How to Clean Your Entire House Fast [Under 2 Hours]

how to clean your house in 2 hours

​Sometimes, you just don't have time to leisurely clean your home. You need to clean your home fast. With everyone living busier lives than every before, keeping your home clean with minimal time and effort is vitally important. 

​Below, we're going to talk about how to clean a messy house step by step. At the end of this article you'll know how to clean your house in 2 hours or less.

how to clean your house in 2 hours

​How to Clean Your House Faster

We've pulled together a collection of tips and tricks to fast house cleaning. Some are super practical, like the process you should go through in each room for cleaning. Others are more focused on your mentality and perspective. At the end, you should have all the tools needed to get your house spick and span in a matter of hours.

​How to Stay Focused on Cleaning

Cleaning your dirty house fast can seem like an overwhelming task, and doing it quickly doesn't necessarily come naturally for us. For many of us, it's an all-day ordeal. However, with a little organization, it is not only possible to clean your house in under 2 hours, it can be easy.

In fact, the most dedicated and organized home cleaners may be able to finish the job in an average size home in half this time! The most important thing to do before you start cleaning up your house is to make sure you stay focused.

Before you begin, do a few things:

  • Turn off your phone (You can just silence it but turn off the vibration function too. No distractions!)
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Turn on some music. Listen to something peppy and energetic, to keep you moving.
  • Organize your cleaning supplies so you have them on hand.
  • Recruit help. Do you have family or roommates at home? It's time for them to chip in. You've got a house to clean, fast!
listening to music helps while cleaning

​Strategic Home Cleaning Tips

​If you're trying to clean your house in less than 2 hours, remember these two things:

1. Clean from the top down.

If you suffer from the debate on dusting or vacuuming first, let us solve that right now: clean from the top down. This will save you a lot of extra effort in the long run, which saves you time.

Start by dusting light fixtures and along the tops of windows and doors before cleaning furniture, walls, and floors.

This way, any dust you dislodge travels downward and can be picked up in a later sweep. No need to double back on any rooms.

​2. Clean from ​left to right.

This one isn't quite as logical as cleaning from top to bottom in terms of how dust and dirt move as you clean. However, by always going from left to right as you clean, you will reduce time wasted by cleaning chaotically.

You'll move systematically, left to right, top to bottom, instead of running all around the room. This is also a great way to keep track of what has been cleaned, and what needs some attention.

​Clean Room by Room

When you go into a bedroom to clean it, immediately strip the linens and remake the beds. Keep your new blankets and pillows close at hand. Shuffle the old bedding immediately into a laundry pile.

The laundry basket, garbage bags, and other items collected from the bedrooms should sit just outside the door. Remove clutter, gathering it in a spare bin or basket for later organizing.

Wipe down your furniture. 

Vacuum starting in a left-hand corner, sweeping from left to right, and vacuum yourself right out the door. Bedrooms typically have carpet, so make sure to use a vacuum designed for thicker surfaces. This will save you time by only having to pass over each spot once. 

Once out the door, pick up your laundry and garbage and get them to where they need to be.

Once you enter the bathroom, first spray your shower and tub enclosure with a foam cleaner spray. Then, apply toilet bowl cleaner. You can let these sit and do their jobs while you work on other tasks.

Clean mirrors, countertops, and the sink while the shower and toilet cleaners work. After you've finished wiping down other surfaces, wipe down the shower. Use a scrub brush on tile. Make sure glass is rinsed and wiped dry. Then, take up the old toilet brush and clean the inside of the toilet bowl.

Once that's done, you can clean the outside of the toilet, from top to bottom. If there's trash to be emptied, place it outside the door. Vacuum and/or mop the floor, working your way out the door. Simply pick up the trash and be on your way.

Give a final glance - your bathroom should be clean-smelling and clean-looking.

​At this point, you've gotten some of the tougher areas of the home done, like the bathroom. The kitchen is still to come, and that one can be tough. Take a "break" by moving into an easier room to clean, like the living or dining room. 

First, clear out clutter. Then, dust from left to right, top to bottom. Vacuum or wipe down any furniture. In this case, you might be better served by pulling out your canister vacuum because of the extension hose. This can allow you to cover a room that has a lot of obstacles quickly.  

Done and done - easy-peezy. Time for the final challenge. 

Perhaps this is the most dreaded room to clean besides the bathroom. But, the kitchen cleans very efficiently if you know what you're doing.

First, load dirty dishes in the dishwater. Fill your sink with hot water and soap. If your stove has burner components or covers which need to be cleaned, you can do that in the sink or the dishwasher if there's room.

Using a sponge and your soapy water, wipe down your cabinets and surfaces from top to bottom. Dust the windowsill above the sink if you have one.

Proceed to cleaning the backsplash and countertops from left to right. Wipe down any appliances you have. Finish up cleaning the stove components and get them replaced. Finally, vacuum and mop the floors.

​Keep ​Your House Clean

 Now that you know how to clean your house fast, the key to cleaning your house even faster next time is implementing a few steps. These will keep your home a little neater and cleaner day by day. By doing these tasks, even with a little clutter, your home will always be ready for a surprise relative visit.

Make Your Bed Every Day

maintain cleanliness by making your bed everyday

When you get up in the morning, take the time to make your bed. This isn't just something your mother used to yell at you about. A home with a made bed immediately seems cleaner.

Making your bed in the morning sets a tone for the rest of the day. You'll find as you make the bed, you'll start tidying around the house almost automatically. The house won't be as likely to get messy again.

Hide the Laundry Hamper

Where do you keep your laundry? In a hamper in a corner of the room? On the floor? First, if you don't have a hamper, get one.  

Second, keep it out of sight. Put it in a closet and leave it there. Even a clean room looks dirty when there are dirty clothes visible. Hiding your hamper will help your house look cleaner automatically.

Clear off the Fridge Door

We know you're proud of your magnet collection, your child's doodles, and maybe your takeout menus, coupons, and miscellaneous papers. The fridge door often becomes a catch-all for clutter. The idea of cleaning it off may make your house seem less like a home.

Take the clutter off the fridge. We think you'll be surprised how much cleaner the kitchen looks in just a few seconds.

Keep Fresh Flowers

keep fresh flowers in the house after cleaning

It isn't exactly a tip on how to clean your house fast. But, once you've wiped down your surfaces, dusted, vacuumed, taken out the trash, done the dishes, made the bed, and hidden the hamper, treat your home to fresh flowers.

A nice bouquet of fresh flowers seems to have a magical effect on a home, helping it to look prettier, tidier, and more welcoming to all


This isn't intended to be a deep cleaning. It's the "I've got to clean my house fast" sort of general clean. By staying focused and developing a system, you should be able to clean your house in under 2 hours fairly easily. With a little practice, you may even be able to do it in one hour.

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