How to Clean and Remove Stains from Berber Carpet

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Maintaining the beauty and quality of carpets might seem like a challenge, especially if you have active children at home. It is hard to avoid those juice and oil spills, though Berber carpets are stain-resistant; if the liquid sits for a long time, it will form a stain on the carpet. Let’s discuss a few methods of how to clean Berber carpet.

How to Clean Berber Carpet?

One of the most pocket-friendly approaches to clean Berber carpets is by using household items. For example, baking soda can save your carpet from stains and marks if used the right way.

Method 1: The Home Friendly Approach

Household items can come in handy when cleaning nasty stains off carpets. We use cold water, baking soda, and vacuum cleaner to get the job done.

Step 1: Using Coldwater

It is one of the most fiber-friendly methods for cleaning, as chemicals usually deteriorate the life of a carpet.

  1. First, directly apply some cold water to the stained area and blot it with a paper towel. Avoid any pressurized rubbing, as it can worsen up the stain.
  2. Now dampen a clean towel with cold water and blot it directly on the stain.
  3. Dry up the wet area with a clean and dry towel.
  4. Repeat the above steps until the stain is completely gone.
  5. Blot the outer edges first, as it will prevent the stain from further expansion. Do not apply much pressure while cleaning to maintain the quality of the fibers.
Vinegar and water cleaning solution

Step 2: Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent absorbing agent; at the same time, it serves an excellent role in stain removal. This step can be skipped if the stain does not penetrate the carpet.

  1. Cover the stained area with baking soda until it balls up and absorbs the liquid.
  2. Leave it for twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the size and penetration of the stain.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda from the carpet.
  4. Repeat the above steps until the baking soda stops balling up, as it means there is no more moisture left in the carpet.
  5. Do not leave the baking soda on for too long, as it might co promise the fiber quality. 

Since Berber Carpets are tightly woven, it takes longer to dry, but you can always use a vacuum cleaner to speed up the drying process.

Step 3: Vacuum Cleaner

The methods displayed above usually demand a follow-up with a vacuum, as it speeds up the drying process and makes sure there is no moisture left.

Vacuuming will remove any extra moisture, as Berber carpets retain moisture at a higher rate than the normal ones. In addition, it will make sure that the carpet is hygienic and bacteria-free.

A vacuum cleaner going over berber carpet

In cold areas drying a carpet might seem like a challenge; thus, vacuuming is here to the rescue.

  1. While vacuuming, make sure you use gentle, slow, and steady strokes. It is necessary to maintain the weave quality of the fabric.
  2. Check for any stains after the vacuuming. If the stain is still, try to clean with cold water first and then vacuum it again.

Method 2: Professional Approach

If you get a bit late in cleaning the stain, household items might not be that effective. In this case, you have to go forward with professional equipment.

Process 1: Steam Cleaning

It involves cleaning the carpet with hot water to deep clean it and extract all the deeply embedded particles.

  1. Make sure to vacuum first to avoid muddy stains when water is applied.
  2. Read the instruction handbook and add the solutions accordingly in the respective tanks. 
  3. Slowly pull long strokes with the machine and make sure that you only go with one long stroke to avoid oversaturation of the stain.
  4. Now dry up the carpet with the vacuum button, and make sure there is no deep-rooted moisture as it will give rise to mold, bacteria, and odor.
  5. If you live in warm areas, open your windows and pull a fan to speed up the drying process.

How Long Should It Take To Clean Your Home?

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What type of flooring do you have?

You can also check this short video tutorial to know the right method of steam cleaning Berber carpets.

Process 2: Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning process involves:

  • Applying powder.
  • Letting it work through the stain.
  • Sucking it back into the vacuum cleaner. 
Close up of berber carpet

Follow the below steps:

  1. The dry powder is necessary for pulling out the stain and disinfecting the carpet. 
  2. Do not forget to vacuum the carpet before the dry-cleaning process.
  3. The settings of the machine differ from brand to brand. There are certain types of cleaning brushes that need to be attached; make sure you read the manual to make the best use of the machine.
  4. Work the powder gently on the stained area; make sure you avoid any extra pressure. Depending on the brand of the powder, leave it for at least twenty to thirty minutes.
  5. When the timeline is complete, gently vacuum the powder off the carpet.

This is one of the most recommended and efficient methods of cleaning a Berber carpet, as there are no liquids involved that might compromise the fabric or weave of the carpet.

Process 3: Hiring a Professional

If there is a huge stain and you are not well-versed in cleaning, this option is a lifesaver, especially during rent inspections.

  • A professional cleaner has a good eye for analyzing the damage and selecting the best course of action.
  • There is a full guarantee that the carpet will not be ruined, as it is in the experienced hands of a professional.
  • You can explore these services on Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Cleaning Websites.

Preventative Measures

Cleaning a carpet is not an easy job. In case of big stains, big damages can happen to your carpet and your pocket. 

how to clean berber carpet

Here are some pointers to keep the carpet clean and avoid staining.

  • Vacuum the carpet at least once a week. Use a vacuum with high suction, without a brush, as a Berber Carpet is highly delicate.
  • Avoid wearing shoes on the carpet.
  • Avoid drinking liquids and eating snacks on a Berber Carpet.
  • Clip the nails of your pet, as it might damage the weave of the fiber.
  • Cover the Carpet with extra rugs and pillows. It adds a certain value to your home decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Berber Carpet Hard to Clean?

Yes, cleaning a Berber carpet might be challenging as it is not like other carpets with fiber; it is a piece of the weave—hazardous materials used while cleaning might damage it. Thus, cleaning it is a delicate job.

Is It Expensive to Clean Berber Carpets? 

The cost of cleaning a Berber carpet can be around $1 per square foot on average. So it might seem like a cheap option, but it is less durable.


Berber Carpets add value to the home decor if it is taken care of. However, it is an extremely delicate material, so it is essential to follow routine maintenance and avoid spills or staining.

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