How to Clean a Pebble Stone Shower Floor

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Pebble Stone Shower Flooring embeds a smooth series of pebbles placed in line over the shower floor. It gives a soothing feel to walk on and offers you an experience of a massage as well as a natural waterfall when you’re showering. These stones are gorgeous and appealing to the eyes, therefore give an attractive look to your washroom.

How to Clean Pebble Stone Shower Floor?

Before you go ahead and toggle through methods to clean the pebble stone shower floor, check for its proper installation. The correct installation refers to the appropriate placement of pebbles & grouts with a sealant finish. This is what makes the cleaning process easy & convenient.

To check the sealant’s existence over the floor, observe whether the floor looks dry. If so, you must apply a sealant over the pebble floor and let it dry before approaching to clean it.

You should not wash the pebble stones without sealing them. It is because the unsealed pebble shower floor will sink in the water and deteriorate over time.

So now that you know the secret basics most people skip, go ahead and learn how to clean pebble stone shower floor properly and effectively with these methods.

Pebble stone floor formed with tiles

Method 1: Cleaning With Detergent

Go through the steps below to know how to use mild detergent and an alkaline base to carry out the cleaning procedure. This method is very convenient as detergent is readily available in every household.

Step 1: Prepare the Detergent Solution

  1. Take one gallon of water in a container.
  2. Mix ¼ cup of detergent (vegetable-based) onto it.
  3. Mix it up thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply the Solution to Pebble Stone Floor

  1. Decide to work in particular sections for easy application.
  2. Use a firm bristled brush for scrubbing the pebble shower floor.
  3. Scrub the sections in a circular motion.
  4. Apply cleaning solution twice for each section.
  5. Make sure to cover the corners of the pebble shower floors.
  6. Put pressure and scrub on tough spots.

Step 3: Rinse the Pebble Shower Floor

  1. Preferably use a hand-held shower for rinsing the floor with water. (If available)
  2. If not, then take a bucket of clean water.
  3. Pour it over the pebble shower floor and wash away the loose residues.
  4. You will get a clean and tidy pebble shower floor.

Method 2: Steam Cleaning Procedure

Steam Cleaning the pebble stone shower floor ensures that your dirty grouts shine brightly once again. In addition, it kills the bacteria growing underneath the pebble stones over the floor.

The Pebble stone shower floor is more porous than usual floors; therefore, it needs in-depth cleaning. Hence, steam cleaning is an appropriate pick for the same.

  1. For carrying out this method, you will need a steam cleaner (hand-held).
  2. Hold the cleaner 3 to 6 inches above the pebble stone floor.
  3. Steam the floor for about 2-3 minutes. Work in sections.
  4. Rinse the floor with clean water.
  5. Leave the pebble stone shower floor to dry.
  6. Check the cleanliness of the floor to desirable levels.
  7. If it is unsatisfactory, then go ahead and repeat the process.

This process uses hot steam thrown at the pebble floor with immense pressure. It pushes the dirt, bacteria, and grime over the floor. Steam cleaning ensures that the pebble shower floor is not just clean but free from germs as well.

Method 3: Cleaning Pebble Stone Shower Floor With Vinegar

Vinegar is a go-to solution for lifting off hard water stains or soap scums off the floors because of its acidic nature. Follow these steps to know the approach:

  1. First, mix one part of vinegar with 16 parts of water.
  2. Fill it in a spray bottle.
  3. Spray the vinegar solution on the pebble surface.
  4. Let it settle down for 30 minutes for lifting off the build-ups and stains.
  5. Use a nylon-bristled scrubber for brushing the grout and pebbles.
  6. Scrub the floor in a circular motion.
  7. Reach out to the corners of the pebble stone floor.
  8. Turn the shower on and rinse the floor with a spray of warm water.
  9. For some persistent stains, you might have to do target cleaning. Spray the vinegar solution on the spot, and scrub it with slight pressure after letting it settle.
  10. Use a terry towel to dry the floor and to avoid any water spots.

If you do not wish to use natural and household remedies, you can straightaway go for commercial products. Here is a video to explain the perfect use of a commercial cleaner on pebble stone shower floors. You can refer to it.

A blue toned pebble stone floor

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean Your Pebble Stone Shower Floors?

It is better to clean off the pebble shower floors every week. But, if you are on a busy schedule, you can opt for cleaning the pebble stone shower floors at least once a month. So, follow the steps to ensure that you feel fresh while walking into your shower without encountering dirt, debris, and stains.

Are Pebble Tiles Good for Shower Floors?

Yes, pebble tiles are suitable for the shower floors. But, the placement needs to be appropriate in a way that the outline sheets are not visible.

Moreover, proper sealants need to be applied to ensure that they are cleanable over time. To know more about some tips to get a perfect pebble stone floor installation and how to maintain them, check out this link.

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If you intend to keep your pebble stone shower floors clean, then you need to invest time in them. Yes, cleaning the pebble stone floor takes time, but the methods are easy. So, go through the procedures as per your convenience and approach to clean your floors right away.

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