How to Clean Out a Room Full of Junk

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A room that lacks some maintenance efforts will soon accumulate a lot of junk. These junks will overcrowd the space and will eventually deteriorate the appeal of your room. It is a very common scenario in bachelor rooms!

But you can fix these things! If you don’t find time to clean your room very often, then it is better to give it a complete cleaning once every 7-8 days.

You need to put in the effort to set things back to normal. So, let’s check out the cleaning measures in order to keep your room tidy in the future. 

How to Clean Out a Room Full of Junk

If you haven’t looked at your room minutely for quite a long time, then now is the time to do so. You will find a lot of junk and waste around your room space that you don’t even need.

So, you should now consider getting them out of your space and clean the room for healthy living. But for that, you need a perfect guide to learn how to clean out a room full of junk.

And this article is the guide for you! Follow the steps thoroughly to work on decluttering your room and cleaning it. 

A messy room full of junk

Step 1: Prepare a Cleaning Plan

If you wish to conquer your room’s cleanliness, then you need a plan to strike at first. No Plan, No Junk Removal! So, here are the things you must do and consider in order to make your plans:

  1. Decide the day or time you want to start the cleaning process. You can do it once you head back to your room after work.
  2. Do not wait for weekends or holidays, as your mind won’t co-operate. Weekends are for rest and enjoyment, and it will divert your attention for sure. 
  3. If you have kids in your house, then it is better to declutter your room before they wake up in the morning. If that isn’t possible, then get someone to look after them while you do the cleaning.

Step 2: Get All the Supplies 

After you have decided on your cleaning schedule, it is time to get all the supplies that you will need for the purpose. Here is the list of things that you must prioritize to have for cleaning junks out of your room:

  1. The trash bags
  2. Empty boxes
  3. Vacuum Cleaner, Broom, and Dustpan
  4. Bucket & Mop
  5. Cleaning cloths
  6. Cleaning solution
  7. Pen and Sticky notes 

Step 3: Label the Empty Boxes

Label the empty boxes to store the junks or objects around the room as per their respective categories. The labels that you can add onto the empty boxes, with the use of sticky notes and pen are:

a person putting a label on an empty box
  1. Donate
  2. Keep
  3. Sell
  4. Belongs Elsewhere, and others.

Now, you might be clear about what to do with these boxes and the things that you put in them.  

Step 4: Start the Cleaning or Decluttering Process

  1. Find the items that you think are rubbish and need to be thrown away. Start with those items first, to clean your junk room. 
  2. You will then free up some space around the room to work further. 
  3. Now, pick the area of your room that is close to the entrance. It is to ensure that you start cleaning right from the entrance region to clean it all by the end. 
  4. Sort down the clutter and junk, and drop the items in the respective boxes that you prepared in the previous step. 
  5. If you find things that are broken, old, or are of no use, you need to dump them in the dustbin. They don’t go to any of the boxes. 

Step 5: Time the Cleaning Process Accordingly

You don’t have to clean out the room full of junk in just one day. You are already back from work and cannot just give a whole night to clean out the room.

You will exhaust yourself and will probably sleep at work. Therefore, it is better to set a timer in order to clean the room. Stick to that time, and clean the room in that time frame. You can then resume the next day.

You might find some mementos while cleaning the room. When you come across them, just keep them in the “Belongs Elsewhere” box and check them out later.

Then, after the cleaning process, you can just sit back and think about what mementos you need to keep and what you should donate or sell. 

Step 6: Organize the Leftovers

  1. You will definitely see some things around the room that need to be organized. For instance, it can be the books over the study table, table fan, garments, a DSLR or SLR camera and others. 
  2. So, step up and organize them all. Keep the books stack over the table in an organized manner, wash & fold the garments to store them in the wardrobe, etc.

Step 7: Clean The Furniture, Floor, Objects, and Leftovers

  1. Use the microfiber cloth to clean off the furniture top. 
  2. Wipe out the loose dust and dirt from the surface of your top. 
  3. You can just vacuum clean the floor. 
  4. Also, you can mop the floor with a liquid cleaning solution
  5. Finish off all the wiping, cleaning, and dusting processes to ensure that the room is clean.

To get a clear idea of the steps and ideal measures for cleaning a room full of junk, you can check out this YouTube video link right away. 

a woman wearing mask cleaning a window

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Hire Someone to Clean My Room?

Yes, you can always hire someone to clean your room, but it is better to save some bucks rather than spending it all. Also, it is a job that you can do on your own, by giving it time. So, prefer doing it on your own!

How Often Should I Consider Cleaning My Bedroom?

If you mostly fill your room with junk, then you should consider cleaning it once every week. It is because you need to keep the sleeping space of your house clean and tidy. For more information, you can check this article!


If you intend to clean your room full of junk, then now is the time to put your efforts in the right place. Cleaning the room is a must not only for maintaining the room’s look but also for hygiene aspects.

So, learn the process and keep your rooms clean and free from junk. Then, get the supplies and commence with your cleaning procedure.  

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