How to Clean Bamboo Blinds

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Bamboo blinds are the natural and the most environment-friendly alternative to synthetic and plastic blinds. The bamboo blinds are of wood, and they demand specific cleaning approaches.

It is because wood is a material that requires the utmost care. And harsh cleaning measures can deteriorate its integrity. Just like any other blinds, the bamboo material blinds are also prone to attract dust and dirt.

In most cases, irregular maintenance can lead to the growth of mildew and molds over the bamboo blinds. Therefore, it is necessary for the house and office owners to seek periodic cleaning if they have bamboo blinds installed in their premises. 

How to Clean Bamboo Blinds

Amongst all the popular treatments for windows, the bamboo wood blinds are accountable to be one of the best. It is for their visually appealing texture and exotic appeal.

They can add glam to all types of rooms around the house or office. Also, people mostly prefer them in living rooms and office halls. But they attract more dust and dirt due to their exposure to outside elements. 

Therefore, it is essential for the owners to learn how to clean bamboo blinds of all sizes without much hassle. There are home remedies that can help, and this guide is about to help you with the same. 

a brown closed bamboo blind

Method 1: Dusting and Cleaning the Bamboo Blinds

The first and the most important approach for maintaining the bamboo blinds is to clean them by dusting them. Dusting should not be a periodic approach but should be adopted regularly.

In this way, you can ensure that no dirt, dust, and debris stick to the surface of bamboo blinds for a long time. Here are the steps to help you learn this approach:

  1. You will need a feather duster for this purpose. If not that, you can still use a clean & soft cloth for dusting purposes. 
  2. Use it to remove the dust particles from the front surface of the bamboo blinds. 
  3. Put efforts and clean in between the slats of the bamboo blinds to get it free from dust, dirt, and loose debris. 
  4. Repeat the dusting process every day to maintain cleanliness right from the beginning. But if you do not have enough time to dust the bamboo blinds every day, you can consider dusting once every 4 to 5 days. 

If you haven’t dusted off your bamboo blind for a long time now, then there is a chance that it might have mildew and mold over it. And dusting is not sufficient to get rid of it. There are other methods later in this article to help you with it. 

Method 2: Vacuum Cleaning the Bamboo Blinds

This method is just like the dusting method but easier with a vacuum cleaner. You don’t need any cloth or duster for this method; just a vacuum cleaner with the proper attachment will serve the purpose. Here are the steps to help you with the approach for it:

  1. Get a special attachment that is soft on the bamboo blinds. It is to prevent the blind from experiencing scratches due to the vacuum cleaning attachment rubbing over the wood. 
  2. You can prefer to get a soft brush-like attachment for the bamboo wood blinds. 
  3. Now, plug the vacuum cleaner, and use the hose attachment to run through the blind surface to eradicate dust and dirt particles. 
  4. Vacuum cleaners will help you clean even the existing cobwebs easily. 

Check out a visual demonstration to know the right way of vacuuming the bamboo blinds. The link to the YouTube video is here! 

But, even vacuum cleaners are not effective in cleaning the mildew and mold aspects from the bamboo blind. Therefore, follow the following methods over this guide for prominent help. 

Method 3: Cleaning the Bamboo Blinds With Oil Soap

If you intend to clean the mildew and mold build-up over your bamboo blinds, this is the ideal method. Using the oil soap solution will ensure cleanliness for your bamboo blinds without damaging them. The steps for the same are:

a variety of oil soap
  1. You can take your cleaning process to the bathtub for a seamless approach. If you don’t have a bathtub, then you can use a large tub for cleaning purposes. 
  2. Fill the bathtub or washing tub with hot water, sufficient enough to submerge the entire blinds in it. 
  3. Now, you must have an oil soap solution that is safe to use on wood while in water. You must check the specifications of those oil soap solutions or do your research for the same. 
  4. Add oil soap solution as per the packaging instruction to the amount of water you are using for cleaning your wooden blind. 
  5. Now, take off the bamboo blind from its fixture and submerge it in the mixture of oil soap and water. If you have more than one blind panel to wash, prefer cleaning it one at a time, depending upon its size. 
  6. Now, let the blinds soak in that mixture for few minutes. It is to break down the grip of mold, mildew, and grime from the surface of the blinds. 
  7. You must use a soft sponge or a clean cloth to wipe off those residues from the surface of bamboo blinds. 
  8. Now, take off the blinds from the tub, and place them on a clean towel so that the water can fall out. 
  9. Now, you can go ahead and drain the water from the washing tub for the rinsing purpose. 
  10. Use a hand shower to rinse the bamboo blinds with warm water. It is to wash off the soap solution from the surface of the bamboo blind. No soap residues should remain intact over the blinds, as it might damage them in the long run. 
  11. Now, take the bamboo blinds out and hang them on clothes wire or rack to dry. If you are placing them inside, then make sure you have a well-ventilated room for the same. Balconies are preferable! 
  12. If you are drying them under direct sunlight, then you just need 20 minutes of drying time. Avoid drying them in the bathrooms, as a damp environment will lead the blinds to build up mildew again. 
  13. This intense washing should be approached once every month or as per needs. 

Method 4: Cleaning Bamboo Blinds With White Vinegar

If you don’t want to buy a specific oil soap solution, as you have no use for it at the house, then you can prefer using white vinegar for the purpose.

White vinegar is a universal cleaning agent, and you need to keep in mind the right proportion of using it to attain clean results for your bamboo blinds. 

Vinegar has the potential to eradicate mold and mildew build-up over the surface of bamboo blinds. So, here are the steps to help you achieve it:

  1. You will need a bathtub or big washing tub for the purpose, depending upon the size of your bamboo blinds. 
  2. Now, fill the tub with warm water. Make sure you fill the tub appropriately to ensure that the blinds immerse in it fully. 
  3. Now, add white vinegar solution to the water, in a proportion of 1:2. It means that one part of vinegar should dilute in 2 parts of water. Stir it well with the back of a cleaning brush. 
  4. Now, take off the bamboo blind and submerge it in the water tub. Leave it within the tub for few minutes. 
  5. After that, take a sponge and gently scrub the blind panels’ surface from all sides to eliminate the grime, mold, and mildew residues.  
  6. Now, take the bamboo blind out from the water, and drain the tub. 
  7. Check if the blind look cleaner than before. If not, then you might have to repeat the process and repeat step 4 while leaving the blind in the solution for a longer time. 
  8. If it is clean, take it above the tub again, and use a hand shower to rinse the vinegar solution residues from its surface. 
  9. Place it outside under direct sunlight to dry for few minutes before you can place it again. 
Close up shot of brown bamboo blinds

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bamboo Blinds Durable to Last for a Long Time?

Yes, bamboo blinds are pretty much durable and can last for a lifetime, with ideal maintenance. You need to look after its cleaning measures to ensure that the appeal doesn’t deteriorate over time.

Moreover, mild & mold build-up can also damage the integrity of the wooden material before time. To know more about the design benefits of bamboo blinds, you can check out this article

Is It Worth Getting Bamboo Blinds Instead of Other Shade Options?

Bamboo blinds have a unique obsession! It is perfect for the sunny rooms to block the extreme sunlight and still pass a little of it to your room. Moreover, bamboo blinds give utmost privacy to any room of your house or office. Also, they are affordable. To know more about the obsession behind bamboo blinds, you can just refer to this content


You need to keep in mind that bamboo blinds can remain just like new ones if you intend to maintain them. And for that, you need to spare some time cleaning them. So, make sure you look after them periodically with the right cleaning approach. 

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