Hoover Linx Vacuum Cleaner Review

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum

Hoover is a well trusted manufacturer of stick vacuums. With over 100 years of experience, Hoover's vacuums are powerful cleaners that are designed to clean your house completely from top to bottom.

The Hoover Linx is an elegant and versatile stick vacuum in a class of its own. Its exceptional technology allows you to clean your whole home without the constant need to search for a power socket.

Hoover's WindTunnel technology works with 3 suction powered tunnels to lift the dirt trapped deep inside the carpet. It also ensures that any dirt sucked up is sure to stay inside the vacuum.

Combining the WindTunnel technology with cyclonic filtration which separates the air and the debris, the Hoover Linx is sure to provide you with a unique cleaning experience.

Don't just take our word for it though, we’ll also see what reviewers have to say about the Hoover Linx stick vacuum in this article.

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum

What We Like About The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

The most important thing about any cordless stick vacuum is the battery life and the Hoover Linx doesn’t fall short in that department.

Good battery

An indicator is available on the Hoover Linx which lets you know how much battery life is left. Many reviewers have found it convenient so they know when the stick vacuum is about to stop working and can plan their cleaning schedule accordingly.

Hoover Linx Best Stick Vacuum

Most people have reported that their vacuum can run between 20 and 40 minutes on a single charge. Of course, this does depend on the way in which you use your stick vacuum. Using the sweeper head on deep carpet will result in the battery running out a lot faster.

Even when the battery is low, reviewers are impressed that the Hoover Linx doesn’t fade out on its suction power. Throughout its whole battery life, this stick vacuum maintains its power, never once sacrificing quality.

Taking only 3 hours to recharge the battery, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that charges faster; most stick vacuums take well over 4 hours to charge back up.

Large Dust Container

Who doesn’t love a large dust container? Reviewers are happy with the dust container capacity of the Hoover Linx. Large dust containers are great because you don’t need to empty out the canister after each use of the stick vacuum.

Most stick vacuums have a tiny dust container since there’s not much space to attach a large one, but not the Hoover Linx. Hoover understands the needs of households and have provided a stick vacuum to match.

Canister Easy To Empty

When you do need to empty the dust canister, it’s easy and without any fuss. The dust cup can be emptied from the bottom, so there’s no mess at all. Just point the dust canister over the rubbish bin and release all the debris.


Now, stick vacuums are well known to be lightweight for more portability and the Hoover Linx does not fail to deliver.

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Even with its battery inserted, the whole stick vacuum weighs a modest 7.3 pounds!

This makes the Hoover Linx easy to move up and down the stairs without having to strain your back. Reviewers are pleased that they are now spending more time actually vacuuming their homes than attempting to drag the vacuum cleaner up the stairs.


Ahhh cordless vacuums. Reviewers agree that vacuuming the home is a lot less frustrating when you’re not hampered down by the length of your power cord or the proximity of a power socket.

Again, this just means less time wasted on unplugging and re-plugging your stick vacuum and more time vacuuming.

Switch Between Carpet And Hard Floor

A single press of the button can turn the brush roll on or off, allowing you to effortlessly switch between cleaning the carpet and cleaning the hard floor. Special edge cleaning bristles allow you to clean right up into the corners and the walls.

Hoover Lynx Vacuming next ot dog

Reviewers love the convenience that the Hoover Linx offers as they can now clean the whole house with just one appliance instead of many.

What We Don’t Like About The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

With all the praises reviewers are singing about the Hoover Linx, it’s a wonder reviewers have managed to find anything they don’t like about it. There are a couple of short falls of the Hoover Linx and we’ve outlined those below, too.

Only One Battery

The Hoover Linx only comes with one battery. So, if your battery runs out, you don’t have a back up to use, you’ll have to wait for it to recharge. This has left some reviewers quite frustrated as this leaves them unable to clean their large, carpeted homes in one use.

Also, the stick vacuum does not come with a docking station so you’ll have to remove the battery from the vacuum to recharge it. It’s not such a big deal since you won’t be able to use the vacuum anyway if the battery is flat but some reviewers have found this process bothersome.

Brush Roller Catches A Lot Of Hair

Another issue some reviewers have come across is the brush roller. It tends to catch a lot of pet and human hair and needs to be cleaned out regularly if you want to maintain the Hoover Linx’s exceptional performance standards.

Hoover Lynx Hair

Buyer’s Advice

The standard Hoover Linx vacuum cleaner only costs around $60, making it the best value for money if you want a high functioning stick vacuum.

Easy to maintain and with a short battery recharge time, this little number will put a smile on your face every time you use it.

It’s not easy to find a good stick vacuum with such a quick recharge time for such a low price, making the Hoover Linx a definite keeper.


Households wanted convenience and ease of use and Hoover has delivered this all in the Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum. It’ll be a mission and a half to find a better quality stick vacuum anywhere else.

Maintaining the Hoover Linx with appropriate cleaning of the filters, brush roll and dust canisters will allow this faithful machine to hoover up all your household debris for many years to come. Happy vacuuming!

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