks can help you get on top of having an ​orderly house, without having to spend hours and hours every week keeping it organized. Some of the benefits that come with an organized home are​:

  • Eliminate clutter
  • Create storage space
  • Keep items organized
  • Reduce stress
  • Set a great example for kids
  • Provide more time

Being organized can improve a person’s health and overall life. Why not invest some time in clever organization hacks and techniques?

1. Bathroom Organization

Home bathrooms can become cluttered and messy, especially if they are small. With the right techniques and knowledge, it’s quite easy to free up space and make a bathroom clutter-free.

bathroom organization hacks

Medicine Cabinet

Toothpaste, mouthwash, combs, and other bathroom items can take up quite a bit of space in bathrooms.

To free up space on the bathroom counter or medicine counter, stick adhesive cups on the inside of the bathroom medicine cabinet door to hold the items efficiently. This will eliminate clutter and make things much more organized.

You also might want to store your most used bathroom cleaning products down here, for quick access. When they're close and handy, you're a lot more likely to use them for a quick clean.

Drawer Dividers

Drawers in bathrooms can become messy and dirty. Use wooden or plastic trays or boxes to organize items and declutter drawer messes. This will free up space in bathroom drawers and eliminate a mess of items, leaving drawers organized and neat.

Towel Racks

Make use of extra wall space in the bathroom to install vertical towel racks which will provide more space for towels. The wall space above the toilet is also a great place to install a shelf to store toiletries like toilet paper.

Towel racks and extra wall space create more room for bathroom items and eliminates clutter in the bathroom cabinet.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup products can cause a lot of unnecessary clutter. Buy a bin or a tub. Sort through all the hair and makeup products that take up space on the bathroom counters and under the sink.

Once everything is sorted, place the products in the bins. Store the bins under the sink where they are readily accessible but do not cause any clutter.


Adding something as simple and inexpensive as hooks to a bathroom can help free up all sorts of space. Hooks can be used to hang towels or clothes while making these items very easily accessible. In turn, this frees up space for other important bathroom items.

2. Bedroom Organization

Organizing a bedroom isn’t always the easiest thing to do when it comes to home organization. Depending on the size of the bedroom, the furniture, and the closet space, a bedroom can become easily cluttered if things start to pile up.

Even the tiniest amount of clutter can make a bedroom look messy. This is why the following bedroom organization hacks can really come in handy.

Makeshift Hangers

makeshift hangers and hooks are great space savers

Clothes tend to pile up everywhere, and in some cases they can cause quite the mess. One great way to create extra space for clothes is by attaching shower rings or pop can tabs onto closet hangers. This will provide extra room on the hangers to hang clothes.

This hack is great for people who don’t have much space in their bedrooms or drawers for clothes and are looking for some extra added storage space for their clothes.

Makeshift hangers are also a great way to hang scarves, hats, belts, and other loose pieces of clothing.

Makeshift Closet

Have limited closet space and not much of a budget? Forget about spending money on expensive pieces of furniture, like a wardrobe. Use an old bookshelf to create a handy, decorative makeshift closet.

Remove the shelves from the bookshelf and install a rod for clothes. If there’s enough room, it’s even possible to make space at the bottom for baskets. Of course, don’t forget to anchor the bookshelf to the wall once the project is completed.

You also might want to think about adding a cheap vacuum suitable for carpet to this closet. Yes, it takes up space, but you can quickly whip it out to clean your carpets every once in awhile.

Garment Racks

Anyone who owns a lot of clothes knows how hard it is to keep them organized. Garment racks are the perfect solution to this problem. Not only are they portable, but they also take up a very limited amount of space and can hold a huge amount of clothes.

Garment racks are a great way to stay organized. Most of them also come equipped with wheels, making them easy to move them around.

Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage can come in handy, opening up space and even reducing clutter. Some bed frames even come with built-in storage. This is why people who are in the market for beds should take under bed storage into consideration when purchasing a new bed.

For those who don’t have beds with built-in storage, bed risers are a great way to create more space for storage underneath beds.

3. Office Organization

A home office should be a place of productivity. But, often it can become cluttered and unorganized. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive and simple home office organization tips and tricks that can help declutter and organize a home office to increase and maximize productivity.

setup a printing station for a more organized office

Make a Printing Station

A home office is often printing all sorts of papers and files. Having a designated printing station with all the printing supplies will help free up space and make any home office a little more organized.

Store Office Supplies in Containers

Storing office supplies in containers will create more space. Use drawers, baskets, bins, and any other type of container to declutter the home office and add more space.

Invest in Label Maker

Label makers can be used to label files, boxes, and drawers, which makes it much easier to organize any home office. Labels will also make it easier to know where things are instead of having to look around.

Some more home office organization tips include:

  • Organize drawers using old jewelry boxes or scrapbook paper to decorate and organize drawers
  • Recycle old coffee and soup cans to use as containers
  • Organize cords with binder clips by clipping them to the edges of desks
  • Create dry erase boards from old picture frames
  • Use hanging lights to hang from the ceilings rather than cluttering a desk with desk lamps

4. File Organization

Household filing systems organize important documents and keep them safe. Filing important documents is easier than it sounds. It’s one of the most important aspects of keeping an office organized.

keep important files and documents organized

Throw Out Unnecessary Files and Paper

The most important thing about home file organization is figuring out what to keep and what to throw away. It’s extremely easy for papers to start creating clutter in a home office if they start to pile up and become unorganized.

Take the time to go through documents and get rid of any files or papers that are not needed. People who purge their papers will find their home office will become much more organized. This is true, especially if they color-code their filing systems once they get rid of all unnecessary documents.

Organize Mail

Mail, just like files, can easily start to pile up. This is why it is important to organize it. Create a mail organizer out of labeled folders. You can also create folders for outgoing/ingoing mail and bills, which will help create much more space and reduce clutter.

Color-code Files

Color-coded filing systems will keep files organized and separated. Organize files using different colors for medical files, financial files, insurance files, personal files, and any other files.

Alternatively, files can be organized into three color-coded categories:

  • Actionable files: short-term files like bills or mail that requires a response
  • Basic files: credit card statements, insurance records, bills, etc.
  • Classic files: cancelled checks, automobile documents, warranties, real estate documents, etc.


Staying organized can be difficult for a family, especially if the family is extremely busy. With the right knowledge, mindset, and tools, keeping a home organized can actually be a simple task which can be done with relative ease.

From simple bedroom and closet hacks to home office hacks that eliminate clutter and increase productivity, a simple change in lifestyle and mindset can make a big difference in home organization. Home organization doesn’t always have to be complicated. Even small home organization tips and tricks can help a family stay organized.

An organized home will not only increase productivity, but it also has all sorts of benefits that can improve lives.

Staying organized can improve health, reduce stress, and leave more time for important things like spending time with family members. A family that follows these great home organization hacks will find that their home will be organized in no time, while their lives will greatly improve.

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