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Hoover vs Shark: Which Brand Makes the Best Vacuum?

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Deciding which brand of vacuum to buy can be a laborious task. They all seem to have their own advantages as well as drawbacks. We’ve found Hoover and Shark to be two brands that go head-to-head in the vacuum market.

Choosing between the two is not an easy choice. To help, we’ve compared Hoover vs Shark here to help you make an informed buying decision on your next vacuum purchase.

​Brand Background

History of Hoover

Hoover’s history is over 100 years old. It began its foray into the vacuum cleaner market in 1907. Here, Murray Spangler, who was a janitor with an asthma issue, used his inventive spirit to come up with a solution to get rid of the dust that aggravated his asthma when he swept.

Spangler created the company’s first suction sweeper by fastening together a tin soap box, fan, sateen pillowcase, and a broom handle. This pulled the dust away as he swept, allowing him to breathe a little easier.

Marketed as the suction sweeper, Spangler quickly saw the earning potential it could have with consumers.

Spangler began to look for financial backing and partnered up with W.H. “Boss” Hoover, who bought the patent from Spangler in 1908. The two became partners and began selling the Hoover suction sweeper with a 10-day free trial.

The rest is history, and even more innovative vacuums were created by the company. Today, Hoover is a well-known brand in the vacuum market with a variety of models offered under its moniker.

Vacuum cleaner being swept across a hardwood foor surface, beige poof ottoman is beside it

​History of Shark

​​Shark has an extensive history that is over a century old. It got its start in Europe as a sewing machine company. It is part of the Euro-Pro family, with Shark being the top brand sold by the company. With the third generation of the company, Shark vacuums were added to the product line, and an entry into Canada was made.

Mark Rosenzweig, the family heir, championed the ​powerful and strong Shark brand and is the reason for its success around the world today. Rosenzweig wanted to create a vacuum under the Shark brand that was easy and simple to use.

He knew that consumers had no time to study manuals and hard-to-follow instructions just to operate a vacuum. In response, he developed an initiative vacuum that users could understand how to operate the moment they bought it.

Today, Shark sells a variety of vacuums models under the brand name that has allowed the company to reach multi-million-dollar status. Some of our favorites include the Navigator and Rotator models on the cheaper side, and their Rocket models on the more expensive end. Shark is the top brand under the Euro-Pro family and is recognized by households all over the world.

​Hoover vs Shark

​When you look at Hoover vs Shark, there are plenty of factors which can help you decide which vacuum brand to buy.

Hoover has definitely made a name for itself in the vacuum market with a strong following of consumers who stand by the brand. Shark also has its loyal followers and has created a brand that is synonymous with quality the world over.







​Pet Hair

​Dust Collection








​Final Vote


Shark’s claim to fame is that its vacuums are ​innovative in their design. You don’t need a degree in engineering to figure out how the vacuum operates or have to spend laborious hours pouring over a manual to learn every nuance and feature.

However, this is not to say that Hoover produces complicated vacuums. It has had several years to patent its vacuum models and has come up with designs that are sleek as well as appealing to consumers. Shark has also engineered some contemporary vacuums that resonate with consumers both in look and performance.

Our vote: Shark


How well a vacuum cleans is really a sign of the value of the brand. Shark has taken great pride in developing a vacuum that never loses suction, such as the Shark Lift-Away. It offers this technology in all its vacuums, regardless of model, giving consumers exceptional quality with its machines.

Hoover provides an array of suction technologies depending on the model and style of vacuum. Hoover makes use of cyclonic technology and has labeled it as their infamous Windtunnel suction. 

Both brands work well on hardwood and tile flooring, along with low to medium pile carpet. You’ll notice the difference when cleaning shag carpets though, which is where we made up our minds.

In the end, we have to tip the scales towards Shark, but only slightly. Across each price point, Shark’s vacuums just have a little more suction than the Hoover competitor. For example, we find the Shark Navigator has a little bit more suction than the Hoover Linx

Our vote: Shark


Both brands have an extensive offering of vacuum models including upright, stick, cordless, robotic, handhelds, and canister.

Shark also offers high quality steam mops and garment care products while Hoover has entered the market for carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning machines. Both are known for their vacuums and are at the top of the heap when it comes to marketing and selling their products.

​In the end, both brands stand out as leaders in this area. You’ll find a wide array of vacuums from both Hoover and Shark, along with many additional products that are fantastic.

Our vote: Shark and Hoover

Yellow cat sleeps beside a vacuum cleaner

Pet Hair

Another feature of the two brands are the pet-friendly options they both offer. Hoover leads here as it offers a whole series of vacuums which are dedicated to removing pet hair and allergy causing dander.

They also provide odor-minimizing so you can get your home clean without having to worry about that lingering smell. Case in point: the Hoover Platinum Upright makes our list of best pet hair vacuums

Shark vacuums clean pet hair but it doesn’t offer a product dedicated to pet owners. Their focus lies in providing attachments to their vacuums for pet hair. These attachments go onto their vacuums. This works well, but we give the nod to Hoover for their amazing pet hair vacuum.

