How to Clean Shower Door Tracks

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Just like your shower doors and walls, shower door tracks also accumulate soap scum, bathing product residues, and other things within them. Apart from that, over time and use, a heavy build-up of mineral deposits due to hard water develops.

It is yet another problematic condition. All of these hassles make it difficult to slide the shower doors on their tracks over time. That is why you should know how to clean shower door tracks regularly.  

How to Clean Shower Door Tracks

Shower door tracks are a prevalent dust & dirt-prone area. Furthermore, people often forget to clean this part of the shower, but it is a necessity. It is because neglecting the cleaning measures might cost you a hefty repair or a costly door track replacement in the long run.

So, it’s time you learned how to clean shower door tracks on your own. And, this guide will help you with it!

Method 1: Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent

Amongst all the DIY cleaning methods, the use of vinegar in cleaning processes is widespread. Distilled white vinegar has the properties to eradicate hard water stains and soap scums off your shower door tracks. Go along with these steps:

Step 1: Get the Supplies

  1. Get ¼ to ½ cup of distilled white vinegar.
  2. You will need some cotton balls.
  3. A spray bottle.
  4. Get an old toothbrush or a grout brush. 
  5. A sponge for cleaning stubborn areas

Step 2: Apply the Solution to Shower Door Tracks

  1. Fill the spray bottle with white vinegar solution. 
  2. Spray it over the shower door tracks. 
  3. Do not miss around the corners or ends of the track.
  4. Let the solution settle down for around 10 to 30 minutes. 

Step 3: Scrubbing the Shower Door Tracks

  1. Use the old toothbrush or any grout brush for the purpose.
  2. Scrub the grime, build-up, and soap scum off the door tracks. 
  3. Put pressure on the areas of tough stain. 
  4. Now, wet the sponge and give a complete wipe on the door track.
  5. Rinse the door tracks with a hand shower. 
  6. Repeat the process, if required

Method 2: Cleaning With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a light abrasive cleaner that can clean any of the door track accumulations. Hence, it can help you to get rid of mildew build-ups over the track as well. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Get the Materials

  1. Baking soda
  2. A bowl
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Water 
  5. Microfiber cloth

Step 2: Preparing the Cleaning Solution

  1. Take a bowl with water in it. 
  2. Add baking soda as per desired quantity into it.
  3. Mix the solution properly to make a thick paste.
Rust on the shower sliding door track

Step 3: Apply the Solution Over the Door Tracks

  1. Dip the toothbrush in the bowl with baking soda paste. 
  2. Scrub the brush over the door tracks.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the solution on stubborn areas of door tracks. Put a little pressure to get rid of robust stains.
  4. Let the solution settle on the tracks for around 30 minutes or an hour. 

Step 4: Final Scrubbing and Rinsing 

  1. Now, scrub the surface again with a toothbrush.
  2. Leave no corners to loosen further the dirt, debris, build-up, and stain.
  3. Rinse the surface with water.
  4. Wipe down the door tracks with a microfiber cloth.
  5. Repeat the process, if essential. 

Method 3: Cleaning Shower Door Tracks With Lemon

As lemon is high in citric acid and low pH, it is perfect as a natural cleaner. Moreover, it has antibacterial properties too. Hence, lemon can be used for cleaning the crusty door tracks. Check out how!

Step 1: Get the Essentials

  1. Lemon Slices (You can use lemon juice as well)
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Salt
  4. Clean Cloth

Step 2: Scrub the Track With Lemon Wedges

  1. Firstly, quarter a lemon.
  2. Dip the lemon wedge in salt.
  3. Scrub it directly onto the shower door tracks.
  4. Let it settle for around 25 to 30 minutes.
  5. Use an old toothbrush to remove all build-up, dust, dirt, and stains. 
  6. Use a wet and clean cloth to rinse the shower door tracks. 


If you use lemon juice instead of lemon slices, you must prepare a paste by mixing lemon juice with salt. And, then you can apply that paste to door tracks and carry on with the cleaning process.

To get a practical idea of how the above steps are executed, refer to this YouTube video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Right Approach For Cleaning the Shower Door Tracks?

The right approach to cleaning shower door tracks is to clean them last while cleaning the bathroom. It would be best if you started with walls and doors. And, then you must go ahead and clean the showerhead.

After washing all of these, you can move on to adjusting and cleaning your shower doors and the shower door tracks because the floor area and tracks should be mopped at last. In this way, you can ensure a well-kept and spotless shower room. 

Is It Feasible to Use Commercial Cleaners for Shower Door Tracks?

Yes, you can definitely use commercial cleaners for the shower door tracks. However, you need to ensure that the solution is not too abrasive to damage the tracks. You must follow the instructions as stated on the cleaner’s bottle to do it correctly. 

Also learn how to clean your shower doors with either WD-40 or dryer sheets!


People prefer natural and DIY remedies to ensure the cleaning of the door tracks. It is because they get both convenience and savings at the same time. So, if you were looking for ideal cleaning methods for your shower door tracks, this guide can be your go-to solution to help you out!

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