40 Ways To Make Showering More Fun

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​Showering can sometimes feel like a chore. Or, it feels like a basic routine you do and just go through the motions, so you can get out and get on with your day. However, showering can also be your safe-haven, watery escape from the business of life. ​Take a minute to see how to make showering more fun so you can enhance your morning routine.

​How to Make Showering Fun

​With a little bit of creativity and innovation, showering can be more than just a chore! Read on to see our list of how to make you daily shower experience ​better.

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​1. Waterproof Notepad

​Some people get their best ideas when they are able to shut out the world and fully relax in the shower. Sadly, hot water and notebook paper don’t mix. Until now. The cute and affordable Aqua Notes Note Pad sticks to the wall and is waterproof.

​2. Bluetooth Speaker

​Everyone loves having music in the shower. Singing acapella into the shower head or enjoying a quieter instrumental background music may help you wake up.

A waterproof bluetooth speaker like the iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a great way to bring your music into the shower without having a fear of it getting wet.

​3. Sip Caddy

​For those evening showers and baths, a SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder is a must! This suction cup holder will cradle your wine glass and allow you to sip while you shower. No longer do you have to awkwardly hold it and shampoo with one hand.

​4. Foot Cleaner

​Skip bending over to clean your feet. Use this little hand tool to clean and relax Messar Foot Cleaner, with its suction cup bottom sandal-like shower scrubber, has over 1000 bristles that cleans and massages your feet while you shower.

​5. Mirror

​Having a mirror in the shower is great for being able to see your face and other parts of your body while washing and shaving. You will want a good mirror like the Fogless Shower Mirror. This mirror also includes a small gripper for your razor.

​6. Shampoo Dispenser

​Having a neat and tidy shower can also make your shower more fun. Reduce the bottle clutter by investing in a shampoo and body wash dispenser like the HotelSpaWave Luxury Shower Dispenser. It has clear compartments, so you can monitor how long until you will need to refill it.

​7. Caffeinated Soap

​Skip your morning cup of coffee and lather up with this minty smelling soap that has been infused with caffeine. The Caffeinated Soap Bar gives an average of 200mg of caffeine per wash, which is equivalent to one 12 ounce cup of brewed coffee.

​8. Shower Scrub

​Exfoliate and refresh your skin with a gentle shower scrub a few times a week to help clear away dead skin cells. The Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub is a vegan based scrub that works great as an exfoliator and moisturizer.

​9. Give Yourself a Facial

​While you are in a steamy shower, your pores are opening. This makes it the perfect time to clean your skin. Face masks can be super messy sometimes. Putting on a wash off face mask in the shower is perfect.

If you like using peel off masks, you can still apply them in the shower. Just wait until the end, so it will begin to dry as you get out and dry off.

While waiting, remember that steam can also help with cleaning the ​bathroom, so you can do that while your face mask is still setting.

​10. Shower Massage

​If you have a ​multiple shower heads, you are able to turn it to a massaging pulse and run it over your body. Pause or go slow over your back to help loosen any knots or areas that are aching.

If you don’t have a handheld shower head, consider grabbing one. They are easy to install and give you a ton of versatility with your shower. ​

​11. T-Rex Shower Head

​Break away from the ordinary and embrace your inner nerd with this Barbuzzo T-Rex Shower Head. You can experience the thrill of a close call with a T-Rex without having to travel to Jurassic Park. P.S. Your kids just might love this one 🙂

​12. Luminex Shower Head

​Brighten up your shower, literally, with the 24 setting Luminex Shower Head. This shower head and handheld combo offers 7 vibrant LED lights that automatically change every few seconds by gradually blending.

​13. Vitamin C Shower Head

​Give yourself a natural boost with this Sharper Image Vitamin C filtered shower head. The built-in vitamin C filter provides you with a citrus aromatherapy treatment while you shower.

Vitamin C is beneficial by promoting healthier skin, healthier hair, and it is great for neutralizing chlorine in your water. You will install it the same way as a standard shower head, or you can also incorporate it with your shower panel.

​14. Elephant Trunk Shower Head

​Not just for kids, the Waterpik Safari Spray Elephant Flexible Shower Head is an adjustable height shower nozzle to add instant fun to your morning routine. You can angle it down so that it hits that one spot on your neck that feels kinked.

​15. Bluetooth Shower Head

A Bluetooth Shower Head lets your favorite songs play while you are lathering up. You can also answer phone calls without sounding drowned out on various models due to a pure sound ultra-noise reduction technology.

To recharge the shower head you can generally pop it out and plug it in. Batteries tend to last for 12 hours while charging only take 3-4 hours.

​16. Rain Fall Shower Head

​Consider making the switch from a regular shower head to a rain head. Completely wash away your worries with the Sarlai Adjustable Rain Shower Head.

This large shower head gives you the feel of standing in the rain as you allow the water to drip down from your head to your toes.

Check out our reviews of the top rain shower models to help you pick the best one for you.

​17. Monologue

​Recreate your favorite movie or stand-up comedy moments in the shower. It sounds corny, but you can play around with famous sayings, make up your own responses, or just be completely silly.

Doing this can boost your mood and give you a good laugh to start out the morning.

​18. Sing

​You can add speakers into your shower, but all you really need is your voice. A shower offers the perfect acoustics setting and a hidden behind-the-curtain privacy you can use to practice and hone your singing skills.  ​

Closing your shower doors ​also gives a nice effect. Whether you sound great or not so great, let your guard down and just sing.

