How to Clean Your Shower Doors with Dryer Sheets

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Dryer sheets are not just for keeping the clothes free from foul smells but are quite helpful in some other cleaning applications as well. One such evident application of dryer sheets is removing soap scum off the shower doors or shower tiles.

It is an efficient and cheap solution for the same. Let’s see why!

How to Clean Shower Doors With Dryer Sheets?

The next time you take off a used dryer sheet from the dryer machine, store them in a bucket. It is because you might need them while cleaning your shower doors.

You will need more than one dryer sheet. Therefore, utilizing the used ones will be pocket-friendly.

Dryer sheets themselves are of great use for cleaning soapy layers over glass doors. However, you can pair them with vinegar solutions to improve their effectiveness in cleaning. This guide will give you in-depth knowledge of how to clean shower doors with dryer sheets, read till the end.

Method 1: Cleaning Only With Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are the new prop that has opened up ways for amazing cleaning hacks, even to kitchens. To know about some of those unorthodox uses of dryer sheets, refer to this article. But for now, let’s keep the focus on how you can clean your shower doors with them. The steps include:

A bathroom with glass doors in the shower

Step 1: Wet the Shower Doors

  1. Use hand showers or a bucket full of clean water.
  2. Rinse the shower doors thoroughly and adequately.
  3. A wet surface is perfect for the dryer sheet to scrub and clean. 

Step 2: Get the Safety Precautions

  1. Use gloves to avoid causing skin irritation due to the handling of dryer sheets for a long time. 
  2. Moreover, it is better to open up the windows and doors for ventilation. It is to eliminate the aroma of dryer sheets that might be harmful to health. 
  3. Wear a respirator mask.

Step 3: Scrub the Doors With Dryer Sheets

  1. Take a dryer sheet, whether new or old.
  2. Scrub the shower doors in a vertical motion. 
  3. Put a little pressure on tough spot areas.
  4. The gunk and soap scum should come off with this process. 
  5. Keep replacing the dryer sheets when they become too dirty. 
  6. Continue the process until you get a satisfactory cleaning. 

Step 4: Rinsing, Drying, and Polishing the Shower Door

  1. Use a hand shower or bucket of water to rinse the shower door again.
  2. Rinse the door to remove the loose dirt, debris, or grime. 
  3. Use a clean cloth for drying the shower door.
  4. Use a little lemon oil to wipe the surface of the shower door to make it shine. 

Get clarity upon the steps highlighted above by viewing this video. This will provide you with a visual demonstration of cleaning shower doors using dryer sheets. 

Method 2: Clean By Using Dryer Sheets & Vinegar

If you did not get all the white streaks off the door using only the dryer sheets, you could opt for this method. The mineral deposits left behind by hard water will need more cleaning than just dryer sheet wipes.

Therefore, vinegar being acidic will help in removing all the robust build-ups. Here’s what you need to do:

A woman's hand as she holds dryer sheets for laundry
  1. Wet the shower doors first.
  2. Use the dryer sheets to wipe down the door surface.
  3. Rinse it with water again to remove the loose residues.
  4. Check for the cleanliness of the shower doors.
  5. If hard water stains exist, then use vinegar post dryer sheet cleaning.
  6. Fill the vinegar in a spray bottle.
  7. Spray it on the shower door thoroughly.
  8. Let it settle for a few minutes.
  9. Scrub off the shower door with a soft brush.
  10. Rinse the door with water. 
  11. Apply lemon oil onto the surface to make it shine. (Optional)

Method 3: Clean By Moistening the Dryer Sheet

The robust soap scum layers over your shower doors can be eradicated with these mere sheets. You just need warm water, and rest is easy:

Follow these steps to help yourself with the process:

  1. Moisten the dryer sheet in warm water. (used or fresh)
  2. Rub it directly on the glass shower door.
  3. Soap scums will start to loosen up. 
  4. Dryer sheet will pull off the scums.
  5. Use more than one dryer sheet, as rubbing a single dirty one will do no good. 
  6. Rinse the shower door with clean and warm water.
  7. Wash the doors thoroughly to remove chemical remnants of dryer sheets from the shower doors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Can I Clean the Shower Doors With Dryer Sheets?

You should probably clear your shower doors with dryer sheets every day or once a week according to your convenience. Using a dryer sheet for cleaning the shower doors is a straightforward approach.

Therefore, if you can do frequent cleaning of your shower doors, the build-ups will be less, and your shower door will look appealing every day.

A shower cabin with glass door and window

Can I Use the Dryer Sheets as Dusters to Clean Off the Dust From the Shower Door Surface?

Yes, when your shower door is dry and has accumulated dust over it, you can use dryer sheets as a duster. The dryer sheet material repels the static electricity, making them an optimal pick for collecting dust off the surface. Additionally, you could even use this to clean for your shower door tracks or shower silicone.


Cleaning shower doors is also possible with WD40. However, dryer sheets seem to be serving a lot more purpose than what they usually do. And, that is what has brought up this unique & dirt-cheap idea of cleaning shower doors.

So, start saving your dryer sheets after their use for cleaning not only the shower doors, but also the frosted glass doors. You can use the new dryer sheets, but it is better to let the new ones serve the purpose they are made for.

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