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How Do You Properly Use a Mop

Man using mop

You should mop at least once a week to ensure the floor is clean and shiny. There is a proper way to use a mop, though. Using the mop correctly will make cleaning faster and more effective. That leaves the question: How do you properly use a mop? How Do You Properly Use a Mop? …

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Are Microfiber Mops Good?

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

Microfiber mops are gaining much more traction in grocery, hardware, and online stores, in many cases taking up more shelf space than the traditional cotton yarn head mops. Sales on Amazon.com certainly prove that with 9 out of the top 10 models of wet mops sold are made with microfiber heads. When new materials come …

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What Is Dry Mopping?

Woman using a mop while wondering what is dry mopping

There are many different ways, and possibly many different steps, to cleaning hardwood and other non-carpeted types of flooring. For daily cleaning, many like to sweep to get rid of surface dust, loose dirt, and animal hair. But dry mopping, or dust mopping, is a better way. So what is dry mopping? This is a …

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What to Put in Mop Water

Close up of a foam mop head

When it comes to cleaning your floors, it is important to use the right tools for the job, starting with the mop, and then the cleaning solution you will mix in your mop water. Standard off the shelf concentrated cleaning solutions may work well for flooring materials like linoleum or vinyl, but hardwood floors, marble, …

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Can You Steam Mop Laminate

Person using a steam mop to clean a wood floor

With the recently popular steam mop becoming a common cleaning tool in many houses, it is interesting to see how many things we can clean with it. Tile and linoleum flooring are the easiest, carpeting is a little more difficult with but it can be done, and non-porous surfaces like shower doors or patio furniture …

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How to Clean a Mop Head

Learn how to clean a mop head

When we clean something like a floor, the dirt and germs that we are removing end up in the towel or mop that we used. A towel is easy to throw into the washing machine after we are done, but what happens with a mop? With the added issue of a long handle, we might …

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