​19. Problem Solve

​If you have a money issue, an unknown way to fix something, or face a struggle you haven’t quite worked out, use your shower time to work it out. Talk aloud in a small and safe-feeling place. Work out various ways to approach the situation and bounce ideas off the walls.

​20. Meditate

​Let the water run over you as you focus on your breathing. Try to calm your mind and push thoughts out of your head. Keep your mind locked onto breathing in and then breathing out.

When stray thoughts come, let them fall to the shower floor and through the drain like the water droplets and go back to thinking about your breathing.

​21. Shaving Pedestal

​Use the​ ElevEase Shower Step to step up your shaving game. This corner-based shelf is prefect for propping your foot up on. Propping up your foot while shaving will help reduce body and back strain while making it easier to shave.

​22. Hair Catcher

​How does the Danco Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher make my shower more fun? By keeping your drain safer from the risk of getting a hair clog.

This will give your daily shower routine more peace of mind, knowing you are taking steps to keep your drain hair free.

​23. Magnetic Shampoo Holder

​Get your shampoo bottles off the side of your shower with a super strong Magnetic Shampoo Holder. No holes to drill and no complicated instructions.

The magnet sticks to ​your ​tiled shower or wall via a very strong and water-resistant adhesive. The silicone-based bands will wrap around any size bottle.

​24. Organizer

​Keep everything you need and some stuff you don’t in this incredibly strong and handy Adhesive Shower Caddy. No need to put holes in your shower. This caddy is held up by strong and water-resistant adhesive strips.

There is a phone holder shelf, storage compartment, magnetic soap holder, five movable hooks, and a corrosion resistant towel rack, that’s great for preventing rust and mineral build-up in the shower.

There are also weep holes that will allow any standing water to drip through and dry while the shower is not in use.

​25. Clock

​Place a shower clock in the shower with you. This time keeper can help you keep track of time in the mornings, so you know how much time you have to relax and when you need to start rinsing.

​26. Timer

​If you have a tight routine or like to be more eco-friendly by taking shorter showers, then having a waterproof timer handy can help you carve out a standard time for showering.

Set it for 5 – 10 minutes so you still have time to get clean and enjoy a few of these tips to boost your morning routine.

​27. Shower Seat

​Shower seats like the Bamboo Shower Bench aren’t just for people who can’t stand for long or are at risk for falling. Invest in a nice shower seat so you can sit and steam while the hot water is running.

​28. Try a New “Non” Shampoo

​Many people are ditching regular old shampoo and opting for healthier and more natural hair washing products. Try out some of these no shampoo washes during your next shower to see if your hair feels healthier.

​29. Build Yourself Up

​During a normal day, you will encounter so many things that will dampen your mood or make you feel less. Use your shower time to play some good upbeat music and pepper yourself aloud with compliments and “go get em” praise.

​30. Shower Curtain that Holds Your Tech

​Who are we to judge if you are too attached to your phone or tablet to leave it on the counter while you are showering? Make your shower more tech friendly with the Better Than Bubbles Tech Friendly Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Pockets.

This liner has 17 multi-sized pockets, so you can have all your devices and more within reach and safe from water.

​31. Get a Plant

​Living plants add a new element of comfort and brightness to any room. Elevate your shower by hanging a plant around or even in the shower. Figure out what plants work best in the bathroom and brighten up your space.

​32. Moss Bath Mat

​Take your bathroom to the next level with this real moss bath mat. When you step out of the shower, the water droplets fall down on the moss and water it. This is a great DIY project that is easy enough for you to try, ​while keeping in mind that the water will serve a better purpose, rather than just having to clean it all up later on.

​33. Hooded Towel

​Hooded towels aren’t just for kids. Indulge yourself with a fun and fashionable hooded towel like ​the Premium Hooded Towel for Kids. Just because you step out of the shower, doesn’t mean that the fun has to end.

​34. Dance (arms only)

​Try out some fun new dance moves in the shower before you take them out into the world. Just make sure you focus on arms and torso only. Moving your feet to the beat could result in unexpectedly meeting the shower floor.

​35. Just Be

​Sometimes it is fun to just be in the shower. No frills and fuss needed. Stand under the water and clear your mind. Enjoy the heat the shower head pours over your body. Take a deep breath, knowing you don’t have to rush out just yet.

​36. Plan Out Your Day

​While you are feeling relaxed under the hot water, plan out your day. Make a mental list of things you need to get done. Since you are feeling relaxed, you can get a clearer picture to plan.

This is a better time than when you are running around the house frantically trying to get ready or when you are stuck in traffic that has you starting to stress out.

37. Practice for an Upcoming Event

Have an important meeting coming up, or a big presentation to make? Perhaps you just have a difficult conversation that you need to have. There are so many scenarios in life where practicing ahead of time can make a big difference.

The shower is a great place to do this. There is plenty of time, no one to distract you, and no one to hear you.

38. Listen To Your Favorite Podcast

Grab a waterproof speaker and bluetooth your favorite podcast to it. You can leave your phone on the counter so it doesn’t get wet, and have the speaker in the shower with you.

What better way to use that shower time to be inspired, educated, or just laugh a little.

39. Write Messages For The Next Person

Once you get the shower steamy, the shower doors will fog up from steam. If you write something on the doors with your fingers, you’ll see the steam clear up. And, when you stop your shower and the steam goes away, you won’t be able to see the writing.

However, the next person who steams up the shower will see your little note. How fun!

​40. Shower With Someone Else

No need for further explaining on this one! You get it 🙂

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​What are you waiting for? Go test out some of these tips and learn how to make showering more fun.

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