New Survey shows Millennials Vacuum their Homes VERY Differently than Baby Boomers

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If you question whether there are real differences between Millennials and other generations, this new data about vacuuming patterns might change your mind.

More than 1 in 3 Millennials vacuum their house every day, with a whopping 15% vacuuming several times each day, according to a recent survey performed by

Cleaning habits revealed for baby boomers vs millennials in a recent study by

On the flip side, less than 1 in 6 Baby Boomers vacuum their houses every day, with less than 1% vacuuming more than once per day.

What makes these new findings so interesting is that both groupings actually spend the same amount of time vacuuming each month. Millennials and Baby Boomers vacuum the exact same amount of time ​throughout the month: 35 minutes.

Vacuuming Frequency

Millennials vacuum frequently, sometimes several times per day, whereas Baby Boomers vacuum weekly or even bi-weekly.

The key difference is how that 35 minutes are split and divided up. Millennials clean frequently for short periods of time, whereas Baby Boomers clean much more infrequently, but for much longer periods of time.

In other words, the frequency that Millennials and Baby Boomers vacuum their homes is dramatically different.

The data is clear:

Baby Boomers vacuum weekly or every other week (55% vs 33% for Millennials).

Millennials clean every day, or many of them even multiple times per day (38% vs 16% for Boomers).

Millennials vacuum a lot more frequently than Baby Boomers
​​Source: 2018 Generational Cleaning Pattern Survey

You might be asking about Gen X, and they have some interesting patterns as well.

​Gen X vacuums a lot more than both other generations, with 63% of Gen Xers vacuuming at least every other day or more frequently (compared to 48% for Millennials and 32% for Boomers).

Gen Xers also spend 20% more time vacuuming every month than the other generations.

At first hear, the data about Gen X makes a lot of sense. This generation is the largest one with children living in the household, meaning home sizes and number of occupants are higher, necessitating more vacuuming and cleaning.

Vacuum Preference

Boomers prefer the classic Upright style vacuum cleaner, whereas Millennials are shifting towards new designs like the Canister vacuum.

Back to the differences in how Millennials and Baby Boomers treat vacuuming, though. Baby Boomers still prefer a standard Upright vacuum, with almost 75% owning the classic cleaner.

Millennials are the generation moving towards newer styles of vacuums, with only 52% owning an upright model.

The style they’re moving to? The canister vacuum… more than double the number of Millennials own canister vacuums than Baby Boomers.

​Interestingly enough, those that own a canister vacuum spend a longer time vacuuming each month, and this holds true across all generations.

Baby Boomers prefer Upright Vacuums while Millennials are split between Upright and Canister cleaners
​​Source: 2018 Generational Cleaning Pattern Survey

Canister vacuum owners spend about 10% longer each month vacuuming.

Vacuum Features

​Both generations demand strong suction from their vacuum, but Baby Boomers also want ease of use, whereas Millennials wan cordless technology.

While all generations prefer strong suction as the most important feature in their vacuum, Millennials opt more for convenient cordless technology as a secondary consideration.

Boomers, on the other hand, would opt for an easy to maneuver vacuum as a secondary consideration.

Somewhat surprisingly was that Millennials showed no greater preference to automated or semi-automated cleaning in a vacuum than any other generation.

While the Millennial generation has revolutionized society with its strong attachments to technology, that doesn’t appear to cross over to vacuums.

Not only do a low percentage of Millennials own robotic vacuums (under 6%), but they don’t seem to have much of an interest in owning one (under 4%).

Perhaps this has to do with the cost of a robotic vacuum…

Vacuum Cost

​Baby Boomers are willing to spend ​11% more on their next vacuum cleaner than Millennials.

Baby Boomers have a much larger budget for their vacuum cleaner, with the average amount they would be willing to spend on their next vac hovering just above $130.

Over 90% of Boomers would spend more than $50 on their next vacuum purchase, whereas almost 1 in 5 Millennials would opt to spend under $50 on their next vacuum.

Millennials have the lowest amount of all the generations for what they are willing to spend on a vacuum, coming in at $118.

However, for the Millennials that do vacuum daily (or more frequently), they would be willing to pay $135 for their next vacuum.

Millennials will spend a lot less on a vacuum cleaner than Baby Boomers
​Source: 2018 Generational Cleaning Pattern Survey

Boomers who vacuum this frequently (which is much rarer) would actually pay less than the average Boomer, only being willing to spend $128 on their next vacuum, compared to the $130 that the average Boomer is willing to spend.

Millennials vs Baby Boomers

​Its no secret that the Millennial generation is changing many longstanding patterns throughout history. This new generation is more educated​ and travels more

More and more, Millennials are shirking homeownership as the American Dream, choosing to live an urban lifestyle with a greater community involvement.

Compared to 1965, women are getting married 6 years later in life and men 6.5 years later.

The generation has just surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generation in the United States.  


Millennials are changing the way things are done across a multitude of sectors, and vacuuming is no different. It is clear why vacuum manufacturers are spending so much energy coming out with new designs that put an emphasis on convenience and cost.

​Survey Details co​llected feedback from 320 people from throughout the United States.

For the purposes of this survey, Millennials were defined as those answering the survey between the ages of 18-35. Generation X was defined as those answering the survey between the ages of 36-55. Baby Boomers were defined as those answering the survey between the ages of 55+​.

The survey was conducted through a random questionnaire posted on Facebook, with 120 Millennials, 89 Generation Xers, and 111 Baby Boomers responding.


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