What Are Mops Made Of?


A mop is an excellent tool that you can use to clean floors in your house to keep it clean. There are different types of mops available in the market for cleaning different floors. It’s important to understand what mops are made of along with their different types. It’ll help you choose the mop that …

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How Does a Spin Mop Work


A spin mop is a convenient floor cleaning tool that usually comes with a highly absorbent circular or triangular head. Most spin mops have microfiber strings/strands that absorb messes and spills quickly instead of pushing mop water around. In this article, we’ll discuss how a spin mop works and why you should use it. It’ll …

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How to Mop with White Vinegar


White vinegar is a versatile ingredient that’s commonly used in baking and cooking. But you can also use it for cleaning purposes because of the disinfecting properties it offers. In this article, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide to help you understand how to mop with white vinegar. It’ll come in handy if you don’t have …

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How Often Should You Mop Laminate Floors?


Although laminate floors are durable and require low maintenance, they need to be cleaned regularly. It’ll allow you to maximize their life span and keep your home’s environment clean. But how often do you need to mop your laminate floors? Read this article to find the answer. It‘ll help you keep your laminate floors clean …

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How Often Do You Need to Mop the Floor?


Mopping your house’s floors is important to keep your living space clean. It allows you to get rid of dirt and germs, which is important for your family’s well-being. But how often do you need to mop the floor? The answer to this question depends on several factors. In this article, we’ll discuss those factors …

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How to Take a Mop Head Off


Using a floor cleaning mop is a common and effective way to deep clean your living space. To make sure that your mop continues to work optimally, you need to change its head periodically. That’s because it becomes dirty and worn over time and fails to clean your floors properly. But taking a mop head …

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How to Stop Mop Streaks


Mopping your floors is one of the easiest ways to keep your living space clean. But it turns into a frustrating experience when you end up with mop streaks, once the floor has dried. Not only do these streaks look bad but they can also damage the shine of your floors permanently. In this article, …

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How Do Steam Mops Work


A steam mop is a better alternative to a traditional mop in terms of ease of use and cleaning efficiency. Before investing in a steam mop for your house, it’s important to understand how it works. There are certain scenarios where its better to use a regular mop so you don’t damage your floors. Once …

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How to Mop Floors Without a Mop


A mop is a practical tool that allows you to clean your floors effectively. It ensures a hygienic and healthy environment to live happily. But it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t clean your floors if you don’t have a mop. If you just move to a new place and haven’t bought a mop yet …

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How Long Is Mop Water Good For?


If you mop your house’s floors regularly, you’d already know that mop water can become dirty easily. Using dirty water not only reduces the effectiveness of mopping but can also spread dirt and germs all around the place. That’s why it’s important to change the mop water but how often should you do that? In …

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Why Are Floors Sticky After Mopping?

Dirty and sticky floors after mopping

Have you ever marveled at a clean, shiny floor only to be disappointed after taking a few sticky steps on it? Unfortunately, this is more common than you think, and it happens on wooden floors, laminate, tiles. So, why are floors sticky after mopping?  Why Are Floors Sticky After Mopping? There are three reasons your …

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How Do You Properly Use a Mop

Man using mop

You should mop at least once a week to ensure the floor is clean and shiny. There is a proper way to use a mop, though. Using the mop correctly will make cleaning faster and more effective. That leaves the question: How do you properly use a mop? How Do You Properly Use a Mop? …

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