How Do I Clean Black Mold in Shower Silicone?

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All kinds of molds hide around warm or damp places. You can usually spot them indoors, and they are not just unsightly but are also unhealthy. It becomes a question of: how do I clean black mold in shower silicone?

They might cause nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, throat irritation, and other such problems. So, it is vital for people to seek removal methods of such black mold.

How Do I Clean Black Mold in Shower Silicone?

Black mold is seen mainly in shower silicone, and it occurs due to dampness. Lack of ventilation can also be one of the causes of mold growth.

Do not worry, instead learn the methods of how do I clean black mold in shower silicone.  Here’s what you need to do:

Method 1: Cleaning With Bleach & Baking Soda

Using just bleach for cleaning the black mold may seem ineffective. You might get the shower silicone clean, but the mold will return soon. So, it is better to eradicate the root cause, which will need more than just bleach.

Step 1: Get the Essentials

  1. Bleach solution
  2. Baking soda
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Gloves
  5. Spray bottle
  6. Face mask
  7. Plastic wrap

Gloves offer you protection from the fumes and chemicals emitted due to toxic cleaning agents.

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Step 2: Mix Bleach and Baking Soda

  1. Bring in a plastic bowl.
  2. Add baking soda to the bowl. (Quantity depends upon the area of mold)
  3. Add bleach to the bowl. (Quantity relies on the extent of mold)
  4. Mix them well by using a plastic or disposable spoon.

Step 3: Apply This Mixture to Shower Silicone With Mold

  1. Use a paintbrush and dip it in the bleach & baking powder paste.
  2. Apply it over the black mold area.
  3. Apply a sufficient amount of paste to the mold to cover the area.


Make sure you apply the bleach quickly onto the mold, as it will disintegrate the paintbrush bristles rapidly.

Step 4: Covering the Applied Solution

  1. Use the plastic wrap to cover the area of mold where you applied the solution.
  2. It will hold moisture of the paste to let it work.
  3. Cover it for around 15 minutes for the best outcome.
  4. Remove the plastic wrap, and check the results.

You will see a clean shower silicone by removing the wrap. If you don’t get that clean outcome right away, then follow these steps:

  1. Fill the spray bottle with some bleach solution.
  2. Spray it at meeting points between the wall and silicone.
  3. Wait for a few minutes, and you will see clean silicone in some time.
  4. Repeat the process as many times as possible until you get a desirable outcome.

Step 5: Rinse the Cleaning Solution

  1. Use water for the rinsing process.
  2. Rinse the areas thoroughly that came in contact with the cleaning solution.
  3. Use the scrubbing method for removing remnants of the solution.

Method 2: Clean By Using White Vinegar

Follow these steps to clean the black mold off shower silicone with the use of White Vinegar:

  1. Get the desired amount of white vinegar
  2. Use gloves to ensure that mold doesn’t come in contact with your skin.
  3. Apply white vinegar onto the mold area on shower silicone.
  4. Use a paintbrush or toothbrush for applying vinegar over small crevices.
  5. Leave the white vinegar to settle down on the mold for around 30 minutes.
  6. Scrub and rinse off the white vinegar from the silicone surface.

For more methods to clean mold off shower silicone using vinegar and baking soda, check out this YouTube video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are All at Maximum Health Risk Due to Mold?

Mold can cause allergies or asthma problems to people who are sensitive to it. Infants, children, people with weaker immune, HIV patients, liver patients, and cancer patients are at maximum risk due to mold. For more such health-oriented knowledge on mold, refer to this article.

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How to Ensure That I Am Not Exposed to Mold While Cleaning Them?

To ensure you are not exposed to mold while cleaning them, do not keep your hands bare. Whenever you do so, you are exposing yourself to its adversities. On disturbing them, they also release harmful spores into indoor air.

Hence, you will start to experience skin irritation, allergies, and other such problems. So, use gloves and face masks while cleaning mold off shower silicone.

How to Eradicate Mold Spores Present In the Air After Cleaning?

The best way to eradicate the mold spores from your indoor air is to open up the windows or doors. By encouraging the airflow, you can suppress the chances of inhaling mold spores.

Use appliances that support ventilation, such as ACs and fans. Apart from that, you can also use mold-killing sprays to clean the air. For more knowledge on cleaning the mold spores from the air, refer to these methods.


Go through all the methods mentioned above and steps to clean black mold from shower silicone. It would be best to try out some preventive measures to stop the mold from growing back again afterward and this applies to all parts of the house that are susceptible to it, such as, hardwood floors or even in your own shower head.

Moreover, you can spray the vinegar regularly or add a dehumidifier to the tiles and the bathroom. You must also add an exhaust fan to the washroom to eradicate moisture. Do it, and you will get more control to prevent the re-growth of mold.

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