Simple Ways for Keeping Your House Clean with Kids

how to keep your room clean for kids

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Homes with kids usually look as they’ve been hit by a tornado. Toys are everywhere, clothes are lying around, empty packages, and snacks show up wherever you look. All families go through this stage.

All parents feel keeping a house clean when you have kids is impossible. It is not. It just takes patience, ambition, and repetition. 

As parents, you need to learn how to keep your room clean for kids. Then, the kids will learn how to keep theirs clean. You also need to implement healthy habits that will help declutter the entire house. 

These will add some discipline to your daily routines. The following tips should help.

1. Pull the comforters over the pillows

This is probably the most effective and easy-to-follow advice for kids. It will keep your room clean for everyone entering it. The bed takes up a lot of space. Yet, you never find the time to make it.

Pulling the comforter over the sheets, pillows, and your pajamas only takes seconds and leaves it looking neat. The kids will easily learn to do the same with their own beds soon.

​2. Put mattress protectors on the beds

​​While it might or might not happen often, there are a variety of circumstances that result in a wet bed. And, an ounce of prevention here can save a lot of work in the future. 

Obviously, kids wet the bed occasionally. As they are potty training, this can be more frequently. But, even as they grow up, it happens once in awhile.

​But that isn't where it stops. Kids spill food and drink in their bed, along with bringing toys and projects in to their sleeping quarters.

Throwing a high quality, waterproof bed protector onto the mattress does several things. For starters, it preserves and extends the life of you mattress. Second, it saves you a lot of cleaning time when spills or accidents do happen.

​3. Establish a routine for the kids

establish a regular routine for your kids

Teaching them to eat, sleep, and bathe at the same hours every day will allow you to better plan your activities. This will give you time to invest in house cleaning.

For example, when the kids are young and get tired quickly, train them to sleep after lunch. You then have one or two hours for house chores. It also keeps them in a better mood.

​4. Set and implement house rules

The kids and everyone else in the house can learn some simple acts. Teach them to leave their shoes at the door, put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and place their dirty dishes in the sink.

It may take some convincing, setting an example, and repetition, but it will be worth it.

​5. Don't let housework pile up

start with unloading dishwasher in the morning

Sometimes, even though you have the time, you don’t feel like doing laundry, washing the dishes, or ironing. However, the more you wait, the more dirty or wrinkled clothes and the more dirty dishes you will have.

It helps to start the day with a load of laundry and to unload the dishwasher before breakfast to make room for the dirty dishes you gather throughout the day.

​6. Allow the kids to lend a hand

Even though you probably feel you can clean everything better and faster by yourself, you should encourage the kids to lend a hand. Pretend you are very old and tired. You need someone to pick up the Lego pieces lying on the floor and put them directly in the toy box. 

Organize contests to see who gathers the most toys or find out who has the smelliest clothes lying around. The kids will have fun and will associate that fun with activities they would normally hate.

​7. Reward and motivate the kids to clean up after themselves

It is important to motivate your kids to keep their room and the entire house, as far as toys are concerned, clean. Show them that not having to clean up after them lets you spend more time with them. You are able to do things they like.

reward kids to keep room clean

Let them play with a new set of toys only after they have gathered the toys they were playing with. Reward their cleaning efforts with smiley faces, hugs and kisses, a small treat, or another episode of their favorite cartoon movie.

​8. Sanction the mess

Your kids need to learn that in order to obtain what they want they need to give something back. Tell them they can go out and play, invite friends over, or play computer games only after they clean up their rooms.

If they refuse, cut down their privileges. No TV, no sweets, no going to the amusement park, or whatever their favorite activity is.

​9. Get rid of the stuff you don't need

Sometimes, learning how to keep your room clean for kids is not enough. You may have too many things you don’t really need lying around, and no space to store them. You should get rid of them. 

You and your kids can choose an item you no longer need every day or every week and give it away. Don’t hesitate to wrap it up nicely and stick a smiley face to it, to let the kids know their gesture will make someone smile.

​10. Buy fewer packaged items

You may feel that packaged items help you organize your fridge better. The truth is packaging turns to garbage and unnecessarily fills your recycle bin or your trash can. Besides, it adds to the price of the product.

Giving up unnecessary packaging will help you keep your home cleaner and save money.

11. Do a thorough house cleaning every week

how to keep your room clean for kids

Keeping a house clean with kids playing around and a million things to do is not easy. However, it is a necessity. Dirt equals germs and bacteria that can jeopardize your kids’ health.

To prevent that, sacrifice an hour or two every week to clean with a stick vacuum and sanitize the floors, disinfect the sinks and the bathtub, change the bed sheets, and dust the furniture. Every family member can lend a hand. You can all enjoy the results when the cleaning is over.


Learning how to keep your room clean for kids and yourself is not something you can achieve overnight. It is not easy, and it may take time to become part of your family’s routine. However, it is not impossible either. It is worth the effort.

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