Our vote: ​Hoover

*Note – if you have pets, but don’t want to buy a pet hair specific vacuum, then you might want to check out the Shark DuoClean Rocket. It is an amazing all around vacuum, and makes our list as the top reviewed corded stick vacuum for pet hair.

Dust Collection

When it comes to dust and dirt collection, Shark surges ahead of Hoover. It offers larger capacity dirt canisters than Hoover, making it possible to vacuum longer between empties.

The Hoover dirt canisters are on the small side and have to be emptied frequently, creating a limitation in how much you can vacuum before you have to empty the dirt canister.

Our vote: Shark


Cordless technology is also a feature that many consumers are interested in when purchasing a new vacuum. Shark offers the ability to add a second battery to its cord free models, giving you longer runtime and plenty of backup power.

Shark also offers more cordless models that span prices ranges. The ultra-affordable Shark Navigator all the way up to the amazing, powerful Shark IONFlex Duoclean…

While most Hoover and Shark cordless vacuums have similar runtimes, Shark gets high marks for offering the option of dual batteries for those who need it.

Our vote: Shark


Again, the edge here goes to Shark. Their brand has put a strong emphasis on lightweight vacuums that are easy to use.

For example, in the same price range and class of vacuums are the Shark Navigator and Hoover Linx. Both are cordless, powerful, and under $100… and the Navigator weighs 25% less than the Linx.

You’ll see this across the various models, and we give the distinct edge to Shark for producing lighterweight vacuums. ​

Our vote: Shark


Price is another consideration many consumers don’t take lightly. You will be able to find a Hoover vacuum at an affordable price, such as the Hoover Spring Upright, but it may be lacking in the actual features you want and need.

Shark vacuums cost more, but they also offer you more in terms of capabilities and features. You’ll do well spending the additional dollars it takes to get you into a Shark vacuum instead of a cheaper Hoover model.

So, if price is your primary concern, we’ll give the edge to Hoover for some of their high quality cheaper vacuums.

Our vote: Hoover

Young girl with green pants and purple socks lifts feet to make way for robotic vacuum cleaner


Durability plays an important role in vacuums today. Shark has this covered with sturdy vacuums that are designed to stand up to wear and tear. Hoover, depending on the model, lacks this overall quality factor. Their vacuums show wear, especially on the cheaper end and don’t last as long as a Shark vacuum can.

Our vote: Shark


You will notice Shark has put a lot of effort into designing a vacuum that is not only easy-to-use but also has comfort options that require less effort. Hoover vacuums are bulkier in their design, and many of its models don’t have ergonomic features that can make vacuuming less labor intensive.

Our vote: Shark


Warranties are also longer with Shark than Hoover. Shark offers a five-year repair or replacement warranty while Hoover offers two to three years depending on the model. You’ll have added peace of mind when you buy a Shark vacuum that it will operate as it should, or you can have it repaired or replaced as necessary.

Our vote: Shark


Overall Shark is a brand that is known around the world as a vacuum which outperforms and offers value. Hoover has a strong brand as well, also known worldwide. Hoover takes the lead when it comes to brand recognition as many people even call their vacuum a Hoover regardless of what brand it is.

Hoover has made its vacuums a household name. The Shark brand has challenges finding the same recognition with consumers even though its vacuums are quality made and easy-to-use.

Our vote: ​Hoover

​Hoover Recommended Vacuums

​Hoover offers several models of vacuums within its product family. We recommend the following as good options to invest in. You’ll find these vacuums feature Hoover’s suction technology as well as features that make cleaning easier on the homeowner. There are pet-friendly options and a bevy of attachments which allow you to reach those hard to access spot easier.





​Hoover Corded Linx

​Hoover ​Cordless Linx

Hoover ​Sprint

​Hoover Portapower

Hoover Platinum​

​Shark Recommended Vacuums

​Shark is a notorious brand with several vacuum models to choose from. We have selected the following as our favorites. They offer plenty of power with Shark’s no-loss suction technology and options to choose from, from handhelds, extension wands, and pet-friendly features that any homeowner would demand in a vacuum.





​Shark Navigator

​Shark ​Rocket Ultra-Light

Shark Rocket TruePet

Shark DuoClean Rocket ​

Shark ​DuoClean Powered Lift-Away


​While both Hoover and Shark are strong brands in the vacuum market, we recommend Shark vacuums. Shark offers superior quality in its vacuums and has cornered the market on its ability to provide no loss suction cleaning technology.

You’ll also find that Shark offers an extensive array of vacuums which makes it easy to select a model just right for your cleaning needs. With lightweight designs, lower draw motors, and dual batteries in its cordless models, you’ll appreciate the performance and power that Shark offers with its line of vacuums.